FertilityScore male fertility test kit fertility test for men to measure sperm count

FertilityScore 2 Male Fertility Test kit pack

  • £19.95

FertilityScore male home fertility test kit

  • Europes most advanced home sperm test kit and is the first home fertility test for men

  • Checks both the sperm count & motility on the whole sperm sample with proven accuracy and reliability.

  • Simple DIY sperm count tests that can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

  • Contains everything required to test 2 sperm samples over a 7-10 day period.
  • Results are available in minutes
  • As seen on the BBC “One Show” & recommended in the Mirror newspaper and in the Times newspaper.

What does the Fertilityscore male fertility test measure?

  • The Fertility Score home sperm test is an easy to use, screening test to measure the concentration of motile sperm in a semen sample.
  • The Fertiltyscore test kit tells you whether the sperm concentration in the test sample is below 20 million/mL motile sperm (negative test) or above 20 million/mL motile sperm (positive test).

How accurate is the FertilityScore fertility test for men?

  • Clinical studies using FertilityScore ™ have indicated a 93% positive predictive power for semen samples containing 20 million or more motile sperm per ml.
  • A 90% negative predictive power was found for samples containing 10 million motile sperm or less per ml.
  • Thus FertilityScore ™ is a highly effective screening test for male fertility potential.

How is Fertiltyscore different to to other male fertility self test kits

*You may have 60 million/ml sperm, but if the motility is 0% then the FertilityScore results will read negative. A key element to male fertility is the number of motile (live) sperm. FertilityScore's ability to differentiate motile from non-motile sperm is a unique feature of these kits.

  • It only measures motile sperm. 
  • It is also unique in that is uses the whole sample to determine male fertility.
  • Other tests use only a small portion of the ejaculate which can lead to       inaccurate results due to clumping and cellular debris in the sample.

Why buy your FertilityScore from Access Diagnostics:

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  • Available in a variety of bundles with female FSH test kits and Preseed lubricant, see drop-down menu options.
  • Test kit has been stored correctly for reliable results
  • Long shelf life so no rush to use the test
  • No quibble 28 days returns policy

Wholesale Fertilityscore male fertility test

  • We are the UK appointed distributor for Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit
  • FertilityScore is also available in bulk packs for NHS clinics, fertility centers, hospitals, GP’s, private healthcare providers, fertility sites and resellers
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