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Fertility Lubricants FAQ

Fertility Lubricants FAQ

What is a fertility lubricant?

A fertility lubricant has been scientifically formulated and tested to make sure that it is safe to use when you are trying to get pregnant, and that it will not interfer with sperm or conception. While trying to conceive you should avoid lubricants which are not specifically designed for assisting fertility.

Where can I buy a lubricant that is safe for me to use when trying to conceive?

They are now widely available in the UK both online and on the high street.
You can buy fertility lubricants online in UK here

What are the ingredients in fertility lubes?

Ingredients:They vary from brand to brand but the main ingredient in most of them is water. Check each individual lubricant for full information. They have been formulated to mimic natural fertile cervical mucus which is very watery & slippery

Will a fertility lubricant help me when TTC?

If lubrication is not an issue for you, and you have lots of fertile cervical mucus then using a fertility lubricant will probaly not make any difference. However if dryness is a problem, then using a fertility lube may increase your chances of conceiving as it allows for better , deeper intercourse and the moisture will also make it easier for the sperm.

How do you use a fertility lubricant?

They can either be applied externallly to either partner as a sexual lubricant, or can be used intra-vaginally using vaginal applicators. You should use the fertility lubricant on your 6 most fertile days in your cycle each time you have intercourse during that time.

What is wrong with using are normal lubricant?

While trying to conceive you should avoid using any lubricants that have not been designed to be conception & sperm friendly. This is because ingredients in many popular personal lubriucants are toxic to sperm or can hinder their movement.

How are fertility lubricants different to normal lubricants?

They have been designed to mimic fertile cervical mucus as closely as possible

Can I re-use the applicators?

For safety reasons it is best not to re-use the applicators and to discard them after use

Is saliva safe to use as a lubricant when trying to conceive?

Saliva may reduce your chances of conceiving if used as a lubricant. Studies have shown it can be toxic to sperm, so our advice is to avoid this. Using a sperm firendly lubricant may help you to conceive more quickly

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