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Pre-Seed FAQ

Pre-Seed FAQ

What is Pre-Seed lubricant ?

Pre-seed lubricant is a fertility friendly intimate lubricate for couples trying to conceive that is sperm friendly and has been invented to mimic naturally occurring fertile cervical mucus. It will not harm or impede sperm and so is safe to use when you are TTC.

What are the ingredients in Pre-Seed?

Ingredients:Purified water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Pluronic, Sodium chloride, Sodium phosphate, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Sodium hydroxide, Arabinogalactan, Potassium Phosphate, Propylparaben

Is Pre-Seed safe to use when TTC ?

Preseed was the first ever fertility lubricant which was allowed by the FDA to claim that is is 'safe for use when trying to conceive ' following the FDA reviewing the Preseed safety studies. It does not harm sperm or embryos.

How do you use Pre-Seed lubricant ?

Preseed can either be applied externallly to either partner as a sexual lubricant, or can be used intra-vaginally using the applicators that are suppled, if dryness is a problem.

How does Pre-seed lubricant work

Preseed lubricant can help you to conceive by relieving vaginal dryness safely and without harming sperm. Most popular sex lubricants including saliva are not sperm friendly and may reduce your chances of conceiving. Pre-seed has been delveoped by an American sperm physiologist Dr Joanna Ellington, and has undergone clinical studies, that show that it is safe to use while trying to conceive.

How does Pre-seed help you get pregnant ?

The pH, osmolality and consistency of Preseed has been made to mimic fertile cervical mucus. This helps the sperm to move freely through the vagina and cervix. Ther are published studies that show Pre-Seed is beneficial when trying to conceive.

Where to buy Pre-Seed lubricant in the UK

Pre-seed lubricant is currently only available online in the UK from fertility sites such as this one, medical supply stores such as Valuemed, and also from Amazon and ebay. In the USA it is available to buy over the counter in many stores.
Buy Pre-Seed lubricant online in UK from Access Diagnostics

Can you re-use the Pre-Seed vaginal applicators?

The applicators are single use and should be discarded after use. Do not reuse the applicator. If you require additional lubrication use another applicator or apply the Preseed by hand.

How do you apply Preseed without an applicator ?

The Preseed 40g tube comes with 9 single use applicators. The applicators should not be reused. If you have some Pre-Seed left in the tube after you have used all the applicators it can be applied as an external lubricant using your fingers to either partner.

Can you use too much Pre seed?

Pre seed will not interfer with sperm or conception however you should just use enough that it provides good lubrication without over doing it.

How much is Preseed
to buy?

You can buy Pre-Seed online in UK for £14.09 from Access Diagnostics. UK second class delivery is free. We also ship internationally within EU.

Pre-Seed Coupon

If you are buying Pre-seed from us use coupon code preseed to save 5%
Buy Pre-Seed lubricant online in UK from Access Diagnostics

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