FertilSafe PLUS 75ml fertility lubricant by Babystart

  • £12.08

FertilSafe Plus 75ml fertility friendly lubricant

  • Fertilsafe fertility lubricant for when you are trying to conceive
  • Mimics natural fertile cervical mucus
  • Water based natural feeling fertility lubricant designed to enhance love making and comfort during intercourse.
  • As used in the NHS
  • Fertilsafe has been clinically tested by a leading UK andrology clinic.
  • Fertilsafe Plus fertility lubricant is an ideal choice for all couples trying to conceive.
  • Fertilsafe is pH balanced to support sperm safety and motility
  • Fertilsafe plus is parabens and glycol free.
  • FertilSafe PLUS™ is a sperm friendly personal lubricant which is designed for use during conception
  • Babystart Fertilsafe 75ml tube allows multiple applications and offers great value.

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