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Feedback, reviews and customer comments

We really do love to hear from you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us all the feedback & reviews about how you find our website, what you think of the site , the products and the service, when you are placing your orders, and for e-mailing us with comments & testimonials. Here is a small selection of our most recent customer feedback , comments & testimonials that customers leave when they place their orders through this website and that we receive by e-mail and through reviews website reviews.co.uk

February 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

An excellent company. I buy my ovulation tests from here as I have found them to be the most accurate & the best value. I have bought numerous other items over the past 5 years, all of which have been good quality and cheaper than high street chemists & supermarkets. The service is fast, efficient & great value. The product range is fantastic & the website both informative & helpful. I will use again & would recommend to anyone on their fertility journey
HP 22/2/18

They were very good when I had to return goods and were quick and efficient.
LB 22/2/18

Very good product and service.
KR 21/2/18

Happy returning customer.
KR 21/2/18

Found you through a discussion on mumsnet.com. We're trying to get pregnant.
JF 20/2/18

Doing home pregnancy and ovulation tests
SF 19/2/18

Trying to conceive & wanted cheaper OTK
ZM 18/2/18

Excellent site. Got free shipping and 5% off code. Love the suggested items being so easy to see
KH 17/2/18

Hi, I just wanted to say I got my parcel and thank you so much for your help and your fast delivery! I will definitely use your company again in future!
HG 16/2/18

Cheapest product
KC 16/2/18

Recommended. Previous purchase
CA 16/2/18

Found this site through Mumsnet. TTC
CC 16/2/18

LD 16/2/18

Highly recommended pleasant transaction
GH 15/2/18

Fast delivery super item thank you
VA 15/2/18

Great help last time. Trying to conceive again.
MS 13/2/18

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Thank you so much for your help
HG 13/2/18

Clear and simple website. Self-treatment information. Good information and good value.
JD 12/2/18

Bought ovulation tests from here before and more accurate then clear blue!
SW 11/2/18

User friendly website.
ML 9/2/18

I was recommended by a Forum to use a test to check my Husbands fertility.
LM 8/2/18

Excellent fast service. Fast delivery.
A 9/2/18

I have used this company several times whilst trying to conceive and the ultra early pregnancy tests are brilliant. I always get a faint positive around 8-9dpo and the pre-seed lubricant is such a great price and works wonders when ttc
AN 9/2/18

Pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended
CW 8/2/18

Excellent value for money
DM 8/2/18

Cheaper than others.
PA 7/2/18

I've bought 25 ovulation tests and 25 pregnancy tests. So far, I've tried the ovulation ones. They worked really well. You have to follow the instructions and read carefully so you don't misunderstand the results. Recommended.
MM 6/2/18

Trusted seller
CW 6/2/18

Good reviews of products and cheaper then competitors.
LH 5/2/18

Trying to conceive. Easy to use website. Easy checkout experience.
GJ 5/2/18

Hi Linda
Thanks very much for the quick reply and also for getting that sorted today.
Thanks & Regards
DS 1/2/18

January 2018

Most convenient product
JT 31/1/18

That's great - many thanks.
MD 31/1/18

Very reliable, very happy.
HQ 28/1/18

Trying for baby no2
MQ 28/1/18

A precision service
AN 26/1/18

Recommended by a friend as I am trying to conceive. Brilliant website. Great prices, easy to use, and quick delivery.
SP 25/1/18

Fast free delivery. Test strips have a very long expire date 2019. Will use again.
AN 24/1/18

Good website, I have bought this item regularly and it is cheap.
AH 24/1/18

Great service thanks.
TM 23/1/18

Found you through a forum, trying to conceive.
SG 22/1/18

Thank you so much.
No worries at all. Thank you for replying so quickly and dealing with this matter
Have a good day.
JW 19/1/18

I was recommended to use you by my Doctor.
DG 19/1/18

Quick, easy and efficient ordering process, and speedy delivery! Brilliant.
AN 18/1/18

Been buying from you for years.
NS 17/1/18

Quick devery
SS 17/1/18

Cheapest price.
HB 17/1/18

Quick and efficient in dealing with my order even though it was a small purchase.
AM 16/1/18

Quick devery
SS 16/1/18

Cheapest price
HM 15/1/18

Reviews look really good
EK 15/1/18

Trying for a baby
DD 15/1/18

Cheapest place to buy.
SW 14/1/18

Thank you for good purchase.
NS 11/1/18

Excellent service, very quick and organised delivery. All products are very good quality.
SI 10/1/18

Ordered it with no problem and received quickly- thank you!
AN 10/1/18

Easy to order, fast delivery.
AN 10/1/18

Purchased because having fertility treatment
FK 9/1/18

Good Price
JT 9/1/18

Trying to concieve. Found site through Netmums
JE 8/1/18

Cheaper Preseed than amazon
PB 8/1/18

Chose this site as good review
AS 6/1/18

Great item.Many thanks
LM 5/1/17

Good price
IL 4/1/2018

Good price
JL 3/1/18

Recomended by a friend who has used Preseed. Excellent free second class shipping too xx
SR 3/1/18

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as TTC
CE 2/1/18

Good Price
NH 2/1/18

Best price Pre-Seed
KB 2/1/18

Found site via a mum group. Looking for low hcg tests
MG 1/1/18

December 2017

Found site via a Fertility app. Bought from here as trying to conceive
AE 31/12/17

Easy pleasant transaction. Thank you.
ST 29/12/17

Great item many thanks
MM 28/12/17

Thank you so much for an easy and professional transition.
OW 27/12/17

Good review I read.which attracted me to use the products.
RC 27/12/17

Thankyou so much.
DP 21/12/17

Fast delivery. Happy with item, would recommend
CZ 21/12/17

Good value thank you.
KS 21/12/17

Arrived on time in perfect condition.
ID 20/12/17

Good products at affordable prices.
RL 20/12/17

Just what I needed good value and qualitity.
ML 19/12/17

Searching online, you have the lowest price.
TM 18/12/17

Hi Linda,
I received the tests yesterday. Thank you so much for your great customer service!
Kind regards,
LO 15/12/17

Very good product.
AN 14/12/17

Excellent communication, quick delivery, thanks A+++
SB 13/12/17

Morning Linda,
That's really kind of you, thanks very much.Have a good day!
Kind regards
LO 13/12/17

Found you through Google search and mumsnet. Next day delivery available.
AC 12/12/17

Chose this site for the price.
MB 11/12/17

Found you through community babycenter. Clearblue not detecting LH surge.
RH 11/12/17

Arrived very quickly thanks.
MO 8/12/17

Great service thank you.
SS 8/12/17

I have ordered before, for Fertility.
RG 7/12/17

Very easy to use.
RG 6/12/17

Great site, found through a recommendation.
LE 6/12/17

Chosen for the price
JC 6/12/17

Prompt shipping and item well described, definitely recommended.
FG 5/12/17

Brilliant company found online purely by a happy accident but have ordered a number of times and continuously happy with the speedy service, the quality of the products and of course the brilliant price! Would definitely recommend Acess Diagnostics for your fertility needs and more!
LG 4/1/12

Exactly what's needed
RD 4/12/17

November 2017

Found you on the Internet. We are trying to have a baby and have been trying for a year.
AH 30/11/17

I found this website easy to use.
SP 29/11/17

Very good service, and product, thank you
NP 27/11/17

Speedy delivery. Item well packed, perfectl Thank you
CS 27/11/17

UK Seller
DD 24/11/17

Many thanks. Great doing business with you.
DS 24/11/17

Great communication. A pleasure to do business with
BK 24/11/17

As described. Well packed .Loverly quality. Brilliant seller. 5 star.
BR 23/11/17

Exactly what we wanted and arrived on time.
WH 23/11/17

Speedy dispatch/delivery thank you.
GG 22/11/17

Great thanks ????? fantastic service.
MC 22/11/17

Fast delivery, well packaged, good product for the price, would use again.
KB 21/11/17

Good prices
CW 21/11/17

Chose you for the price. So easy to find you on Google.
JL 20/11/17

Thank you
BT 17/11/17

Good site. Good price. Overall good
SM 15/11/17

Chose for the price. Carry on being the cheapest!
LJ 15/11/17

I have hused these before, they are reliable and inexpensive.
LS 15/11/17

Professional quality products, very good value for money and very fast delivery. I would use access diagnostics in the future and would recommend them to others.
JD 14/11/17

Buying ultra pregnanct tests as I'm late on my period but I didn't produce a lot of hcg with my twins.
MG 14/11/17

Trying to conceive
VG 11/11/17

Recommended by a friend. Chosen for the price.
HT 10/11/17

Friend recommended
SM 9/11/17

Used before. Needed supplies for medical research
WT 8/11/17

Excellent xxx
JJ 7/11/17

Recommended from net mums
TS 5/11/17

Recommended by friend. Good affordability & range of products
AB 3/11/17

Very good site. Recommended by a friend
ES 3/11/17

Fab, fast and wonderful, will recommend.
SB 2/11/17

Great, will buy from you again
DB 2/11/17

l found you looking for Preseed.
TT 2/11/17

Usually a good choice and deals. Bit disappointment this time. A lot of stock sold out and didn't order the exact products I wanted
ED 1/11/17

Recommendation from family. Good quality and cheap products.
HS 1/11/17

October 2017

Quick delivery, good price, reasonable expiry dates - I have had no reason to look elsewhere
AS 31/10/17

I have used you before.
LR 30/10/17

Good price and value
RS 30/10/17

Fantastic thank you
DC 27/10/17

These were the cheapest.
LS 27/10/17

Quick and efficient that what I like will use again.
FN 26/10/17

Good prompt service.
JE 26/10/17

Speedy delivery and great customer service!
A 25/10/17

Super fast delivery! Good value for money.
AN 25/10/17

Cheapest priced product and have purchased from you before
LB 25/10/17

Great value for money
AT 24/10/17

Delivery received on time, good quality product.
BL 23/10/17

Recommendation from other users.
RL 23/10/17

Great prices!
MR 23/10/17

Happy with price and previous orders.
AS 23/10/17

Mentioned on Netmums. I chose to purchase as you have the products/brands that I required and you had good feedback.
KS 20/10/17

Dear Dr. Garside,
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I find your answer very reassuring.
PH 20/10/17

Good deal.
NR 18/10/17

Thanks for the super speedy service, I was very impressed.
FS 18/10/17

Arrived next day and used immediately. Thanks.
JK 18/10/17

Trying to conceive.
RM 18/10/17

This site is cheaper with free delivery. Free delivery was an important factor.
MH 17/10/17

I have used this before, it is a good product and good service.
NS 16/10/17

Very good all tound service, would recommend .
ZX 16/10/17

No problems. Ordered late evening, arrived next day.
SB 16/10/17

Ovulation tests - look genuine and not a rip off.
VP 16/10/17

As described thank you just what I hoped for.
TA 12/10/17

Excellent, thank you. Well packed. Very helpful seller.
GA 12/10/17

Perfect. Fast delivery. Thank you.
ED 11/10/17

Thanks for your quick response.
GH 10/10/17

Great item quickly delivered..

Good promt delivery Items well packaged thank you.
BJ 10/10/17

Cheapest I could find
VB 09/10/17

Really good prices.
JM 09/10/17

Great item thanks top seller, if only all were like you cheers
ZB 6/10/17

Checking fertility.
SG 6/10/17

Thanks a honest supplier.
NQ 5/10/17

Bulk offers and fertility bundles available.
SS 5/10/17

You have a wide range of products and you are cheaper.
ND 3/10/17

I have used this site before.
LD 3/10/17

Excellent for pregnancy tests and price is good. Great and easy website.
AZ 2/10/17

Chose Access Diagnostics for the price and sensitivity of tests.
JC 2/10/17

Easy to use website for Fertility. Great use of discount codes.
SL 2/10/17

Great information
JT 2/10/17

September 2017

I was recommended by a friend to use you as you are cheap and reliable.
CH 29/9/17

Looking for help to conceive.
SP 29/9/17

I chose this site for the good price, quick delivery and feedback.
LS 28/9/17

Super service, super value, problem free & well packed Many Thanks
H 28/9/17

Previous customer. Good value, quick delivery previously
JH 27/9/17

Recommended by a friend. Brought from you previously. Quick service, good quality products, far cheaper than on the high street!
GT 27/9/17

Came early. Very satisfied.
SG 27/9/17

Bought from before - happy to recommend, as always good service. Thanks.
MD 27/9/17

Planning pregnancy really easy to navigate.
HK 26/9/17

Price and postage good.
RP 25/9/17

Good prices, free delivery used before.
ES 25/9/17

Friend suggested good quality vaginal lubricant.
DB 22/9/17

My sister is struggling rtf, myself and my husband used preseed to concieve so buying some for her as a gift.
RH 22/9/17

Item came very quickly and well packed.
LD 21/9/17

Very fast delivery highly recommended seller 1st class service AAAAAAA.
GD 21/9/17

Very good product at reasonable price thanks
NU 20/9/17

Great site and Products
SC 19/9/17

Very Happy with this item.
DF 18/9/17

Excellent - superb.
GS 17/9/17

Item received in perfect condition. Very pleased with item. Thanks
JW 15/9/17

Found you through word of mouth, I require Pregnancy tests.
RY 14/9/17

Used website before
LD 14/9/17

I have used this site before for fertility.
GM 13/9/17

Items arrived in excellent condition & very quickly. Thank you.
PS 13/9/17

Excellent service, thank you.
CM 12/9/17

Ah okay, thank you for your response. Thank you.
CR 11/9/17

I found you a mum's net forum. I have been trying for a baby, with no luck so far.
KL 11/9/17

Very resourceful site. Good products and good prices.
SR 11/9/17

I found your site very good for help with pregnancy. Brilliant site, really helpful.
DF 10/9/17

Quick delivery and quality item, would recommend
DB 8/9/17

Thanks so much, I didnt even notice the mistake on the address. I thought it was strange as my last order from you was second class postage and my order arrived very quickly 2 days later. Really sorry for the trouble. Thanks again. Rebecca
RP 7/9/17

Aid ovulation prediction.
AM 7/9/17

Via Google results for Preseed.Best price and a supplier to NHS so better option than Amazon.
JC 7/9/17

Chose this site for the price.
FM 6/9/17

Fantastic service. Thank you.
FT 5/9/17

Thank you exactly what i required and ordered.Excellent product .
BJ 5/9/17

I chose this site for the price, and the tests seemed medical grade.
SG 4/9/17

Chose these tests as I am trying to conceive
LF 4/9/17

I am a previous customer.
JC 4/9/17

Trying for baby
LJ 2/9/17

Dear Helen
Thank you for your quick reply.
I will try again later and give you a call if I am still struggling.
Thank you
TW 1/9/17

August 2017

Well packaged item arrived quickly and exactly as described.
CS 31/8/17

Professional customer advice and care that underpins a prompt delivery service.
RD 31/8/17

Excellent purchase as always. Very fast delivery, thank you. These strips are very accurate & can be fully trusted, as can the seller. 10/10

Very pleased with product ,prompt delivery.
EB 30/8/17

Speedy deliver just as discribed will buy from seller again.
BD 30/8/17

Chosen for the price
JC 29/8/17

Excellent site. I want to test fertility as I am getting older.
NH 29/8/17

Cheapest onine. Good, quick service.
ZM 26/8/17

Excellent service and the product many thank .
NG 25/8/17

VERY happy with product - could you do special offers at some point? People rely on ordering online for this I have found.Diagnosed what they think is vulvodynia.
SM 25/8/17

Absolutely fantastic would definitely recommend and buy again.
SJ 24/8/17

Super quick delivery very pleased thank you.
TT 24/8/17

Very pleased with the products and service.
DT 23/8/17

Really quick delivery.
PS 23/8/17

Would buy from this company again.
BP 23/8/17

Goods spot on, quick delivery. Great communication.
JA 22/8/17

Easy to use wbsite and good price.
MC 21/8/17

Chosen for the price
HC 20/8/17

Used you many times before. Good value, great service, always purchase from you :-)
MB 20/8/17

These are the cheapest I could find.
AG 19/8/17

Good price, and quick dispatch, thanks
IP 17/8/17

Brilliant, works fantastic, many thanks
SJ 17/8/17

Thanks for a great service.
BM 16/8/17

Good morning Helen
I appreciate your kind gesture.Thanks again for your excellent customer service.
Kind Regards
NA 15/8/17

Chose these for the price.
LG 15/8/17

Cheaper than ther well known sites.
CL 15/8/17

Bought with you before and have come back again because the service was good last time.
DD 14/8/17

Cheapest online
JB 13/8/17

A forum recommended these as they are a reasonable price.
MK 11/8/17

I find these value for money.
EG 11/8/17

Excellent product/service; very happy! :-D
N 10/8/17

Chose this site as they are a Preseed retailer.
ZS 9/8/17

Used before and competitive prices
SA 8/8/17

Fantastic service, cannot recommend enough, first class
AG 8/8/17

Quality item as described, with very fast delivery and well packaged. Thank you
PT 8/8/17

Does what it says it does and does it very well in fact.
DA 7/8/17

Thanks very much Linda
H 7/8/17

Thank you so much
CJ 7/8/17

AL 6/8/17

Fast delivery, awesome product!
MW 4/8/17

Amazing thank you!

Just what was ordered. Very fast delivery
SA 4/8/17

Fantastic customer service - would highly recommend seller.
LM 2/8/17

Excellent service. Thank you.
WQ 02/08/17

Aww thank you for your quick response I really appreciate that.
MJ 02/08/17

On clomid cycle.
IS 02/08/17

Good service exactly what I expected and delivered promptly.
AG 1/8/17

July 2017

I found this to be the cheapest website.
FB 31/7/17

I saw this on YouTube as I want to have a baby. Hope it works!
CF 31/7/17

Quality item.. fast delivery happy Customer.
JL 31/7/17

Thank you will deal with you again.
RB 31/7/17

Recommended on reviews.
AT 31/7/17

Super fast delivery, no fuss easy purchase will certainly use their service again.
LM 28/7/17

Good website.
AK 27/7/17

It does its job perfectly.
NF 27/7/17

Recommended as i suffer with vulvodynia/query CV too.
SM 27/7/17

Found you through Net Mums, I may be pregnant!
LM 26/7/17

Chosen for the good price
RP 25.7.17

Have used this site before and found product and service good
NS 25/7/17

Used it years ago.Good quality products in the past.
EE 25/7/17

Dryness due to post breast cancer medication.
VG 25/7/17

Highly recommended.
KS 25/7/17

Very pleased with these. Manufactured April 2017. Consistent results.
MG 21/7/17

I chose this site as Martin Lewis featured these tests and I was wanting to save money.
HS 20/7/17

Good website with a low price.
MR 20//17

Great service and communication! Many thanks.
TS 20/7/17

Fast one day delivery.

Totally terrific. Warp factor delivery speed !!!
PJ 20/7/17

p/p good, item as described, good firm to deal with
BB 19/7/17

A friend recommended this site and advised you were reliable.
MM 18/7/17

I found you through the Internet and chose you for the price.
JS 18/7/17

Easy to use testing strips.Would recommend.
BB 18/7/17

Excellent price.Speedy delivery
IM 18/7/17

Good feedback. Thanks
EN 17/7/17

The item is essential and is one of the best I have used, time will tell, thank you.
JR 17/7/17

Very slippery - but not the seller!
AS 16/7/17

No shipping costs.
JE 14/7/17

Good items, fast postage, thank you.
IM 14/7/17

It does what it says on the tin.
RF 14/7/17

Mumset Mini-pill pregnancy check.
KS 13/7/17

Good value.
BP 13/7/17

Best price on fertility products.
RC 13/7/17

Good quality and very good cost. it was quickly delivered and easy to use products.

Nice items, quick delivery too - thanks.
TH 12/7/17

Arrived safely, many thanks.

Good price wide range of fertility products.
LC 11/7/17

Very good
PM 9/7/17

A forum trying to conceive.
LS 7/7/17

Arrived on time and worth the money.
MF 7/7/17

Spot on thanks brill thanks once again.
DL 7/7/17

Cheap and efficient.
SW 7/7/17

Fast delivery as described.
JP 6/7/17

Very happy with this product.
RJ 6/7/17

Best price for fertility products.
LK 5/7/17

A friend mentioned it was cheap and good quality.
AC 5/7/17

Thank you my order has arrived and I am happy with the product.
HH 5/7/17

Delivered as promised would recommend this seller.
PK 4/7/17 .

Good service prompt delivery .
PS 4/7/17

June 2017

Great communicaton, great item, would buy from again. Many thanks
QS 30/6/17

Happy with purchase. all as described
C 29/6/17

Great product really happy with service.
NK 29/6/17

Perfect transaction easy to use.
WB 29/6/17

Trying to conceive
GL 28/6/17

Thank you for your swift response to correct my order, the package has arrived today
Kind regards
SB 27/06/17

A great product as always, does not dry out quickly.
RC 26/6/17

Exactly what I wanted.
L 26/6/17

Item as described with excellent service A+
MC 26/6/17

Google search for a specific product. Good price.
LC 25/6/17

Express delivery of quality item Brilliant many thanks
MD 23/6/17

Cheapest option.
RS 23/6/17

Good item - quick postage - many thanks.
WM 22/6/17

Trying to fall pregnant.
TL 22/6/17

Pleased with item, quick delivery, thank you.
WS 21/6/17

Arrived quickly, Thank you
JN 21/6/17

Trying to conceive at 40+
AS 19/6/17

Hi, I'm just messaging to say I received the item!
Thank you very much for all your help.
SS 19/6/17

quick delivery........many thanks.........recommended
KB 19/6/17

Very fast delivery, exactly as described. Very pleased with purchase, thanks
C 16/6/17

Buy with confidence.
MH 15/6/17

I chose this site as I am a GP.
CG 15/6/17

Great product
DM 14/6/17

Very happy customer
RM 14/6/17

Speedy delivery and as described.
AR 14/6/17

Perfect transaction and good communication, thank you
DF 13/6/17

I found this site to be the cheapest seller.
RH 12/6/17

The wife likes it.
SA 12/6/17

Very quick delivery and great service
PF 12/6/17

Fast delivery. Great product.
JC 12/6/17

Panic over Linda. Found it... I think the delivery men are taking more and more chances. Thanks for your help have a good weekend.
CM 9/6/17

Good value
LP 9/6/12

Thanks very much will order from you any time, great supplier.
SA 9/6/17

Perfect as always a pleasure to do business with
SL 9/6/17

Found Access Diagnostics word of mouth
CD 8/6/17

Appears can only purchase Preseed online and you have cheapest price. Found site through a fertility forum
AE 7/6/17

Very good prompt and reliable service - thank you.
A 7/6/17

After being recomended I found this to be a good website.
RC 7/6/17

This was a recommendation from a friend.
NW 6/6/17

Cheapest Pre-Seed
ZM 6/6/17

Easy to use. Trying to conceive
MW 5/6/17

I found you through a friend. TTC for a year now. Can't wait to see a positive result.
TS 5/6/17

I chose this because it was a good price
FP 5/6/17

Easy site to use from a phone and the best price.
SS 5/6/17

These were the cheapest
TK 5/6/17

I chose this site for the price
KK 2/6/17

Good quality strips, easy to use and accurate.
DJ 2/6/17

Great starter kit thankyou.
L 2/6/17

Thank you, received in good condition, and works great. A++
PA 1/6/17

All good, repeat order, thanks
BT 1/6/17

May 2017

I found you through Net mums. Possibly pregnant.
EE 1/6/17

Good website, I am a retruning customer.
BB 31/5/17

Shopped here before
DF 31/5/17

Been shopping with them for years. Fast delivery
N 31/5/17

Thank you very much
KM 31/5/17

Very good website and the cheapest.
SN 31/5/17

Found site word of mouth. Heard great reviews
CM 30/5/17

Cheapest Pre-Seed
LH 28/5/17

Very pleased with my order from Access Diagnostics. My order arrived the next day. I noticed part of my order was missing and contacted them to be advised they would send the missing part out which arrived the next working day. Would definitely purchase from them again.
DD 26/5/17

Nice texture and gentle lotion. Partner going through menopause. She loves it!!! Will certainly buy again.
AK 25/5/17

Very pleased, good service , will recommend .thanks.
H 25/5/17

Goods arrived today top marks thank you.
B 25/5/17

Very Good customer service.
FJ 24/5/17

Fast Payment a pleasure doing business Thanks.
R 24/5/17

Excellent service, great quality and value for money.

Arrived next day, as described, and did the job
NF 23/5/17

Arrived quickly, great product.
JH 22/5/17

The item is more affordable than on other well known sites.
BV 21/5/17

Great value item. Arrived quickly. Thank you
J 19/5/17

Good size for us Lube lovers!
MW 18/5/17

Chosen for the price.
DD 18/5/17

Purchased in case of emergency.
NF 18/5/17

Super fast delivery and great product. Perfect!
DC 17/51/7

Great quality! Swift delivery, recommended!
PP 17/5/17

Found you through Netmums.co.uk I want to find out if I am with child.
NB 16/5/17

You are cheaper than the other options
PM 16/5/17

Excellent service and quality
M 16/5/17

Good site for trying to concieve
OU 15/5/17

Chose this site as TTC
VG 14/5/17

KI 14/5/17

Previously used. Good value
RW 13/5/17

Excellent service and fast delivery.
RH 12/5/17

First class seller will certainly shop here again
JN 12/5/17

Excellent service, thank you very much
RH 12/5/17

Your site was recommended to me.
KR 11/5/17

Thank you for your reply. Thank you, I realize this was a mistake, not your fault.
GG 11/5/17

Great product and price
RH 10/5/17

That’s great. Thanks
Kind Regards
MB 10/5/17

Works a little too well! Only a very small amount needed. I didn't find it helped me orgasm any better but it makes sex a bit more fun.
RD 8/5/17

Need it - chose for the price. Good so far.
EG 8/5/17

Recommended on fertility websites.
JB 8/5/17

Chosen for the price
NC 8/5/17

Value for money with ovulation tests
I 5/5/17

You had the lowest price I could find.
HH 5/5/17

Quick, easy and as ordered. Will use again.

Delivery time and price.
NS 4/5/17

Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!
F 3/5/17

I bought a product from them. The service was excellent. The I accidentally re-bought the same product! I requested a cancellation. They didn't quibble. They responded fast and cancelled the order. Excellent
FB 3/5/17

On new contraception so want to take regular pregnancy tests until I am sure it works for me as you were the cheapest to bulk buy from.
HM 3/5/17

Recommendation from a friend
BG 2/5/17

OK price
MS 2/5/17

April 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Trying for a baby
LR 28/4/17

Return customer. TTC
SW 28/4/17

Found site through a friend. Cheaper alternative
AB 27/4/17

Excellent, thank you.
EG 27/4/17

As described, arrived on time, good service.
KD 27/4/17

Great product & seller
JK 26/4/17

Just as described nice lubricant hoping for a positive result !!!
SP 26/4/17

A friend reccomended for the cheap price.
JY 25/4/17

Great purchase thank you
FT 24/4/17

I found your site very user friendly.
TD 21/4/17

Great seller! Super fast postage and exactly what I wanted! Thanks!!!
HR 20/4/17

I have used you before.
NM 20/4/17

Chosen for the price & positive reviews
SW 19/4/17

Found you through word of mouth. Trying for a baby.
NR 19/4/17

Good service.
DL 19/4/17

Looks more discreet than other sites.
SJ 19/4/17

Discretion and speed.
HD 18/4/17

Heard good reviews
LF 18/4/17

Cheap and fast delivery
ED 14/4/17

1000% as described thank you :TRUSTABLE SELLER
EW 13/4/17

Found you through a chat site and you are the most cost effective.
CP 12/4/17

Very pleased thank you,
JM 12/4/17

Nice product and seller
PY 12/4/17

Recommended for post breast cancer drugs causing dryness
VG 11/4/17

Used before reliable and discreet.
KS 11/4/17

Need a pregnancy test online
CB 11/4/17

Cheaper products than other sites
PA 11/4/17

Product recommended by a friend
JM 10/4/17

Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later.
S 10/4/17

Google, verified by preseed website. For infertility research.
DB 7/4/17

Nice easy transaction, fast delivery, many thanks
B 6/4/17

Very good item with a good price
DJ 6/4/17

Good website, very easy. Trying for a baby
CM 5/4/17

Good site used before.
HP 5/4/17

That's great, thanks Helen.
JB 4/4/17

Good price, fast delivery
EH 3/4/17

Found you via a friend. Trying to conceive.
BJ 3/4/17

Family recommended
AI 3/4/17

Cheaper than Amazon
SB 2/4/17

Really is great Lube.
BN 1/4/17

Cheaper than elsewhere.
CC 1/4/17

March 2017 feedback ,reviews and customer comments

ZM 31/3/17

Many thanks, received, will certainly recommend, very useful item
HK 31/3/17

Definitely recommended. A++
RS 31/3/17

Very good service
VS 30/3/17

Order dispatched and arrived promptly. Simple as that. Thanks to the seller for doing that.
DR 30/3/17

Great item. Easy to use
MK 29/3/17

Very quick. Excellent thank you
DN 29/3/17

10/10 well worth the money. I wish I had ordered two
TL 29/3/17

Excellent Service, Many Thanks
TN 28/3/17

Arrived on time. Product good value for money
GK 28/3/17

Rapid delivery and exactly as described
SK 28/3/17

I found you through an online Forum
DJ 27/3/17

Good website.
SB 27/3/17

Came to you for the price.
KM 27/3/17

Simple and easy to use website.
CB 26/3/17

A pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended
TO 24/3/17

Chosen for the low cost.
AK 24/3/17

Netmums, recommended
EW 23/3/17

Arrived ahead of time and does exactly what it says on the tin. Very good.
RE 23/3/17

Chosen for the Price
BW 22/3/17

Cheapest and free delivery.
HB 21/3/17

These strips work well
AK 20/3/17

Easy to use website and I felt like your products should be genuine
AB 17/3/17

Fast delivery with a good product
JR 17/3/17

I found you through Google and chose you for the price.
SM 16/3/17

Easy to use and convenient.
DC 16/3/17

Found you through the Baby and bump website. Sale so cheap!
JM 15/3/17

I have used your product in the past and I am a returning customer.
ML 15/3/17

Used Access Diagnostics previously for pregnancy tests
EL 13/3/17

Best price
ZL 13/3/17

Fast efficient service.
PT 12/3/17

Cheaper alternative. Found site via friend
AB 12/3/17

Found site by google search for preseed. Best price
MN 11/3/17

Best price
ZL 10/3/17

Trying to concieve
SF 10/3/17

Easy site to use. Good prices and free postage
KR 9/3/17

Chose this website because of the competitive price and it is a British based company.
KM 9/3/17

Used ithis site before for Ovulation tests
LE 8/3/17

Great value, nicely packaged and prompt delivery
FJ 8/3/17

Searching pregnancy test
NM 8/3/17

Recommended product (Pre-Seed)
KA 7/3/17

Found you through a blog when researching vaginal dryness.
EO 7/3/17

Have used you before. Value for money, good service.
RS 6/3/17

Good price. Very straightforward website.
SG 6/3/17

I chose this site to look at different products as I am trying to get pregnant.
NG 6/3/17

Trying to conceive
HM 6/3/17

Good price
JH 6/3/17

I found ordering on your site very straight forward
JO 4/3/17

Easy to use site very fast delivery. Cheapest.
AH 3/3/17

Used before. Always reliable
SA 3/3/17

As described
3/3/17 QJ

Can't fault this 5 * Service
3/3/17 TR

Product delivered in excellent condition and as expected.
3/3/17 JW

Was looking for preseed on google best price, free shipping
2/3/17 SF

Works brilliantly
2/3/17 PC

Excellent item, fast delivery, thank you very much

Good prices and quick delivery
1/3/17 EP

Repeat order good Service
1/3/17 PT

February 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Arrived sooner than expected. Great service.
DE 28/2/17

Searching preseed
JD 28/2/17

Fast and efficient, many thanks.
MW 26/2/17

Easiest and Cheapest site to use.
AH 26/2/17

Easy site to navigate, TTC
LT 26/2/17

Cheaper prices
CP 23/2/17


Cheapest online
SS 23/2/17

Ordered for fertility
CT 23/2/17

Great site & price
JH 23/2/17

Quick delivery, good quality - thanks very much!
WL 23/2/17

Chose this item for the Price
AG 23/2/17

Found your site through the TTC forum.
RP 22/2/17

Recommended by a friend. Trying to conceive.
CT 22/2/17

Used before friend recommended
SC 22/2/17

I have purchased from you previously
MG 22/2/17

Good item . No problem with the seller
CK 21/2/17

Excellent - Thank you
SG 21/2/17

Competative price
JB 21/2/17

Good price on pre-seed
TH 20/2/17

Very good website
AC 20/2/17

Found you through a fertility website
KF 20/2/17

Chose this site for the price
NP 20/2/17

You were cheapest
LT 19/2/17

Previous orders already received. Reliable service / good products.
AC 19/2/17

Easy to understand website
CR 18/2/17

Thank you for a fast service
DB 16/2/17

Great seller, fast postage 100% recommended
MP 16/2/17

'Great Service fromADTUK Ltd'
RH 16/2/17

Good reviews
MK 14/2/17

Reasonable prices.
JP 13/2/17

Thank you very much,
KU 13/2/17

Looks like a reliable supplier
CH 13/2/17

Good product, was told to use something like this as using oxygen at home helps well with being able to keep your nose from being dry, as you are not allowed to use Vaseline or creams.
RP 12/2/17

Recommended on a forum. Good prices and products.
DW 10/2/17

Recommended by my friends
GL 9/2/17

Web search for pre seed
AM 10/2/17

I have used you before,good quality and good prices.
KG 9/2/17

Bought from Access Diagnostics due to Infertility
DM 8/2/17

Many thanks for your reply Linda.
My review will reflect your good customer service and very prompt resolution of my issue.
Kind Regards,
DF 7/2/17

Good website. Needed test to check my sperm
RW 6/2/17

TTC . Heard about this site word of mouth
KB 5/2/17

Very useful site. I needed a good lubricant to help me concieve as I am struggling to get pregnant and this product was highly recommended by Google. You offer the item I have purchased at a reasonable price and you have the paypal option which I feel good about as I feel it offers me security.
MS 6/2/17

Repeat customer. Great service
BB 6/2/17

Like price, specialist products
RB 5/2/17

Thanks very much Kate !
HR 3/2/16

Thanks for your help,
RS 3/2/17

Good price
MH 2/2/17

Item as described.fast and friendly service.many thanks
MW 2/2/17

Found your website form another blog.
CH 1/2/17

Thank you very much! Looking forward for my order to arrive soon.
JK 1/2/17

Thanks for your product delivered on time.
TP 1/2/17

Many Thanks Kate:)
NF 1/2/17

January 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

A good website and cheaper than others.
RM 31/1/17

Used before on friends recommendation. Excellent prices and quick delivery.
SB 30/1/17

Chose your site for the price
JC 30/1/17

Cheap prices.
CM 30/1/17

Cheapest price found
EH 30/1/17

A friend on aTTC Facebook page recommended your website.
SR 29/1/17

Love that you sell preseed!!
NE 27/1/17

Trying to conceive and needed lubricant.
KB 27/1/17

Found you by Googling It as I was looking to try to conceive. As I hadn't purchased an item from yourselves before I phoned up and spoke to Helen in the Sales team to ask about Shipping times. The customer service rep was very helpful and kind. Thank you. Will look at shopping here again.
AA 27/1/17

Excellent website. Restock order required. Great website have ordered from you for years.. Excellent and efficient website and easy to use
SK 26/1/17

Chose this site for the price.
HB 25/1/17

This is the third time I have purchased this item. I have always found it reliable, - I use it for my dogs ! The Ovulation tester (resusable) works for dogs AND humans. A Laboratory test costs £60 upards every time via a Vet. You MUST make sure that you twist the little microscope off properly so not to run the battery down.
GP 25/11/7

Good website.
LM 25/1/17

Arrived on time! Very long lasting.
EM 24/1/17

Chose products on your website as we are trying to conceive.
EM 24/1/17

Found site via a recommendation in BabyCentre forum
MC 23/1/17

Searched on Google. Product offered at a competitive price.
NN 23/1/17

Like price
HW 23/1/17

Bulk buy cheap
RC 23/1/17

JL 23/1/17

Good reviews
AS 23/1/17

CHose this site for price and previous experiencies
IN 20/1/17

Good price
AD 20/1/17

Used Access Diagnostics before. Good Value
NL 19/1/17

Chose site based on price
KH 19/1/17

Very useful website as needed pregnancy test
DS 18/1/17

Found this website to be the cheapest
LV 17/1/17

Hi Linda Many thanks for this. I look forward to receiving it. Kind regards
MW 17/1/17

Okay thank you much appreciated, your ovulation tests were spot on!
JL 17/01/17

Good price
NS 16/1/17

A Colleague reccomended you for the price.
SS 16/1/17

Found you through a Forum chat concerning TTC.
CG 16/1/17

Google search for product. You had what I wanted. Thank you.
CS 16/1/17

Thank you so much linda, very much appreciated .
Kind regards,
PT 16/1/17

Bought from here before.
JP 16/1/17

Absolutely great product and price. Thank you.
CC 13/1/17

Very good website with a wide range of products.
DS 12/1/17

Desire to get pregnant.
CF 12/1/17

OY 12/1/17

Need sperm tested
SB 11/1/17

Would order again.
AW 11/1/17

Purchased previously a long time ago
KM 10/1/17

SK 10/1/17

Excellent product & excellent service thank you
JJ 10/1/17

Small order but handled well. Have used these before and reordered as happy with product and seller
DW 9/1/17

Fast delivery I hope
NG 9/1/17

Used site before. Fast delivery
SM 9/1/17

Chose Access Diagnostics for the special offer/bundles
LP 9/1/17

AL 8/1/17

Thanks. Fast shipping
RT 6/1/17

Repeat customer
SW 6/1/17

Better price
SH 5/1/17

Arrived on time. Good product.
BS 5/1/17

Perfect so pleased, great item. Quick postage.
SM 4/1/17

Item has arrived. Perfect. Great service. Many thanks.
IB 4/1/17

Thank you for dealing with this so quickly, I have received these today
EH 4/1/17

The reviews I read were very good
MF 4/1/17

You sell the product I want at reasonable price
JD 3/1/17

Found site through a friend
LS 3/1/17

JC 3/1/17

Good site. Cheaper than amazon
CW 2/1/17

December 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments.

Easy site to use. Bought from you before
AH 31/12/16

Recommended by a friend. Cheaper alternative
AB 30/12/16

Good feedback
PD 29/12/16

Excellent website. For personal use. Fantastic.
LH 28/12/16

Chosen for the price
NS 28/12/16

Great price. Found everything I wanted for ttc at great prices.
SC 27/12/16

Great item. Fast delivery and securely packaged. Many thanks
PB 23/12/16

Fantastic service. Recommended seller A++
AP 23/12/16

Good website, chose for the price
AC 22/12/16

Uk based
LC 22/12/16

Used before
SJ 22/12/16

Used before
LC 21/12/16

Net mums reviews. Helping me (48) and my husband (46) to have our first child (we are recently married first timers. Thanks for a speedy despatch, it's my ovulation day tomorrow!
NH 20/12/16

Excellent condition, quick delivery, would buy from this seller again

Trying for a baby
VJ 19/12/16

Easy to use website. You came up as the cheapest for what I was looking for
LD 19/12/16

Competitive price
LE 19/12/16

Thanks for the quick response not a problem.
Thanks again.
DM 19/12/16

Very promt serivce just as described.
CB 18/12/16

Recommendation from friend. Trying to conceive
SW 16/12/16

Good prices
BK 16/12/16

Great. Thank you!
JS 15/12/16

Searching name preseed. Really good price
DM 14/12/16

Received good's in plenty of time. No problems.
NG 14/12/16

Seemed a good price (I'm avoiding amazon)
TH 13/12/16

Ordered before
KR 13/12/16

Advised by Clinician
JS 12/12/16

Quick delivery and well packed.
KS 12/12/16

Quick delivery and super price.
PN 11/12/16

Chose this site for the price
CW 9/12/16

Competitive pricing
CB 9/12/16

Cheapest. Thank you.
EC 8/12/16

Good offers, and easy to use.
RW 8/12/16

Good site. Preseed for Clomid dryness
JD 8/12/16

Good price for products wanted
ED 7/12/16

Found you through Ebay. Good feedback
JA 6/12/16

Hi Linda!
What excellent service! Thank you for your apology and prompt response.
I hope to return the faulty item today......and would really appreciate an email if you should get the original item back in stock please!
With best wishes,
AC 6/12/16

Good site to help with my situation.
ME 5/12/16

Bought a few years back. Happy returning customer.
HC 4/12/16

Found Access Diagnostics via Netmums. Chose this site to get a reliable pregnancy test
MS 3/12/16

Good price and looked a reliable site
SJ 3/12/16

Chose Access Diagnostics as price for Pre-Seed cheaper than amazon
DC 3/12/16

Like the price and appearance
ME 2/12/16

I have used this site before
HN 1/12/16

Chosen for the Price
HB 1/12/16

Good site. Problems with fertility.
LJ 1/12/16

November 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments.

Used Access Diagnostics before on friends recommendation
SC 29/11/16

Used before for TTC. Great prices
CA 28/11/16

Good site. Trying for second child
BG 28/11/16

Reasonable price
AN 27/11/16

Found you through a Forum. Cheap.
JT 27/11/16

Found you from online ttc forums
CE 26/11/16

Trying for baby for long time
EK 26/11/16

AH 25/11/16

Recommended by a friend. TTC
GT 25/11/16

Cheap prices
AM 23/11/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics because of speed of delivery
NL 23/11/16

Like price
AJ 22/11/16

Ordered from this site as TTC
SP 22/11/16

Thank you so much I really do appreciate that !
KW 22/11/16

Very helpful, trying for a baby
HF 22/11/16

Internet search had very good reviews
WH 22/11/16

Chose Access Diagnostics for price
RF 20/11/16

We wanted the thing. OK site
MR 20/11/16

Great price, quick delivery
LB 20/11/16

Useful site
FJ 20/11/16

Good Site
SM 19/11/16

Recommendation for the product and you were the first on google
AS 17/11/16

Found you form a Google search. Trying to conceive
CC 17/11/16

Good site. Good price
BP 16/11/16

Chose for the Price
VA 15/11/16

HG 15/11/16

Good value and the right product
JC 15/11/16

Great value for money excellent delivery time. Will definately use them again
S 15/11/16

Excellent service. Good price. Arrived earlier than expected.
CC 15/11/16

Cheapest Pre-Seed online
FB 14/11/16

Found site via Facebook. Good prices
JP 13/11/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics to try to conceive. Great choice of products at good prices.
SC 13/11/16

Best price for 'preseed'
RB 12/11/16

Used Access Diagnostics before and found via Google search. Best price and I have an account
RM 12/11/16

Very good, reasonable prices. Recommended to me, it says packaging is discreet which is important and prices are reasonable
FD 12/11/16

Good site. Trying to conceive
HB 11/11/16

Thank you for your assistance Linda. Many thanks.
Kind regards,
MG 11/11/16

Many thanks for the item & quick delivery. All good!
MW 10/11/16

Great product - thanks!
K 10/11/16

Like Price
EG 8/11/16

Found site on google good trying to conceive products
AG 07/11/16

Recommended by friends
PT 07/11/16

Buying for fertilty
ZB 5/11/16

Excellent delivery & item. I will definitely use again
KE 4/11/16

Thank you for your speedy reply I very much appreciate it.
NM 4/11/16

Found this site through Amazon. Good reviews.
AM 3/11/16

Good reviews
VB 2/11/16

Prompt sevice. Recommended
KC 2/11/16

Chose the poducts on this site to improve my chances of a baby
JL 1/11/16

Great product,Thank u very much.
S 1/11/16

Very pleased. A quality item
FT 1/11/16

Used before
RN 1/11/16

October 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

LM 31/10/16

Recommended by a friend, looking for TTC.
AS 30/10/16

Trying to conceive
LG 30/10/16

Googled pre-seed UK. Trying to conceive. Good site, quick.and easy to use
JE 29/10/16

Found you through the Conceive plus website
MN 28/10/16

Found site through the Conceive plus website
MN 28/10/16

Heard about Access Diagnostics on Mums Net. Considerably cheaper than local chemist for better product.
HE 27/10/16

Very good service thankyou
CC 27/10/16

Highly recommended, thank you for pleasant transaction
FO 27/10/16

Thank you for being so understanding!
Kind Regards
RB 27/10/16

Recommended by friend
AG 26/10/16

Cheapest and good reviews
CM 26/10/16

Found your site from the Glow app
LG 26/10/16

Good quality, would use again. Thanks!
BB 25/10/16

Excellent thank you Linda
OC 24/10/16

Thank you very much
RL 24/10/16

Thank you for getting back to me and your kind message to get better.
SL 24/10/16

Trying to conceive
LW 23/10/16

Many thanks for fast postage, pleased with product, A1
RM 21/10/16

thank you good service
MW 20/10/16

Item as described would definitely use again
RF 19/10/16

5 star transaction,very fast delivery.bargain price, fantastic quality.
MH 19/10/16

Used before
PD 18/10/16

Was pleased with how quickly I received this item.
DS 17/10/16

Very happy with the service
UP 15/10/16

It was the cheapest price I could find online
KN 15/10/16

Looking for help with Fertility
KF 13/10/16

Trying to get pregent for a few years
JC 13/10/16

Excellent,thank you !
MS 13/10/16

Returning customer
GS 12/10/16

Fast delivery :)
GL 12/10/16

Brilliant great just what I was hoping for
EB 11/10/16

Quick delivery. Good communication.
S 11/10/16

Good site. Found of Google - good delivery options, good price
SC 10/10/16

As described and was a quick & prompt delivery
CL 10/10/16

Found Access Diagnostics via another website. Saw a recommendation
LD 7/101/16

That's great thank u.
NB 7/10/16

Purchased for a friend - Delighted with it !
M 6/10/16

Great delivery. Pleasure doing business
K 6/10/16

Good price with product I want
RS 5/10/16

good sevice
BW 5/10/16

Chose this site as it had the product I wanted
RB 4/10/16

Good site. Competitive
LO 4/10/16

Good service
CR 4/10/16

Found you on Google. Trying to conceive
KW 4/10/16

Have used before. Price is competitive
MS 3/10/16

Prompt service and item exceptional value for money, very pleased!!
DB 3/10/16

Very quick and efficient service
CW 2/10/16

September 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Fab seller fab communication fab postage
IM 30/9/16

Recommended by a friend. Been trying to conceive for nearly two years iv had misscaridges and been on different tablets from the hospital. I would perfer not go through IVF. Really want to conceive naturally had tests etc and come back all normal so has my hubby, But no luck.
GM 29/9/16

Very pleased thanks ++++++++++very quick delivery
SW 29/9/16

Range of products and quick delivery
SS 28/9/16

High quality products! Thanks!
ZS 28/9/16

Excellent service Many thanks a++++++
CG 28/9/16

Very quick delivery . Thank you
JT 27/9/16

Googled for pre-seed. It was the cheapest place I could find it.
CM 27/9/16

Very good first class product prompt delivery
V 27/9/16

Good value for money. Very good service.
GT 26/9/16

Found your site after reading an article about cheap pregnancy tests. Looked reliable and cheap
IB 25/9/16

Fertility check
MM 24/9/16

Chose to order as they are cheaper here online
KR 22/9/16

A+ Seller, fast delivery. Thanks a lot
C 22/9/16

Thank you! Item as described, great value, fast delivery. Recommended.
EK 21/9/16

FL 21/9/16

Very speedy service
ME 21/9/16

Hi Linda
Forgive me for coming through to the wrong department. Things have been sorted by a delightful colleague of yours, and I am going to receive what I wanted, as opposed to what I requested! A senior moment perhaps?
With kind regards
Your sincerely
Dr SB 20/9/16

Very Pleased. Thank you very much.
IT 19/9/16

Found your site through a forum. Trying to concieve
RP 18/9/16

Good quality
LB 16/9/16

Super fast delivery. Pleased with purchase. Good value for money.
SF 15/9/16

Repeat customer
LS 15/9/16

Great site for medical use.
RT 14/9/16

Value price
YP 14/9/16

Amazing product, and first class service, thank you so much to all concerned
SQ 14/9/16

Covered what I wanted at a good price.
DC 14/9/16

Cheaper than supermarkets
AR 13/9/16

Chose this site after reading the reviews
LC 12/9/16

Found you through online chat Bulk buying and value
SG 11/9/16

Looking for TTC and you are the cheapest for the products I wanted
KK 9/9/16

Fast dispatch & delivery. Great value. Very pleased
JH 8/9/16

That's great. Thank you for your help.
AM 7/9/16

Internees search for pressed. Chosen for the price.
PG 6/9/16

Found site via Money saver supermarket
LM 5/9/16

Very good site. Trying for a baby.
JG 5/9/16

Perfect transaction
MJ 5/9/16

Fast delivery. All okay. Many thanks
FB 5/9/16

Fab product, have tried others, this is superb, highly recommended
DL 4/9/16

Googling pre-seed. Best price.
MB 4/9/16

Found on an online forum. Trying to conceive.
LJ 3/9/16

The order received on time. The product was exactly the same as advertised
WA 2/9/16

Google searched Pre Seed. Trying to conceive, good reviews.
SD 1/9/16

Previous customer. Predicting conception window. Used products before with success.
CM 1/9/16

Found you through Mumsnet and liked the price.
RE 1/9/16

August 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Found you through TTC forum. Great prices for bulk buying reliable tests.
AM 31/8/16

Good product, good communication
ML 31/8/16

Found you through Mumsnet recommending TTC.
NG 30/8/16

Great website. The suggestions were good too. Bulk availability for OPK
CW 29/8/16

Works great
CC 27/8/16

Fast delivery, thank you.
CT 26/8/16

Great seller thanks!!! Pleasure to deal with & gave me additional products too
JV 26/8/16

Bought from you before. I forgot my username so was unable to reset my password so I set up a new account
RS 25/8/16

Thank you, that is exactly the kind of form that the pharmacist needed.
Many thanks for your kind help.
SO 25/8/16

Good variety of offers/packages available for each products
ED 23/8/16

Found you through the moneysaving expert forum.
SS 23/81/6

My cousin recommend this to me. We are trying for a baby.
IK 23/8/16

Very easy to use. Bought before.
EK 21/81/6

Found through Facebook and chose for the price
ST 21/81/6

good products
IW 21/8/16

Trying to get pregnant
CW 20/8/16

repeat customer
LS 20/8/16

Found on google initially, now a repeat customer. Great service, great products.Thank you for the service you provide, recommended to friends! :-)
MB 20/8/16

cheap price
HR 19/8/16

Using Access Diagnostics on and off for years. Cost, good delivery times, unbranded packaging
SC 18/8/16

Thankyou for your help
AH 15/8/16

Best price on google search
JM 14/8/16

Used Access Diagnostics before
JA 12/8/16

Very very good service thank you.
BB 12/8/16

Brilliant,THANK YOU
AG 11/8/16

Will be buying again
HS 11/8/16

Excellent service and quick delivery thanks
L 11/8/16

Trying to get pregnant
TC 10/8/16

An excellent transaction. Recommended seller
B 10/8/16

Very pleased, perfect product. More than pleased with seller, very polite
O 9/8/16

Excellent service ! Incredibly fast delivery! Many thanks
MB 9/8/16

I recieved the item today, just what we wanted thank you
MM 9/8/16

Works well
LB 9/8/16

Chose this site for the price
LP 8/8/16

Great site.
TW 8/8/16

Previously used this site
PH 7/8/16

Excellent service. Very happy with product
MB 5/8/16

Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
T 5/8/16

Ok thank you for your help x
BB 4/8/16

Ordered ovulation tests, they arrived promptly as I had requested 1st class post. Website and checkout easy to use. Will use them again
FW 4/8/16

Thanks for your help.I really appreciate your help.
CW 4/8/16

Found site via mumsnet. Cheap. Very handy - wish i'd seen it sooner
NH 4/8/16

Great thanks
PA 3/8/16

Great item, fast delivery, excellent, A++++++++++++++++++
JT 3/8/16

So helpful thanks
MC 3/8/16

It was very good and fast delivery
MA 2/8/16

Quick postage
LF 2/8/16

Product arrived quickly & helped me get pregnant the 1st month of using it :)
FM 1/8/16

Very good
FG 1/8/16

July 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Value for money
RS 31/7/16

Ordered ovulation microscope for bitch breeding. A breeder.
VT 31/7/16

Lowest price
NB 30/7/16

As described, quick delivery, well packaged, thankyou
DD 29/7/16

Recommendation. Price and quality.
LC 28/7/16

My reason for using your website is conception.
AH 28/7/16

Super fast delivery couldn't of asked for any better
SI 27/7/16

Found your site from another website. Struggling to conceive
FL 27/7/16

Great seller, fast delivery thank you
SK 25/71/6

Very pleased! Super fast shipping! ThankYou!
JA 24/7/16

Found you through a google search and via a forum on Money Saving Expert. Cheapest by far!
JK 23/7/16

Good product, fast delivery, everything ok.
GB 22/7/16

Excellent item, well packed & fast delivery.
CF 22/7/16

Good reviews and price
KC 21/7/16

Used before. Happy with previous service and product. Good prices and previous good expiry dates.
AS 20/7/16

CM 20/7/16

All good, many thanks.
CM 20/7/16

Found site through Glow. Trying to conceive
SM 18/7/16

Good price
LS 17/7/16

Quicker than nhs
CS 18/7/16

Very good
EW 15/7/16

Delivered very quickly
TH 15/7/16

Fab service
SW 14/7/16

Found Access Diagnostics fertility site from - http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=157. Good Review of your products
UK 13/7/16

Found Access Diagnostics via a recommendation. Good price for Pre-Seed
KH 13/7/16

Sick of eBay, wanted a better brand. Really straight forward quick and cheap!
HK 13/7/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying for a baby
SC 13/7/16

Very quick delivery and great price. Very pleased
EA 12/7/16

Found Access Diagnostics site via Babycentre. Vasectomy reversal
AC 12/7/16

Value for money
TJ 11/7/16

Great site. TTC for 7 years
ED 9/7/16

Chose Access Diagnostics as Pre-Seed was cheaper
LG 8/7/16

Easy website. Competitive prices, and bought before from you.
SA 8/7/16

I bought, I peed, I confirmed. All brilliant. Excellent service. Thank You.
GG 8/7/16

Good service and delivery
BH 8/7/16

Trying for a baby
CW 8/7/16

Arrived quickly and all seems well with the product
AW 8/7/16

Excellent all round. Many thanks
D 7/7/16

Recommendation. Ovulation kit.
PW 6/7/16

Amazing,the bestlube I ever used,and very cheap,fantastic!!
MM 6/7/16

That's great, I need a low sensitivity as the 20mlu were too sensitive and nearly positive all month! Thank you
CB 6/7/16

Very good
SH 6/7/16

Conception support
AH 5/7/16

User friendly website. I have used your company before
NA 5/7/16

Great product, great service.
PM 4/7/16

Quick and efficient
MM 3/7/16

Chose Access Diagnostics site because had good reviews
NS 3/7/16

Very happy thank you
DF 3/7/16

Simple kit does the job and seeing as it is impossible to get this info from the Dr it was really useful, came next day too
BW 2/7/16

Great product and came quick . Thanks guys
AB 1/7/16

June 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Excellent service
CH 30/6/16

Struggling to get pregnant. Excellent Website. Very helpful.
KW 29/6/16

Good item and good service thanks
HT 29/6/16

Perfect in every way, thank you A+++++
KD 29/6/16

The double pack is a great idea. Many thanks for swift delivery
KS 28/6/16

Found your site through Countdown to Pregnancy website. Quality and price.
CS 28/6/16

Easy to use site. Value for money
SM 27/6/16

Good site.
RT 27/6/16

Good product
BJ 27/6/16

Swift efficient service, thank you
MJ 27/6/16

As described, quick delivery, recommended, thanks, A+++
J 24/6/16

Many thanks
SE 24/6/16

Excellent item, arrived quickly. Thanks!
TB 24/6/16

Arrived safely packaged. Good service
BN 23/6/16

Thank you for my order which I received yesterday.
ED 23/6/16

Found Access Diagnostics fertility site via a friend recommendation. Good choice of products and excellent value.
AM 23/6/16

Thank you Kathy. That's very kind of you.
Kind Regards
CE 22/6/16

Recieved today many thanks, recommended.
D 22/6/16

Item perfect for what I need definitely great value for money & v quick Dispatch
C 21/61/6

Chose for the price and clear delivery costs.
DK 20/6/16

Thank you so much .
BD 20/6/16

Ordered from you before. Would definitely recommend your company, the pregnancy tests are extremely accurate even before your missed period even more accurate than a doctor's test. Ovulation tests helped me conceive after trying for years.
BF 20/6/16

Chose this site to help to concieve
HC 19/6/16

Easy site to use. Chose for the price and had the test I wanted
SS 17/6/16

Excellent service and well pleased with my purchase
KJ 16/6/16

Top quality
WK 15/6/16

Wanted to check sperm count
AS 15/6/16

As described & great service many thanks
MC 15/6/16

Fantastic service, thank you!!! Will shop again x
JJ 15/6/16

Very good and would recommend
DH 14/6/16

Easy to use site.
CT 14/6/16

Perfect smooth transaction, recommended without qualification.
WB 14/6/16

Very quick and professional
CR 14/6/16

Recommended. Trying for a baby.
FM 13/6/16

Good product. Good service.
SM 12/6/16

Chose Access Diagnostics for ease of access and availability of products
MH 12/6/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying to conceive. Easy to use site.
LS 10/6/16

I bought from this site before
LK 10/6/16

Fast delivery thanks
JM 10/6/16

Excellent service. thank you.
R 9/6/16

Excellent value for money
PH 8/6/16

The product arrived on time and is exactly as described , I am more that satisfied with this item and would buy again from this company
WK 8/6/16

I purchased supplies for work in the past
MN 7/6/16

LT 7/6/16

Thank you so much X
SH 7/6/16

Given details of this website at a course. Providing clients with fertility assistance packages.
RW 6/6/16

best tests, cheap
BB 6/6/16

RG 5/6/16

Doctor told me about your site. Worries about not being pregnant yet
HR 4/6/16

I have received today! I thought to let you know. Thanks again for your help!
YG 3/6/16

Found your site through fertility sites. Purchased Pre seed as KY jelly acts as spermicide.
JJ 2/6/16

AM 2/6/16

Cheap and reliable
DM 2/6/16

Fast delivery, very well packaged, great seller
RB 2/6/16

Clear and easy to use.
JA 1/6/16

May 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments.

Thank you ! I really appreciate the help !
YG 31/5/16

JS 31/5/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics because of price/name
RM 30/5/16

FOund site originally through Babycentre. Good service / communication
KS 30/5/16

Good price (Pre-Seed)
LS 28/5/16

Very friendly and polite
SC 27/5/16

Glow blog mentioned the products
SB 26/5/16

Brilliant quality well impressed
WS 26/5/16

Recommended by my girlfriend
LB 25/5/16

A-mazing!!! Thank-you so very much. This product is fantastic! Very swift delivery & arrived discreetly & well packaged. The pump bottle works great, no faults. I will certainly be ordering more from this seller. Highly recommend. Thank-you very much.
TW 24/51/6

Pricing and delivery seemed good value
NT 24/5/16

Found your site through the Baby Centre Forum. Cheapest product.
DT 23/5/16

Best price for product
DB 23/51/6

Have bought before and found service satisfactory
NF 21/5/16

Thanks for fast service and great price on Lubido gel X 3. Great price and fast delivery just a shame Royal Mail managed to burst all but one of the samples
The actual goods ordered were fine and we are very pleased. I have just disposed of the burst samples so don't worry about it. I have left you 5* feedback across the board for a great service thank you. Will certainly use you again.
IC 20/5/16

Thank you very much
TB 19/5/16

Ok, thank you, that's really helpful.
DH 19/5/16

Convenient and accepts international credit card
SS 18/5/16

Highly recommended.
HC 18/5/16

Product arrived in good time and was as described.
SS 18/5/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as wanting to have a baby
AC 17/5/16

Out of stock, payment refunded no problem
PC 17/5/16

It was a very lovely service. Easy to use the website,fast delivery and very good price on product!
EI 16/5/16

Trying you out
AP 16/5/16

Cheapest online
YK 16/5/16

Sperm friendly lubricant. Used it before. Your prices are good.
LV 15/5/16

Trying to get pregnant
AC 14/5/16

Recommended by a friend. Trying to conceive
KM 13/5/16

Product not seemed to be available elsewhere.
SK 12/5/16

Cheapest place
KL 12/5/16

Googled preseed and found your site.
JW 12/5/16

Excellent product, excellent service
SL 12/5/16

Found you through Fertility sites andused you because KY jelly acts as spermicide.
JY 11/5/16

Found your site through Facebook
SW 11/5/16

Trying to conceive
SI 11/5/16

Used it before, cost effective.
MM 10/5/16

Works well and isn't expensive
FV 9/5/16

Previously purchased from you
SC 8/5/16

Google search for ovulation test strips
SP 8/5/16

VS 7/5/16

Quick delivery....excellent product,thanks loads
BH 6/5/16

Recommended by a friend. Cheap
AD 5/5/16

I have used it before. Good prices
AL 5/5/16

Brilliant. Thank you.
TN 3/5/16

Chose Access Diagnostics because of positive customer satisfaction
AM 3/5/16

Chose this site as we have been trying for a baby for 11 months.
KM 2/5/16

Cool site. Impressed. Great prices.
DH 1/5/16

April 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

MP 30/4/16

Easy and welcoming to use. Chose site for TTC.
JT 29/4/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Very efficient delivery times.
ED 29/4/16

Good value
GM 29/4/16

Good price
BF 29/4/16

What I need at good prices
GD 29/4/16

Very sensitive and very easy to use.
PL 29/4/16

Recommended TTC on mumsnet.
TG 28/4/16

Recommended by a friend. Value.
CB 27/4/16

A pleasure to buy from
TC 27/4/16

Chose this site for the price and previous experiences
IN 26/4/16

Used before
ES 26/4/16

Good price and good service follow up
KB 25/4/16

AR 25/4/16

Good sirte, prices and products
LM 24/4/16

Chose your site for the price and look of website
SH 24/5/16

Good price
SS 24/4/16

Found your site on a Forum. Cheapest price
GW 24/4/16

Easy to navigate. Value.
JS 24/4/16

Site simple and very easy to use. Reasonable price.
BD 24/4/16

Site very quick to use
HH 24/4/16

Site was easily found. Seems easy straightforward
RS 22/4/16

JL 21/4/16

Initially I was sent the wrong product, which was annoying. However, once told, this company immediately apologised and replaced the item by express delivery without waiting for receipt of the returned goods. (Which were later returned at no cost.) I would recommend them on the basis of their customer service.
AD 21/4/16

A TV show recommended
LM 20/4/16

Easy to use. Very pleased with this useful product.
EB 20/4/16

Been trying for a while.
KB 20/4/16

Recommended by a friend. Site easy to use.
KB 20/4/16

Good product arrived quickly.
PL 20/4/16

Check FSH levels before deciding on hormone treatment
AM 19/4/16

Hi, We have received the corrected order this morning, thank you.
AD 19/4/16

Thank you for your quick reply.
CC 18/4/16

Bought from Access Diagnostics as have fertility issues
LW 18/4/16

Used Access Diagnostics fertility before
DW 18/4/16

Fertility test required.
JM 18/4/16

Best price
JM 15/4/16

Site easy to use
RS 14/4/16

Very straightforward to use
MG 13/4/16

Via a friend. Trying for a baby.
BJ 13/4/16

Good review on product
LB 13/4/16

Fast delivery, excellent purchase, would buy again.
SJ 13/4/16

Excellent service, arrived on time and well packed, no damage to product
YR 12/4/16

Very good value for money. High quality product, sealed and instruction leaflets included. Will use this site again.
CL 12/4/16

MS 11/4/16

Brilliant fast service, thanks so much!
MM 10/4/16

Recommended product
SH 9/4/16

A pleasure to do business with.
UF 8/4/16

Arrived by estimated date. Well packaged.
TD 8/4/16

Recommended by a friend
DH 7/4/16

Trying for baby
DB 7/4/16

1st time - trying my luck. What I read here seems professional.
JM 6/4/16

Good basic bbt. Had to replace battery but I was not that bothered as so far its accurate and reliable. I found to keep temp on screen longer (memory function) keep button pressed. So far, better than other bbt ive tried.
JR 6/4/16

Professional quality goods
NB 6/4/16

Excellent product
IK 6/4/16

Bought Lubido to help getting in & out of DrySuit for scuba diving, and does the job. Good service, fast delivery. Very happy
MH 6/4/16

Recommended by a friend. Value for money.
VM 5/4/16

Very prompt service arrived quickly on the Saturday of Easter weekend although estimated delivery was not till Tues or wed after. Good quality product as expected. Would order again.
CC 5/4/16

Great buy and very fast delivery and well pleased thanks
MN 4/4/16

Great, many thanks!
JW 3/4/16

Good product
GT 3/4/16

Recommended on forums such as netmums. Trying to conceive.
LC 2/4/16

Found this site by chance online. Trying to concieve
TK 1/4/16

Bought test for a fertility checks after a reversal
MA 1/4/16

March 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Good value high quality
CL 31/3/16

Chose Access Diagnostics because of price and recommendations. Good site
SB 31/3/16

One of the first sites on the search
SA 31/3/16

Trying to conceive
NR 31/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics via a Friend. Trying to conceive for a year
KH 31/3/16

Wanting to conceive & it's reasonably priced. Very good site
FF 30/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics site via mumsnet. Trying to conceive
NG 29/3/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Very efficient delivery times
ED 28/3/16

I first heard of access diagnostics on a "trying to conceive" chat forum. Ordered as am trying to conceive. I have used Access Diagnostics several times now. The products are very reasonably priced, always well packaged and delivered quickly.
LD 27/3/16

Good value
GB 25/3/16

Good site
SP 25/3/16

OK site. Try for a baby
RH 24/3/16

Exceptional; service as usual.
JB 24/3/16

Quick del. luv my item. Exactly as described. Wud recommend ty x
BA 23/3/16

Great service - as usual. Thanks very much
MD 23/3/16

Good product - delivered promptly Seller sent upgrade for no extra. Recommended
D 23/3/16

Item as described
KH 22/3/16

Buying for conception
KF 21/3/16

Very helpful team
PR 21/3/16

Great quick delivery
CG 21/3/16

Trying to get pregnant
AS 19/3/16

Recommended. Trying to conceive.
FH 19/3/16

Curiosity. Great site.
YW 18/3/16

Ordered before. Good products.
NV 17/3/16

I can't believe it!!!! After trying for just over 8 months to conceive our 2nd baby, I came across this website on a forum and decided to try the ovulation tests and pre-seed lubrication. I thought why not, lets give it a go! Well I'm absolutely delighted to say that the first month of using both the tests and the lubrication, I've just had a positive pregnancy test. Whether it would have happened anyway, there's no denying that the items I purchased through this website (at a very reasonable cost and very speedy delivery!) have helped! I'd absolutely recommend this website and its products and would use them again (if we decide to have more children!) Thank you x
LH 16/3/16

Thank you so much
SW 16/3/16

Cheap & trustworthy site. Found Access Diagnostivs via forums
JH 16/3/16

I have bought some products before that worked for me.
OJ 16/3/16

That's great thanks for a quick response
J 16/3/16

Great service
DK 15/3/16

Easy to use and feels good
RS 14/3/16

Quick delivery and as ordered. Thanks
MS 14/3/16

Great service thanks
BR 13/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics site through a recommendation
VR 11/3/16

Chose site for the price
IN 11/3/16

Would buy from this seller again
LK 11/3/16

Reliable service, would use again.
EG 11/3/16

Great service
AN 10/3/16

Recommended. Looking for pregnacare
LM 10/3/16

Very smooth & sensitive,excellent!
DR 9/3/16

Recommended by someone on Glow
KC 9/3/16

Used before
DS 9/3/16

Prompt delivery excellent service, definitely recommend
C 8/3/16

Really good stuff, lasts for ages.
DB 8/3/16

Thank you, Linda for following up my comment. I am now able to use the account again.
Kind regards,
OG 7/3/16

1st one on website
NW 7/3/16

Found site though feedback. Helping me and my husband to become a family
DW 7/3/16

Cheap for Pre-Seed
AL 6/3/16

Cheap prices
PF 6/3/16

Good prices
SP 6/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics via a firend. Wanting to conceive
SG 4/3/16

Trying for a baby for 7 months so thought we would try preseed as it has amazing reviews. Found Access Diagnostics site via a friend.
KM 4/3/16

Very fast delivery, item as described.
TP 4/3/16

Your 'log in' system does not seem to work. I tried several times to log in as i am an existing customer. Sadly it did not recognise me. I hope you rectify the problem soon. Regards. O.G.
OG 4/3/16

Cheaper than supermarkets
HB 3/3/16

Chose the site for the price
JM 3/3/16

I am trying for a child. Your site is very easy to navigate
SM 3/3/16

Best value. Thank you
HB 1/3/16

Used Access Diagnostics as TTC
OD 1/3/16

Chose this site to purchase Preseed
NE 1/3/16

February 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

I've bought products from Access Diagnostics many times. Their product info is always useful and complete and their delivery service very speedy and good value. Lovely to do business with !
SJ 29/2/16

Trying for baby for 8+ years. I use ovulation tests regularly and need a cheaper option than supermarkets
KH 29/2/16

LW 28/2/16

Was told about it by a reflexolgist. Was cheaper than the supermarkets
SS 27/2/16

Clear and easy to use
JE 26/2/16

Good price
AM 25/2/16

Quick delivery, good item, no complaints at all
JK 25/2/16

Arrived on time well packaged, better than expected not sticky at all. Thank you very much.
PK 25/2/16

MH 24/2/16

Its cheaper
GN 23/2/16

You had product in stock
BH 23/2/16

Cheaper than Amazon. Good site.
JT 23/2/16

Preseed available. Cool Site
GP 22/2/16

Easy to order
LE 22/2/16

Used Access Diagnostics before
SJ 21/2/16

Found Access Diagnostics site through Netmums discussion forum. Trying to conceive.
LH 20/2/16

Found this site on a pregnancy blog. Recommended, great prices, used by NHS
LB 20/2/16

Quick and as stated
OW 18/2/16

Really helpful. Trying for a baby for 7 months so thought we would try preseed as it has amazing reviews
SC 18/2/16

Good price and fast reliable delivery - exactly what I expected and I'll shop here again without hesitation
JP 17/2/16

Easy to use website,good price and received quickly !
HJ 17/2/16

Fine site, planning for pregancy
AT 16/2/16

Previous order.
SM 15/2/16

Chose this site for the price and it seemed trustworthy
VH 13/2/16

Found this site through a Google search: to buy preseed uk
LM 13/2/16

Offers and good prices
ES 13/2/16

Great site, very easy to use
SC 12/2/16

Thank you so much for your prompt response :)
MZ 12/2/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as you sold Pre Seed
AJ 12/2/16

Simple to do.
CC 11/2/16

MA 11/2/16

These are very handy as they are easy to read. Reasonably priced too.
GS 10/2/16

Great thank you
AJ 10/2/16

They kindly sent a larger size as the size I ordered wasn't currently available.
RY 10/21/6

Using fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy
SP 8/2/16

Very good service.
Would recommend.
LB 8/2/16

Good price
TK 7/2/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying to get pregnant
JA 6/2/16

Like price
GR 6/2/16

Have purchased from you before for home testing
bb 6/2/16

Informative site. Trying to conceive, hope it works.
KC 5/2/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Very efficient delivery times
ED 3/2/16

Thank you for your speedy response. I've placed a order and hope they are as good as your last line of opks
EH 3/2/16

Very easy to place order item arrived very quickly
CA 2/2/16

Used you for pregnancy products before. Reliable discreet service
KD 2/2/16

Cheaper than amazon
SP 2/2/16

Found Access Diagnostics through a TTC forum
KM 2/2/16

Best value for money. Simple and easy to order from
CA 2/2/16

Helpful site. Able to buy in bulk
LJ 2/2/16

Reliable products
RP 1/2/16

January 2016 feedback, reviews and customer comments

OM 30/1/16

Ordered as TTC
EA 29/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics site through a friend. Trying for a baby
SH 29/1/16

Chose Access Diagnostics site as it was cheaper
HC 27/1/16

Found site fine. Brought in past
HW 27/1/16

Cheapest price Pre-Seed
HM 26/1/16

Found this site through Sasmar. Reasonable prices
MC 26/1/16

Brilliant, thank you!
AR 26/1/16

BBT thermometer for conception
LS 26/1/16

Fast delivery. Thanks
LD 24/1/16

That would be lovely thank you, would it be possible to have a saliva ovulation reuse able microscope please? Thanks
AH 24/1/16

Quick delivery.
KD 23/1/16

Chose Access Diagnostics as trying to get pregnant
PF 22/1/16

Best value
CA 22/1/16

Chose this site for the price
GH 21/1/16

Excellent value
HL 21/1/16

Excellent products, delivered quickly and efficiently, always well packaged my only problem is that each time I make an order I always have a problem with WorldPay and so have to use my husbands card, called about this a few times and have been told it must be my card, even though I'd already spoken to my bank & used my card elsewhere on the same day, when I called again staff were not really interested to be honest, although they did remain pleasant throughout
AH 21/1/16

Purchased a box of Ovulation tests, quick delivery, great product!
MF 21/1/16

I've used Access Diagnostics on several occasions and have always been extremely pleased with the service they provide. Their web site clearly lists items with detailed information such that you can choose the right product(s) for you. Delivery is fast and the items are packaged discretely, which is appreciated when purchasing certain products. They often inform you of discount vouchers by email, which is an added bonus when purchasing items that are already listed at good value prices. I would have no hesitation in recommending this web site and will continue to use it in the future.
AS 20/1/16

Value for money
HW 20/1/16

Found on Google and low prices
RR 20/1/16

Used before, always OK
PK 20/1/16

I have used the Isis Ovulation tester for some years and have found it excellent
EC 20/1/16

Arrived quickly, good prices
ER 19/1/16

SC 18/1/16

Found this site through forums. Am TTC
CM 18/1/16

Good site
PM 16/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics through a friend. Want to get pregnant.
KB 15/1/16

Bought Pre-Seed as TTC
CB 15/1/16

Thank you for your speedy response, it is greatly appreciated.
EM 12/1/16

Already receive emails. TTC
SG 12/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics via GP. Trying for baby
TO 12/1/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying for a child
FD 11/1/16

Recommended by a friend as we are trying to conceive
HC 11/1/16

Trying for a baby
BM 10/1/16

Trying to conceive, googled preseed". Simple and easy site to use.
SL 10/1/16

Sucessful pregnancy
CM 10/1/16

Recommended by a friend
AC 9/1/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying for baby
US 9/1/16

Found this site via infertility threads on other websites
KM 8/1/16

RM 8/1/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Glad there is a choice of delivery options.
ED 7/1/16

Great service, very prompt
BS 6/1/16

Trying to conceive
JT 4/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics word of mouth. Trying for a baby for 6 months
KIC 4/1/16

Looking on Google for fertility products.
JN 03/01/16

Recommended by a Forum to track ovulation.
AC 03/01/16

Trying fertility products as been trying for a baby for 15 months already.
VL 02/01/16

Recommended by a friend for fertility products.
KH 02/01/16

December 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Previously used this site. Changed to Preseed as Conception plus not working.
JF 31/12/15

Trying for a baby desperately after having a miscarriage
BC 30/12/15

My fertility specialist has asked me to test to see if I am ovulating for 3 months.
HS 30/12/15

Happy with service and I'll recomend to other people
MB 29/12/15

Item as described. Arrived very quickly
SD 29/12/15

Excellent value for money.
SF 25/12/15

Great service Great product
DH 24/12/15

To test for cystitis without recourse to doctor
JC 23/12/15

Googled pre seed after using TTC for four years.
NG 22/12/15

Looking for fertility help
BP 22/12/15

Recommended by a friend. Struggling to get pregnant
GP 22/12/15

Many thanks for your assistance
MM 22/12/15

Used site before.
RK 21/12/15

Thank you very much
Hope you have a great Xmas x
21/12/15 MM

Very quick delivery
AB 20/12/15

Very fast delivery, thank you. Good product.
GZ 19/12/15

Trying to conceive
VJ 19/12/15

Trying to get pregnant.
TG 18/12/15

TTC was recommended by a friend
MC 18/12/15

Fast service great
MI 18/12/15

Perfect ! THANKS!!
CP 18/12/15

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying to conceive :-)
MB 18/12/15

Nicely packaged. Thank you.
GM 17/12/15

Found site via students union
AR 17/12/15

These test strips arrived very quickly and appear to be good value as others are more expensive and do the same tests.Thank you
KG 16/12/15

Previous order
K 16/12/15

Friends advice, want to conceive.
CW 15/12/15

First class product, brilliant service and everything I needed to know.
TD 15/12/15

Exellent item. Good quality
JS 14/12/15

Chose this site as these are cheaper online
PR 14/12/15

Chose Access Diagnostics as cheaper online
SC 14/12/15

I have used you before, but I think I originally heard about you on a "trying to conceive" website chat forum.
LR 13/12/15

Trying to conceive
FA 13/12/15

Need tests as not having periods
M 11/12/15

CS 11/12/15

Trying to conceive
TL 10/12/15

Found this site through babycentre recommendation. Trying for a baby.
H 10/12/15

Trying for baby. Good site.
S 10/12/15

Smooth transaction and great product.
FF 10/12/15

Chose this product to get pregnant
PC 9/12/15

TY 8/12/15

HB 8/12/15

Chose this site for the cost
LP 8/12/15

Dr JW 8/12/15

Found this site from the TTC forum. Positive feedback- felt safer than buying off eBay. Cheaper than Amazon
KS 7/12/15

Cheap and easy. I like that there were lots of reviews
CC 6/12/15

Really good. Brilliant
SG 6/12/15

Chose Access Diagnostics as had cheaper delivery
AS 4/12/15

Cheap price
MN 4/12/15

Access Diagnostics was recommended
MS 4/12/15

Used before
RR 3/12/15

Efficient & arrived on time
PF 3/12/15

Great service
HS 3/12/15

Recommendation from fertility therapist
JC 3/12/15

Was as described & arrived promptly.
JT 2/12/15

Quick delivery and great price.
AS 1/12/15

Access Diagnostics latest discount coupon code

November 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Very quick, discreet delivery and value for money. Long dated items please!!! ~ ASAP!!!
LS 30/11/15

Good price
MT 30/11/15

Like price of product on this site
JC 30/11/15

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as it was cheaper than amazon
PP 29/11/15

Recommended by my sister.
PD 27/11/15

LY 26/11/15

Repeat order
HO 26/11/15

Ordered from Access Diagnostics because it had everything I need in one place and prices were great too. Just gutted the thermometers were out of stock x
JT 24/11/15

Friend recommendation
JB 23/11/15

Recommended on a "TTC" forum. Chose Access Diagnostics because I have purchased items with Access Diagnostics before and the service is excellent. I have always found the service excellent - items sent promptly and well (and discreetly) packaged.
LD 23/11/15

Reasonably priced
EE 20/11/15

Happy with my purchase
JW 19/11/15

Recommend by a friend
Mrs S 19/11/15

Recommended by a friend. Competitive prices.
EC 17/11/15

Found you on Facebook. Cheap
EE 16/11/15

Thank you for replying so quickly.
Thanks for your help
F 16/11/15

Lovely many thanks again
RL 13/11/15

ZW 12/11/15

SB 11/11/15

Chose site for the price
PP 11/11/15

Website easy to use
HS 11/11/15

Web search for ovulation kits. Cheapest and supply to professionals. Waiting for order and quality to remark
RK 10/11/15

Found this site via Madeformums.net. Lots of good reviews. Good stuff. Cheaper than on ebay
LW 9/11/15

Found Access Diagnostics through a recommendation. Like price and choice of product
HM 8/11/15

Good price
ZI 5/11/15

Did what it said on the tin, (fertilityscore) I wanted this alongside a post vasectomy sperm count / motility test as a backup and it did exactly what it said on the tin
RM 4/11/15

LC 3/11/15

Reliable, Cheap, Good reveiws
JB 3/11/15

Found you through Mumsnet.
DT 3/11/15

Delivered promptly
MH 2/11/15

KS 1/11/15

Great thanks.
MM 1/11/15

October 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Used Access Diagnostics fertility site before. Cheap prices.
LH 31/11/15

Had products I wanted
DB 30/10/15

Good price
TL 30/10/15

Fast dispatch x
KS 29/10/15

Good price on Pre-Seed
KJ 29/10/15

Used Access Diagnostics before. Cheap prices and good quality products and service
SH 29/10/15

Friend recommendation. Competitive price
LJ 28/10/15

Repeat visitor
SF 27/10/15

Family friend recommended Access Diagnostics
SW 27/10/15

Thank you :)
SF 26/10/15

Found Access Diagnostics site through a friend
RG 24/10/15

Good price / delivery times
hl 23/10/15

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as cheap.
CB 22/10/15

Happy customer
LS 22/10/15

Well... It worked. Won't be needing to re order!!! (Pre-seed)
JE 21/10/15

All good
JD 21/10/15

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as got the most test strips for cheapest value
JF 20/10/15

I really appreciate what you've done.
Kind regards,
M 20/10/15

Ive used AD in the past many times and the service has always been great and the prices good.
SD 19/10/15

Looking for zestica or pre-seed. Bought pre-seed.
DC 18/10/15

Recommended, good reviews, uk site, professional, good price, fast delivery
SK 18/10/15

Recommendation from forum on babycentre. Cheap! Lovely site but never heard of you before!
FP 17/10/15

Recommendation on blog
CC 17/10/15

Found this site hrough Money Saving Expert forum. Value for money
AL 17/10/15

Best price
SS 16/10/15

Good reviews
RK 16/10/15

Heard about pre seed
LS 16/10/15

Thanks for your prompt and very helpful response. It is appreciated very much.
JC 16/10/15

Hi, The item has arrived and is great. Thank you.
A 15/10/15

JB 15/10/15

Quick delivery
AB 14/10/15

Good service. Recommended.
LS 13/10/15

Returning customer
LS 13/10/15

Found out about this site from Baby Centre Forum.
LM 13/10/15

Chose Access for their prices.
IK 12/10/15

Previous pregnancy supplier
BB 11/10/15

Professional website - didn't trust buying from ebay
NT 11/10/15

Good prices
CP 10/10/15

Looks professional
CC 10/10/15

Chose this site after hearing about pre seed
LS 9/10/15

Cheaper and better reviews
AS 9/10/15

Quality product and fast delivery.
FB 8/10/15

A friend recommended Access Diagnostics
JM 7/10/15

Absolutely wonderful product. Easy to use. Would recommend 100%
CS 5/10/15

Thank you very much! I appreciate your advice and help with rearranging the postage.
Apologies for any inconvenience cause at your end.
CN 5/10/15

Chose Access Diagnostics as its very reasonable
KP 4/10/15

Good price and user friendly Web site
LB 3/10/15

Chose this site because of customer reviews
AI 3/10/15

Heard abou Access Diagnostics in an e-mail
SP 2/10/15

Found site via a recommendation. Like prices.
DS 2/10/15

Arrived on time and as described
SN 2/10/15

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips
ED 1/10/15

Good brands
AD 1/10/15

Competitive Cost
NE 1/10/15

September 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Found Access Diagnostics by recommendation
IH 30/9/15

Thank you very much for that. Thank you for your help and have a lovely day.
Best wishes,
JS 30/9/15

Found Access Diagnostic via a blog. Chose this after reading user success stories
NV 30/9/15

DK 29/9/15

Use you lots. Your best site
SB 27/9/15

Found Access Diagnostics via a fertility forum. Good reviews.
NL 26/9/15

Good price
LH 26/9/15

BK 25/9/15

I have used you in the past and I was happy with the products previously purchased.
EL 24/9/15

These test strips are very helpful
CB 24/9/15

Seems very professional
Dr AW 22/9/15

Items as described
TE 21/9/15

Best price
KO 20/9/15

Very good courier service, who returned a bit later when I wasn't in at first delivery attempt
RD 18/9/15

First time buyer.Very good service.
M 17/9/15

Good experience
V 17/9/15

Found this site through a recommendation. Cheaper than anywhere else by a long way. Great value for money
EJ 15/9/15

KS 15/9/15

I found your site through your YouTube videos and fertility friend
Dr FK 14/9/15

Thank you for the excellent service that you provide. I always receive my orders in excellent condition and promptly.
LR 14/9/15

I think you offer a wonderful service
LR 14/9/15

Discrete packaging
TP 13/9/15

Found this site through Mums net forum. Better value.
LB 13/9/15

Made purchase before and it arrived perfectly. My experience last time was very good. Highly recommend
NT 12/9/15

Best price
PB 10/9/15

Exactly what my doctor uses, very accurate
BS 10/9/15

Good range of products and cheap
JS 9/9/15

BH 8/9/15

Quick and efficient!
SW 8/9/15

It was the cheapest
AB 7/9/15

Good product and good packaging - happy with all aspects of order - thank you
VP 7/9/15

Chose this site for the price
ED 6/9/15

LO 5/9/15

Recommended by Mumsnet
CH 4//9/15

Used before, good products at good price.
CW 4/9/15

TV 4/9/15

Recommended by friend
Dr CE 4/9/15

LB 4/9/15

Chose site for price.
MJ 3/9/15

Found your site through Martin's Money Tips. Cheaper than the shop
AW 3/9/15

Found this site through Netmums
SC 2/9/15

Used this site before
NM 1/9/15

This arrived on time and I would recommend this site.
SS 1/9/15

August 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Easy to read strips.Perfect.
CC 31/8/15

Found this site through a Website forum and recommended as cheapest.
SS 29/8/15

Recommended by Mumsnet
CB 29/8/15

Found site through a recommendation
GB 27/8/15

Like price
OM 27/8/15

Cheaper & good quality
MMM 27/8/15

Have ordered from the site before
RK 27/8/15

Very satisfied
SD 27/8/15

PC 27/8/15

Like price
FP 24/8/15

Bought from Access Diagnostics as we have bought from you before
PK 23/8/15

Previously used the site. Chose Access Diagnostics as more for my money
HP 23/8/15

Like prices
VG 22/8/15

Good price and delivery charge
AB 22/8/15

Site was recommended
JG 20/8/15

Not used them yet but they arrived 3 days before the first expected by date. Great service.
AW 19/8/15

Like products available
CH 19/8/15

Many thanks for prompt delivery
CH 19/8/15

Great service.
AW 19/8/15

Good price
CW 19/8/15

Used site before
RH 17/8/15

Excellent service received previously. Originallly found Access Diagnostics through a chat forum
LR 17/8/15

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Glad there is a choice of delivery options
ED 16/8/15

Chose this site as in UK
DD 16/8/15

Good prices
CG 16/8/15

Like price
CB 15/8/15

Used Access Diagnostics before
SW 15/8/15

Found Access Diagnostics via a forum on internet
SP 13/8/15

Prefer to some other sites.
LC 13/8/15

LS 13/8/15

Good advise and affordable.
SD 12/8/15

Good product range
LH 12/8/15

Here is cheaper. Good service.
LK 12/8/15

The item arrived on time as promised
MP 12/8/15

Arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Many thanks.
SB 11/8/15

Chose Acccess Diagnostics as previous customer
KD 11/8/15

Like price
LF 11/8/15

Previous customer. Good value for money
KW 11/8/15

Looking for Pre-Seed
DC 10/8/15

Great product, easy you use, does what it says!
JB 10/8/15

Site was recommended. Good prices
NS 9/8/15

Very good service
JA 7/8/15

Chose site for price. Thanks!
KQ 6/8/15

Recommended through baby centre blog.
HM 6/8/15

Used this site before.
NM 5/8/15

Very prompt delivery and all round good service
GB 5/8/15

Dear Kathy,
Many thanks for your help.
Thank you,
ZL 4/8/15

Chose site for the price.
AD 4/8/15

Pregnant now thanks. I'm pregnant. Yayyyyyyy
ILMS 4/8/15

Excellent service
KH 3/8/15

Previous Customer. Competitive Price.
FP 2/8/15

Arrived with great speed. Just right and at the right price.
MG 1/8/15

July 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Better price
JS 31/7/15

Used previously
CM 31/7/15

We have used you before.
RH 31/7/15

It seems to be a trusted website and vendor
LS 30/7/15

Fast and discreet service!
LS 29/7/15

Easy website
LW 29/7/15

Site looked professional.
JH 28/7/15

Best value
AW 28/7/15

Found your site through Money Savings Expert
NR 27/7/15

NM 26/7/15

Have ordered from the site before
RK 24/7/15

Found Access Diagnostics through a recommendation on netmums thread
NM 24/7/15

Lovely ... Thanks very much :)
NN 24/7/15

Your good
SB 24/7/15

Appreciate that, thank you.
Many thanks
Rebecca 23/7/15

MT 23/7/15

Excellent. Good product and speedy delivery
CZ 23/7/15

1st class as usual
WJ 23/7/15

Good reviews
SM 22/7/15

Excellent service
CN 21/7/15

Good price, selection & information
CF 21/7/15

Convenient and great value for money. Found on baby forums.
EC 21/7/15

Cheap, recommended on pregnanacy blog
JS 20/7/15

Competitive Cost
NE 20/7/15

Good service
LG 19/7/15

Good site.
UB 19/7/15

Brilliant menopause kit, would recommend it to anybody.
SB 18/7/15

Site good to navigate
TH 18/7/15

Returning customer - quick delivery
DG 18/7/15

A friend suggested this site
AC 17/7/15

Good price
CB 16/7/15

Prompt delivery excellent
JM 16/7/15

Perfect for the job in hand, the results match perfectly with the Doctors results so you know what's going on at all times. Quick delivery. Would purchase again.
TS 15/7/15

Previous customer
HC 15/7/15

Great, awsome, well helpful.
AD 15/7/15

Easy site to use.
AD 14/7/15

KB 14/7/15

Very fast delivery. Excellent service
BH 13/7/15

Cheapest price for product
CS 12/7/15

Best price
JS 10/7/15

Quickest estimated delivery
ES 10/7/15

Site recommended as cant buy on high street
EN 10/7/15

Reviews gave me confidence to choose this site.
RS 9/7/15

Used before. Reliable and quick.
CQ 9/7/15

Site was recommended for its good reviews
KS 9/7/15

Cheapest price
RB 7/7/15

Quick efficient service
CG 7/7/15

Found site via mumsnet
CW 6/7/15

Best price
EG 6/7/15

SS 5/7/15

Chose Access Diagnostics for price
BB 5/7/15

Good price
HL 4/7/15

Site was recommended
AS 4/7/15

Quick delivery thank you
AW 2/7/15

Had the product I wanted
R 2/7/15

Hi there,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I've been ordering pregnancy test/ovulation test kits from you for three years. You've always been reliable and helpful, and you have saved me a fortune on high street prices.
My last order (back in January) had a bit of a mix up and I spoke to a lovely lady called Kathy who sorted it all out for me. She wrote a little message on my invoice when she sent it out and I just wanted to let her know that it finally DID work and I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant now :-)
Thank you. You've made my three-year long journey just that little bit easier and I appreciate it.
FW 2/7/15

Ideal for what i need it for. Good service
LL 1/7/15

Excellent service and value. Thanks for the advice Mike.
JS 1/7/15

Fast delivery & great service. Thank you.
MT 1/7/15

June 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Fantastic service
LP 30/6/15

Used before and came back for price.
CN 29/6/15

Was recommended to try this UK distributor, heard good things.
AB 27/6/15

Previous customer. Good service.
LK 26/6/15

Cheaper than other sites
KM 26/6/16

Great prices
SL 26/6/15

Great service & products. Came almost immediately. Perfect. Good find
GI 26/6/15

Positive comments
LL 26/6/15

Very happy with purchase & fast delivery :)
TG 26/6/15

Great service, thank you!
EW 24/6/15

Best value for chosen product.
MD 23/6/15

Cheap price, good past experience
CD 23/6/15

Cheaper than anywhere else
DK 23/6/15

Used before. Great value
KT 23/6/`15

From a friend
CP 22/6/15

Found site via a recommendation. Trying for a baby
VM 20/6/15

Previous customer. Good value for money
KW 19/6/15

Wanted low cost pregnancy tests. Found this site via Money Saving Expert
NT 19/6/15

Recommended by a Forum. Supplies Concieve Plus at a reasonable cost
DL 19/6/15

Previous purchase. Repeat business
KJ 19/6/15

Cheapest site for goods I wanted
RW 18/6/15

Have purchased before with no issues
VJ 18/6/15

Great service thank you !
LG 18/6/15

Thank you for you quick response. And am very grateful for your quick resolution to this problem.
SJ 18/6/15

Found site by a recommendation
LS 18/6/15

Found Access DIagnostics through Google initially, now repeat customer. Best value for money. Always excellent service. Thank you! Coupons are also very helpful. Thankyou for the brilliant service you provide
MB 18/6/15

Very prompt delivery. Fab !
VP 17/6/15

Best offer
MC 16/6/15

Affordable and easy to access site
DM 16/6/15

Price and UK location
JC 15/6/15

Arrived on time, fast & efficient service.
SJ 14/6/15

JB 14/6/15

Very good ! That was fast!
ND 13/6/15

Brilliant, overnight delivery. Thank you
AH 13/6/15

SR 11/6/15

Recommended by a friend. Like price.
RD 11/6/15

Express service
DB 10/6/15

Used this site before as cheaper than other sites.
KR 9/6/15

CH 8/6/15

Used Access Diagnostics before.Happy with product, price, expiry date and delivery.
AS 7/6/15

Like Price
NR 7/6/15

Chose Access Diagnostics because it was good value for money
PS 6/6/15

Lowest price
MY 6/6/15

Good Value
KM 6/6/15

Brilliant thank you for your prompt reply.
I will be happy to purchase from your website in the near future
Kind regards
DW 5/6/15

Very good
BC 4/6/15

First class service
CK 3/6/15

Good prices
CA 3/6/15

Returning customer. The only place I've ever purchased ovulation packs from.
SA 3/6/15

KG 2/6/15

Cheap prices
JJ 2/6/25

Like Price
CW 1/6/15

Right product we were looking for. Also including ovulation strips that I had not thought of.
MS 1/6/15

SR 1/6/15

Good price
CW 1/6/15

May 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Returning customer. Great prices
KW 31/5/15

VH 31/5/15

Chose site for price
LL 31/5/15

ER 30/5/15

Chose Acccess Diagnostics because of good review
KJ 29/5/15

Cheaper than elsewhere
LC 29/5/15

Used Access Diagnostics previously
EC 28/5/15

Used before, quick service and good website
JD 28/5/15

Chose site for price
AS 28/5/15

Good experience before
EB 28/5/15

Clear product display
Dr CL 27/5/15

Seemed cheapest, used before good service, no frills quick
Dr JD 27/5/15

Seems to be a specialised site
TC 27/5/15

Based in the uk
SY 27/5/15

Price included delivery
LA 27/5/15

Recommended by my sister for cheapest prices.
SS 27/5/15

Professional tests
IP 26/5/15

Good value and choice of products
ZS 26/5/15

Good price
KJ 26/5/15

Cheaper than the rest
JS 25/5/15

Have used before. Great value, accurate product
HD 25/5/15

Like price
NA 22/5/15

Prompt service and will use again
CB 22/5/15

Great seller very good price pleasure to do business with.
JC 22/5/15

Great Price.
WB 21/5/15

Online discussion board recommended based on price.
SC 20/5/15

Excellent service
DS 20/5/15

V good service
CR 18/5/15

Excellent delivery speed
SP 18/5/15

Cheaper than other sites.
AG 18/5/15

Recommended by a friend, cheap prices.
NH 18/5/15

Chose Access Diagnostics because of price
AP 18/5/15

SJ 17/5/15

LIke price
GP 17/5/15

Past customer
IK 17/5/15

Great website and great value online. Very user friendly
CE 16/5/15

Recommend by friend
KO 15/5/15

Found site via a recommendation on TTC forum
RC 15/5/15

Cheap prices
MJ 14/5/15

Great prices
SL 14/5/15

Used before n happy with service
NB 13/5/15

Previous order
SM 13/5/15

Previous use a couple of years ago
RM 13/5/15

Used Access Diagnostic before, reliable, quick.
CQ 12/5/15

UK based site
SJ 12/5/15

Good prices
CF 11/5/15

AP 11/5/15

Reasonable pricing and good level of information onsite
LW 11/5/15

Just excellent service and speedy delivery
SM 10/5/15

Recommended on online forum
AM 10/5/15

Used before on a recommendation from a friend
VW 10/5/15

Good information and choice and very good value. Very happy to have discovered this site.
AB 10/5/15

Nice quick service
GU 9/5/15

Reliable and price
JC 9/5/15

AP 9/5/15

Lots of options
SJ 8/5/15

Excellent product. These do exactly was I expected from them.
SM 8/5/15

Recommended site. Word of mouth from a friend.
JM 8/5/15

Good price
LS 7/5/15

Easy access and good prices
MP 7/5/15

Had what I needed
ZH 7/7/15

I have used before and was very happy.
TS 6/6/15

Good price
LD 6/6/15

Used discount code, cheaper than other sites.
RR 6/6/15

Previous customer. Trusted supplier, good value
RW 6/5/15

Found site via Facebook. Like price.
KT 5/5/15

Found site through a reccomendation- blog
MD 4/5/15

Easy site to use
JK 4/5/15

CR 4/5/15

Good Value product
KC 4/5/15

Easy to use and quick site
GL 3/5/15

Good price
RW 2/5/15

Well know vendor
Dr F 2/5/15

Found site through a forum on internet
LP 2/5/15

Chose this site as prefer to use independent company to purchase fertility products.
SJ 2/5/15

Found site via recommendation
KG 1/5/15

Tnx...very fast delivery...:)
EI 1/5/15

April 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Very quick delivery, thanks. Strips easy to use.
IT 30/4/15

Chose this site because of ease
CW 30/4/15

Easy and cheap
MT 29/4/15

Good prices
LR 29/4/15

YT 29/4/15

Speedy delivery & good price.
EG 29/4/15

Used previously. Good value.
KL 29/4/15

CH 29/4/15

Good price and delivery options
NM 28/4/15

Perfect thanks for your help Kathy.
AF 27/4/15

Cheapest online
JC 27/4/15

I have used this site before
Good price
EC 27/4/15

Chose this site because of price
LS 27/4/15

Sold product I wanted
HM 26/4/15

Good reviews and prices
HH 26/4/15

Cheap/original packaging
ZL 24/4/15

Great thanks!
CB 24/4/15

Fast and prompt service. Thanks.
LB 24/4/15

Chose this site because cheap prices /original packaging
ZL 24/4/15

Excellent & speedy delivey
DB 22/4/15

Good choice and description
MB 22/4/15

Good prices
C 21/4/15

DT 21//15

It arrived very fast, I was impressed at the service
BH 21/4/15

Because you are better then any of the others. Good site
JR 21/4/15

Found site via chat rooms. Good value for tests
NR 20/4/15

Found site through a friend
JS 20/4/15

Informative site
LS 20/4/15

Friend reccomended site becaue of reliability.
CJ 20/4/15

Reliable. Fond site through a friend.
GB 20/4/15

Previously used
Dr R 20/4/15

Good price
AS 20/4/15

Had what I needed. Good prices.
DW 20/4/15

Good price and variation of products
CN 20/4/15

Thank you once again for a great service you provided thank you
TM 19/4/15

Good item, quick del!
BH 19/4/15

Good value for money
KT 19/4/15

Found site througha recommendation
AW 19/4/15

Good price
GE 18/4/15

Best value
MD 18/4/15

Like price
RL 18/4/15

Good site. Cheapest
DJ 17/4/15

Repeat customer. Best stock
JC 17/4/15

I have used site before
DG 17/4/15

Recommended site
KL 17/4/15

Liked the look of site
SD 17/4/15

Good site. Cheapest
DJ 17/4/15

Used before. Good value
JC 17/4/15

Fast and safe delivery. Pleased with test strips
SE 16/4/15

Great service and value. Many thanks.
LC 16/4/15

Found site via baby center
AJ 15/4/15

Used before
RC 15/4/15

Easy and good price
ST 14/4/15

Used before. Good product
CM 13/4/15

Previously used them. Quick and discreet
MR 13/4/15

Used before-usually very quick service
RF 12/4/15

Good price and multi-item deal
SG 12/4/15

Good Price
TH 12/4/15

Value for money
EM 12/4/15

Used previously, rapid, discreet service
LA 11/4/15

Found site via a recommendation
AM 10/4/15

Found site through a recommendation. Easy site to use so far so good.
CB 10/4/15

Excellent. Thanks
CL 10/4/15

Cost and products
GK 9/4/15

Simple and quick
WW 9/4/15

DA 9/4/15

Cheap delivery and prices overall
HP 9/4/15

LA 9/4/15

Found site via netmums. Seems to be one stop and people recommended. All font is too small to read and I dont understand what store departments on the side meant

Chose this site because it was cheaper
RA 9/4/15

Excellent service
KS 8/4/15

Cheapest inc postage
VP 8/4/15

Found site through a recommendation. Good price. Good, discreet packaging
MD 8/4/15

Cheapest option
ET 8/4/15

Good site & price
LH 8/4/15

Heard about it on a chat forum. CHose this site because of the great prices and the excellent service I have received from you previously.
LR 8/4/15

MB 7/4/15

Thanks ever so much for your help. Very much appreciated.
Many thanks & kind regards
SC 7/4/15

Good product, good price and always despatched quickly, thanks !
AG 7/4/15

Thanks ever so much for your help. Very much appreciated.
Many thanks & kind regards
SC 7/4/15

Found site via a business friend
BP 7/4/15

Great Service
JD 7/4/15

Good pricing
MC 7/4/15

Easy to use
JS 7/4/15

JM 7/4/15

Excellent product. thanks
CL 6/4/15

Found site via a recommendation. Good quality and inexpensive
FD 6/4/15

Easy to use. (any chance of free urine test, cheers)
TH 6/4/15

Previous sale. Like speed of delivery , discreet packaging
KW 6/4/15

Great service
MB 6/4/15

Good price
MA 6/4/15

Excellent service, well pleased.
AB 6/4/15

Cheap prices
WK 6/4/15

Good choice
SC 6/4/15

Found site via Facebook
CB 6/4/15

Used you before
JM 5/4/15

Liked product
SN 5/4/15

Liked the price
PB 5/4/15

KD 5/4/15

Very happy with the service
TB 5/4/15

Good prices, slightly cheaper than other places. I will definitely be back to buy more fertility products.
HB 5/4/15

Clear descriptions of products
TF 4/4/15

Used site before. Good service
TM 4/4/15

Cheap prices
KD 4/4/15

Reliable testing
EM 3/4/15

Found site via a recommendation
TR 3/4/15

Used you before. Happy with service
MG 2/4/15

Very good prices and delivery
Dr A 2/4/15

I finally found the product I was looking for
RL 2/4/15

Well laid out
DB 2/4/15

Used site before> Easy to use. Would like to see previous purchases that I have made so i can reorder same. I only order every now and again.
CS 2/4/15

Repeat order
BC 2/4/15

Thank you very much, we will let you know once it arrives. Once again, thank you for your great customer service.
Kind Regards,
Claire 1/4/15

Found site via another website. Best value UK seller.
MS 1/4/15

Professional, official layout
AB 1/4/15

Found site via a friend
GF 1/4/15

Used Access Diagnostics before
RL 1/4/15

March 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Great price
SG 31/3/15

Came quickly, do the job, brilliant service, thanks
JW 31/3/15

Value for money
AM 31/1/15

Seemed to have what we required info was good on products
DK 31/3/15

Good price
AS 31/3/15

Very quick service
PC 31/3/15

Value for money
KS 31/3/15

MG 31/3/15

Very easy to use website
IM 30/3/15

Good site
IB 30/3/15

BK 30/3/15

Found site via a recommendation
MJ 29/3/15

AK 29/3/15

Good site, easy to understand and find. Found site via friend
MG 29/3/15

Cheapest price
CL 28/3/15

Thanks for this product. Quick delivery too. Ordered on a Thursday and it came today which is Saturday. First class service.
TL 28/3/15

TL 28/3/15

Liked price
AM 28/3/15

Thank you so much for your email. That news has made my day..!!
Many thanks, once again.
Kindest Regards
SR 27/3/15

Great product, easy and simple to use. Very quick delivery. Thank you.
JC 27/3/15

Good products
PS 27/3/15

Very fast service thanks
KB 27/3/15

Like price
AR 27/3/15

Used site before, had good experience
AL 27/3/15

Previous purchase. Past history
JS 27/3/15

Good price
GL 26/3/15

Always a prompt & speedy service
TF 25/3/15

Arrived on time. Item as described, good supplier. would purchase again from this supplier.
KR 25/3/15

Chose this site because hear the name mentioned on a website
LC 25/3/15

Good reviews
NL 24/3/15

Exellent service
BB 24/3/15

Best price
Dr D 24/3/15

Good price
MM 23/3/15

Wide choice, reasonable pricing
TM 23/3/15

Excellent Thank you
RT 23/3/15

Great service, prompt delivery. Many thanks.
CH 23/3/15

DT 23/3/15

Excellent service and item well worth money
MS 23/3/15

GO 23/3/15

Liked price
MC 23/3/15

As described a very prompt service thankyou
EM 23/3/15

Reviews on forums
WT 22/3/15

Cheapest price
JC 22/3/15

Seems the best site
IP 22/3/15

FC 22/3/15

Good price and delivery
BE 22/3/15

Chose this site because UK based had other items of interest
JD 22/3/15

Fantastic, great service... I can recommended in 100%
MW 21/3/`15

BC 21/3/15

It's professional
BM 21/3/15

Found site through a recommendation. Discreet & lots of products to browse
CL 21/3/15

Ordered from this site because you have what we need. Very nice man on the phone to help me
BS 20/3/15

Good prices
JC 20/3/15

Thank you for dealing with the problem so swiftly I received my goods this morning.
Thank you so much.
Sarah 19/3/15

AP 19/3/15

Reliable. Trustful
AS 19/3/15

LM 19/3/15

Everything I needed in one place
PGL 19/3/15

Helpful staff on phone. Thanks to Kate for taking my initial call, very helpful and offered a discount code too
BS 19/3/15

Just a quick email to let you know how impressed I was with the advice and the service provided by your colleague Kathy who guided me through the various options available from the company with ease and confidence. Consequently I will re order from yourselves in the future and pass your details onto other establishments such as mine.
Yours sincerely
IH 19/3/15

Good price
SR 18/3/15

Competitive prices and more selection
RR 18/3/15

Returning customer
LL 18/3/15

PM 18/3/15

Trusted site.
NN 18/3/15

Quality products, value for money with discreet delivery. Delivery asap thank you! Need long dated products please!!
LS 17/3/15

Very good site-advised from a friend
GB 17/3/15

Value for money
EW 17/3/15

Good range of products
KT 17/3/15

Good value. Good choice
KB 17/3/15

Good price & quality, quick delivery
TB 17/3/15

Would recommend to a friend. Good customer service & nice to have a UK contact number
KM 16/3/15

Good site
IW 16/3/15

Great for the price. Thanks.
JB 16/3/15

Very good site
HR 16/3/15

Looked good
DC 15/3/15

Good, clear website. Had what i needed
DR 15/3/15

Used site before .
Fast delivery and good product
SH 15/3/15

Recommended by friend for speed of delivery. Very good site
JS 15/3/15

Great service excellent value no problems
SM 14/3/15

Great service as usual!
AD 14/3/15

Fast and efficient service
MP 14/3/15

It took me to exactly what i required. Helpful info on site help me decide what i needed
DB 14/3/15

Found site via a recommendation
RE 14/3/15

Found site via a recommendation. Happy with Website/Delivery/Price
CC 13/3/15

Good service quick delivery
TM 13/3/15

Excellent. Very quick, well packed. Thank-you very much
IM 12/3/15

Good quality
SA 12/3/15

Good price availability
EW 12/3/15

Reasonably priced
AT 12/3/15

Good reviews
JF 12/3/15

Used Access Diagnostics before
TM 12/3/15

Used site before. Good Price
MF 12/3/15

Found site through a recommendation
PD 11/3/15

Good price & range of products
MI 11/3/15

Thank you so much
JB 11/3/15

Good site. Recommend by friend
SH 11/3/15

CL 11/3/15

Good variety
NT 11/3/15

Existing customer. Excellent service with fast delivery
AP 10/3/15

ST 10/3/15

A very good product well packed and a very quick delivery
WW 10/3/15

Found site via a recommendation
MP 9/3/15

Easy to navigate and well-functioning website
Dr K 9/3/15

As before - arrived promptly and safely
NE 9/3/15

Good price
KI 9/3/15

Have used site before. The products are cheaper
LC 9/3/15

Used before. Best site
SB 9/3/15

Found site while searching for better deal.
Liked price
TP 8/3/15

Great product and super fast delivery A1+++++
DP 8/3/15

Very easy and simple site to look around
CS 6/3/15

Very speedy, all safely packaged. . Very good service
Dr H 6/3/15

WJ 6/3/15

Liked price
SC 6/3/15

Used before Good service
LL 6/3/15

Good product with quick delivery --- Thanks
GW 6/3/15

Excellent item, exactly how it was described, fast delivery, i would highly recommend.
HS 6/3/15

Found site through a fertility forum. Quick delivery reccomendation
BJ 6/3/15

Good service
NL 5/3/15

Looked very professional
JB 3/3/15

The product was cheaper than elsewhere.
NA 3/3/15

Thank you ever so much!
Have a nice day.
Kind Regards
JM 3/3/15

Wanted to try more than one manufacturer
KS 3/3/15

Thank you for your quick response, much appreciated.
KL 2/3/15

Looks good site
GR 2/3/15

Use you before, pleased with service. Good site and price.
NF 2/3/15

AC 2/3/15

Good product selection
SS 2/3/15

Good price
MM 2/3/15

Like price
KM 2/3/15

Ease of use
KB 1/3/15

Cheap prices
CC 1/3/15

Could not find the product anywhere else
LB 1/3/15

February 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Bought from you before. Quick delivery, good quality and reliable items
ZL 28/2/15

Very efficient service.
SR 27/2/15

Liked price
AB 27/2/15

Very happy.
AM 27/2/15

Cheapest price
CS 27/2/15

Recommended by friend (Nurse)
RF 27/2/15

Used you before- very good
AD 27/2/15

Came up the cheapest
EK 27/2/15

Many many thanks - have a great day.
LT 26/2/15

Does two things - count and mobility
AS 26/2/15

You stock MDF stethoscopes

Good value
DP 25/2/15

Like Price
MP 25/2/15

Arrived quickly and in good condition
ES 25/2/15

Good site
JB 25/2/15

Bulk order and cheap
SB 25/2/15

Googled what I wanted and this site was cheapest
BF 25/2/15

Good value
GB 25/2/15

Good prices
JW 24/2/15

Cheapest price
JB 24/2/15

Best site. Quick and reliable.
CB 24/2/15

Everything I needed in one place
RW 24/2/15

Chose this site because private
SS 24/2/15

Again received very quickly and I am pleased with the product.
SD 24/2/15

Great service, thanks
LT 23/2/15

NM 23/2/15

RM 23/2/15

Good price
ES 23/2/15

KG 22/2/15

Recommended site
JS 21/2/15

LIke prices
AB 21/2/15

Most private
KW 20/2/15

Arrived super quick, great price. Thanks!
AJ 19/2/15

Found site via a friend recommendation. Easy to use site!
LP 19/2/15

Competitive prices, free delivery
FM 19/2/15

Best value
CR 19/2/15

Found site via a colleague. Like price and quality
Dr B 19/2/15

Like price and 1st class delivery option/price.
GO 19/2/15

Excellent service
LH 18/2/15

Best price
GW 18/2/15

Product looks to fit my needs
RM 18/2/15

Good price
CS 18/2/15

Good price
HS 17/2/15

Best deal
KM 17/2/15

Can't find anyone else who sells this product
TK 17/2/15

Like Price
AE 17/2/15

ML 17/2/15

Great offer
JR 17/2/15

Used tis site before. Saved link
NS 16/2/15

Used before. Value for £
MH 16/2/15

Appears to be good value
SP 16/2/15

Good value for money. Great site with easy understanding
LP 16/2/15

Good price
AM 16/2/15

Liked Price
VF 16/2/15

Friend recommended site
KJ 16/2/15

Used before, good pricing
LS 16/2/15

Reasonable price
JK 15/2/15

You had the product I was looking for in the uk. The value for the products are affordable for every budget
AD 15/2/15

Chose this site because of price
ST 14/2/15

Received quicker than expected would order from here again. Competitive price
VW 14/2/15

Used before. Cheap, reliable and easy to use
AC 14/2/15

Found site via a friend
CT 14/2/15

Good value for money
PD 13/2/15

Another excellent product, well packaged and arrived quickly. Many thanks
PB 13/2/15

Found site via Conceive plus website
MY 13/2/15

Sensible price
13/2/15 Dr A

JH 13/2/15

Prompt service, exactly what we required with a extensive use by date.
DR 12/2/15

Lovely product & its cheaper.
CG 11/2/15

Good service
JN 11/2/15

Best price when buying 10 boxes at a time. We appreciate the good pricing, and swift service
EK 11/2/15

Cheap prices
LT 11/2/15

Value for money
CG 11/2/15

Chose this site because of recommendation and past experience
HS 10/2/15

Value for money
LU 10/2/15

AB 10/2/15

Looked the most professional
DC 10/2/15

Information was good
NJ 10/2/15

Cheapest price
HM 10/2/15

Vaule for money
SC 10/2/15

Fast delivery and good value, thank you.
EM 9/2/15

Cheapest preseed
KB 9/2/15

Purchased from you in the past. Like price & reliability of service
TC 8/2/15

Used site before. Happy with previous purchases and expiry dates and good price
AS 8/2/15

Cheapest prices
VD 8/2/15

DK 8/2/15

Found site via a recommedation
PD 8/2/15

Exellent service
NS 8/2/15

Recommended by reflexoligist
JP 7/2/15

Used site before.
Good products, good service.
PM 6/2/15

Like price
EC 6/2/15

Had what we wanted at very good price
LC 5/2/15

Excellent service, well done
AR 5/2/15

Chose this site because price and description on item was clear
WN 5/2/15

Cheap prices
GH 5/2/15

Very fast service
JG 5/2/15

Like UK based company and price
DP 5/2/15

Found site from a link from other site
CM 5/2/15

Value for money
LF 4/2/15

Good Price
SW 4/2/15

Cheaper and had pink!
KD 4/2/15

Good value
CC 4/2/15

Best price
NG 3/2/15

RA 3/2/15

Good quality
SC 3/2/15

Quick delivery
JB 3/2/15

Very cheap prices
AH 2/2/15

Dr TM 2/2/15

Returning customer. Very good site.
VB 2/2/15

I used your products before. Great, cheap quick
AB 2/2/15

Had previously used the site and was very happy with the service in the past
SG 2/2/15

Cheap prices
AM 1/2/15

January 2015 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Value for money
Dr M 31/1/15

Good value
LC 31/1/15

Value for money. Like the way the site is set out
JB 31/1/15

Good choice of items
JL 30/1/15

Found site through a friend
KT 30/1/15

Was recommended through TTC support pages. It's cheap and easy
ES 30/1/15

Value for money
QB 30/1/15

Items as described, service and delivery 1st class as we have come to expect - overall excellent.
SC 30/1/15

Cheap prices
JV 30/1/15

Looks reliable
MP 30/1/15

Heard about site through a trying to concieve forum
GA 29/1/15

Previous customer. Like the cheap pregnancy tests.
HR 29/1/15

Good site
DH 29/1/15

Super fast delivery and great value for money. thank you.
DP 29/1/15

Ordered from this ditebecause of previous use of items
RC 29/1/15

Excellent service
WM 29/1/15

Simple to use
CR 29/1/15

I wanted a multi-pack which you had (10 pack)
MR 29/1/15

Simple to use
CR 29/1/15

Cheapest Pre-seed
RP 28/1/15

Very prompt indeed thank you
RT 28/1/15

FO 28/1/15

Previous customer
HR 28/1/15

RP 28/1/15

Found site via Netmums
LW 28/1/15

Best value
LD 28/1/15

Best price
AN 28/1/15

Good price
CC 28/1/15

Easy to use product,just what I needed
KN 28/1/15

Good site. Looked professional
CR 27/1/15

Highly recommend. Fond site via friend
EW 27/1/15

Competitive price
JM 27/1/15

Delivery and price
KO 27/1/15

Good value and good postage rates
LM 26/1/15

The best website
FJ 26/1/15

DB 26/1/15

ST 25/1/15

Great service and product!!!
GM 25/1/15

Amazing reviews
SW 25/1/15

Good price
AP 25/1/15

Good reviews
PF 24/1/15

Good price. Love the website colours
SJ 23/1/15

Price plus good info on product
RM 23/1/15

Reliable and cheaper
MM 22/1/15

Best price
KK 22/1/15

Recommended by a friend. Reasonable prices.
RN 21/1/15

LH 21/1/15

PH 21/1/15

Close to where I live
SB 21/1/15

Good Price
RP 20/1/15

Value for money
EW 20/1/15

Cheapest and looks like quick delivery without having to pay a lot extra for it
LE 20/1/15

Friend recommended site
JM 20/1/15

Found site through a friend
JG 20/1/15

Cheapest and quickest delivery
JJ 19/1/15

Found site through a friend
DB 19/1/15

Thank you for your quick response.
Thank you & kind regards,
CS 19/1/15

Liked price
SF 18/1/15

Earliest detection tests seen oline at a good price
MB 18/1/15

Recommendation. Cheaper than other sites
CM 17/1/15

KS 16/1/15

Met the criteria I wanted
PS 16/1/15

Good price
KL 15/1/15

It was cheapest
AP 15/1/15

Best deal
SB 15/1/15

Thanks very much for your excellent customer service, not much of it about these days! I will certainly use your company again, thanks.
JS 15/1/15

Chose this site because of price & good reviews
SM 14/1/15

Recommendation. Cheap and good service
JM 14/1/15

Heard about this site on a TTC chat forum
LR 14/1/15

Found site through a friend recommendation
JP 13/1/15

Found site via Pink Pad
Cheapest prices
RP 13/1/15

I wanted to thank you again for your excellent customer service. The replacement arrived this morning. I am very grateful for your help.
Kind regards
CM 13/1/15

Dear all,
We just received the test strips.
Thank you for your great support.
Best regards,
AR 13/1/15

Good prices
JB 12/1/15

Chose this site because other options available compared to high street retailers. You offer a service dedicated to fertility, so makes me think you know what you are talking about.
MD 10/1/15

BU 9/1/15

Best prices and delivery
CF 9/1/15

It arrived today- thank you very much for the fantastic speed and efficiency of sorting this out!
CS 9/1/15

ST 9/1/15

It provides items I can not buy in shop. Looking forward to use the early pregnancy strips
SO 8/1/15

AS 8/1/15

Easy and cheap
IS 8/1/15

Good price. Good easy site to use
AL 8/1/15

Chose this site because cheaper
GM 8/1/15

Really good site. It was the easiest and first on google search
SR 8/1/15

Best prices and delivery
CF 8/1/15

Low prices and fast delivery
SF 7/1/15

Thank you very much for sorting this out.
Paul 7/1/15

Used previously. Good Price
AH 7/1/15

Many thanks order reveived today
MM 6/1/15

Found site via a recommendation. Cheap prices
AD 6/1/15

Good reviews
CS 6/1/15

Useful description of products
EC 5/1/15

Best value for money
JB 5/1/15

Good value
CF 5/5/15

Used previously when trying to get pregnant with my son
JW 5/1/15

Used site before. Previous customer
LH 4/1/15

Cheap test, discreet packaging
AT 4/1/15

Accessible page. I like the page layout.
LC 3/1/15

Cheapest for preseed
SG 3/1/15

CN 3/1/15

Cheapest site
DF 3/1/15

Used before
DB 2/1/15

Liked Price
LK 2/1/15

Good site. Cheap prices
CS 2/1/15

CQ 2/1/15

Many Thanks
IH 2/1/15

Good clear information
AQ 1/1/15

Clear information
SJ 1/1/15

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