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Access Diagnostics Discount Coupon Autumn 2018

Here is our latest 5% online discount coupon

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Preseed- how to use it effectively to get pregnant?

pre-seed lube 40g

Quick tips for using Pre-Seed lubricant

What is Pre-seed?

Pre-Seed lubricant was developed by a sperm physiologist to provide a safe and friendly environment for sperm that would not damage or hinder them in their progress to reach the egg and fertilise it. At the time it was developed there was no safe alternative to use when you were trying to conceive.

When to use Pre-Seed

  • You only need to use it on the approach to and during the fertile time of the month. The rest of the month use your normal water-based lubricant as long as it is not spermicidal, which will probably work out cheaper for you. If you prefer to you can use Preseed all month.
  • If you are using the lubricant via the vaginal applicator many women have found it is best to apply it about 15 minutes prior to intercourse.

How to use Pre-Seed

  • You can either use it just as an external lubricant at the time of foreplay and intercourse or you can apply it via the vaginal applicators prior to intercourse, or you may use a combination of both. It really depends how much natural lubrication there is. If you have good natural lubrication once you are aroused you may find that you do not need to use the applicators at all.
  • You can apply preseed lubricant to yourself or your partner during foreplay in the same way as you would with a normal lubricant.

How to fill the Preseed vaginal applicators

  • Before you start, take the time to read the instructions at your leisure and familiarise yourself with the applicators and the tube.
  • Make sure the applicator plunger is fully in before you start
  • Take the lid off the tube of Pre-Seed (make sure to put it somewhere safe as you must replace it after use or the lubricant will dry out)
  • Twist the vaginal applicator onto the threads of the Pre-Seed tube and then squeeze the lubricant into the applicator
  • It is best to squeeze from the bottom so that you don’t waste any of the lubricant
  • How much you choose to use is up to you. The first time we suggest that you fill it up to the 3g fill line and then you will know if this is right or too much, or too little.
  • Unscrew the tube from the applicator. Hold the applicator upright while doing this to avoid the lubricant leaking out.
  • Put the cap back on the tube
  • Now gently insert the vaginal applicator into the vagina until it is  about halfway in
  • Then slowly push the plunger to release the lubricant. Do not rush this.
  • Throw the applicator away after use. It is very important not to re-use the vaginal applicators as this could cause infection.

How to apply Preseed without an applicator

If you do not have any applicators left but you still have some Pre-Seed left in the tube then use it as an external lubricant and apply it to your partner or yourself using your fingers.

How much Pre-Seed to put in the applicator

  • It is really a matter of trial and error and finding what works best for you
  • The ideal scenario is for it to provide lubrication without providing so much lubrication that the man is understimulated and has difficulty getting to orgasm.
  • Many women find that between the 2-3g fill line is best


What to do after intercourse

  • If you can stay in bed and go to sleep. resist the urge to get up and do the housework. Give those little swimmers the best chance possible to swim up and fertilise the egg.

Good luck everyone and have fun with your babymaking.

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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant back in stock at Access Diagnostics

Conceive Plus was our best selling fertility friendly lubricant for May 2018

We have restocked on Conceive plus fertility lubricant.
Sasmar Conceive Plus is available now in both a 30g and 75g multi-use tube containing Conceive Plus clinically tested sperm friendly fertility lubricant and also in a pre-filled vaginal applicator pack.
Use discount coupon SUM this month and next to save 5% when you order Conceive Plus and 2nd class UK delivery is currently FREE
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Wholesale ovulation & pregnancy tests & home fertility products

Pharmacy & trade enquiries

We have great wholesale prices on ovulation tests, ultra early pregnancy tests, fertility tests, fertility test kits & fertility products that are currently enjoying rapid growth in the UK market.
All of our products are CE marked and are packaged for over the counter sales.
Please contact our trade sales team for further information on 01263 731 168 during office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am -4.30pm or send an e-mail with your contact details to
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Pre-Seed is our best selling Fertility Lubricant so far this year

Pre-Seed is our best selling Fertility Lubricant so far this year, both on this site and through our Amazon and eBay shops

We introduced Pre-Seed to the UK market many years ago and it has consistently been our best selling and most popular fertility friendly lubricant for well over 10 years. During that time other fertility lubricants have come and gone, but Pre-Seed has stood the test of time. Our customers have been very happy with it and it has helped lots of couples to conceive.

Is your personal lubricant safe to use while you are TTC?

Do you know that many popular personal lubricants can impair you when you are trying to conceive? If you are using a personal lubricant during your lovemaking, make sure it is one that has been designed specifically for couples trying to conceive.

We currently have the cheapest Pre-Seed in UK £14.75 with FREE UK Delivery

Pre-seed lubricant prices went up to all UK suppliers recently. At £14.75 we still offer the cheapest Pre-Seed prices in the UK on the Pre-See multi-use 40g tube. Use our discount coupon codes to save even more on Pre-Seed or buy in bulk to get the best offers. We have recently added some new Pre-Seed lubricant bundles with some of our best selling ultra early pregnancy tests strips and ovulation tests which you can buy online.

Pre-Seed has recently been purchased by First Response and there has been a slight disruption to the supply of UK stock producing shortages which now seem to have been resolved. If this is something you use regularly then it may be worth purchasing it well in advance.

You can buy Pre-seed from this site in the UK for just £14.75

Pre-Seed lubricant special offers & deals

We have lots of special offers and deals on Pre-Seed fertility lubricant 40g this month.

Use discount coupon pressed to save 5% on your pre-seed lubricant when you order through this website. Only one discount coupon can be applied per order.

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Access Diagnostics Discount Coupon Code Summer 2018

Just a quick blog post to let you know that we have a new 5% discount coupon SUM

Due to its popularity, we have decided to continue our current FREE UK delivery offer for May & June. 2nd Class Royal Mail UK delivery is currently free on all orders through this website.

Our new 5% discount coupon code will expire at the end of July 2018, so now is a great time to stock up on ovulation tests strips, pregnancy test strips, fertility lubricants including Pre-Seed and Conceive Plus and home fertility test kits for men and women.

  • Coupon code is SUM
  • Discount Coupon can be used as many times as you like before expiry date
  • Please share the coupon with family and friends
  • Coupon expires end of July 2018
  • No minimum spend on this coupon

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Pregnancy test strips accuracy

How accurate are cheap pregnancy test strips?

Because the cost of pregnancy tests strips is so low compared with branded mid-stream and digital pregnancy tests such as Clearblue and First Response people assume that they must be less accurate. Contrary to popular belief this is in fact not the case. Many cheap pregnancy test strips are just as accurate, as their more expensive branded counterparts and in some cases may detect pregnancy earlier than a branded over the counter midstream pregnancy test that you buy in a supermarket or chemist.

So why are pregnancy test strips so much cheaper

  • less packaging
  • less advertising costs
  • simpler test format-ie simple dip and read pregnancy test as opposed to a midstream or digital test

Are there any disadvantages to using cheap pregnancy test strips?

  • you have to collect a urine sample in a container in order to perform the test
  • you will need to interpret the result yourself
  • if you get a faint line you will need to retest

Advantages of using pregnancy test strips

  • They are so much cheaper to buy
  • You can buy them in bulk packs
  • Because they are so much cheaper you can test frequently
  • The cost per test is much, much lower
  • Compact, portable and discreet-will fit easily in your handbag or luggage
  • They are available as early detection 10miu pregnancy tests

Click here to buy high accuracy cheap early detection 10miu pregnancy tests strips in the UK


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Pre-seed reviews

Pre-seed lubricant gets the most wonderful reviews online.

We have been selling Preseed now for over 10 years and during that time we have received lots of wonderful testimonials telling us how it has helped couples to conceive, many of whom who had been trying for a long time without success.

Here are some of the reviews of Pre Seed from Amazon UK

After trying for so long this worked for me, I followed the instructions. I have got pregnant first time using this product. It’s expensive but worth it.

Tried for 5 months to conceive. After using preseed for the second time we conceived. Now 12 weeks pregnant

Maybe it is just coincidence but every time I used it I fell pregnant…

If you have been TTC for some time without success it has to be worth a try in our opinion and we have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Our latest version of our website launched last month, now allows you to leave product reviews If you have used Pre-Seed in the past to help you conceive and you are now trying again for another baby then leave us a product review, and we will send you a free box of Pre-Seed.

You can buy PreSeed online or leave a product review here


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Pre Seed lubricant is now also available in Boots

Quick update on PreSeed

You may have noticed that PreSeed is now available in two different packs.

Pre-seed lubricant is now owned by the company that makes First Response pregnancy tests and is being rebranded to reflect this.

The Preseed packs are gradually being rebranded from Babystart to First Response. The product inside the two packs is identical.

Where to buy Pre Seed lubricant in the UK

Under its new ownership, Preseed is becoming more widely available and is now also available to buy on Boots online store. It may also be available to buy in some Boots stores in the UK.

If you are ordering Pre-seed lubricant online through this site use coupon code preseed to save 5%. Our 2nd class UK delivery is currently free.

Order Preseed lubricant online in UK 


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Fertility tracking apps

Fertility tracking apps are big news at the moment

The tech revolution has now reached the area of female fertility as companies are realizing the potential growth for this area and tech companies are investing money in them. There are lots of them out there so you should be able to find one that you like.

They not only help you keep track of your periods but also help you predict your most fertile time.

Here are a few suggestions of the best fertility apps to help you keep track of your periods and help you to conceive

Groove period and fertility tracker: A great little app that lets you record periods, cervical mucus, temperature, cervical position, when you last had sex. It looks at the patterns to help you predict your most fertile time.

Clue is one of the best fertility tracking apps currently as it can be loaded onto most smartphones and is easy to use. It has been around for about 5 years now

My cycles period and ovulation tracker: A lovely easy to use fertility app to help you conceive, that also has fertility tips

The latest Fitbit watch Versa also has a period tracking app and it is likely that Fitbit will develop this further in the future.

Flo is a period tracking app that can also be used as an ovulation calendar and help you to predict your fertile time.

Some of the fertility apps such as Natural Cycles now incorporate temperature monitoring with a digital thermometer and this would seem an obvious thing for future Fitbits to have.

Measuring basal temperature every day using a digital thermometer, can increase the accuracy of the prediction of the fertile time.

If you have a favourite fertility app let us know in comments what you like about it and why it is your favourite.