SP10 Male Fertility Rapid Test Kit 1 test pack

  • £9.95

The latest generation Male fertility test. ALLTEST SP-10 Male fertility rapid home test kit offers the highest overall accuracy of any home test.

  • Acrosomal protein SP-10 chromatographic immunoassay sperm test kit
  • Highly specific to viable human sperm
  • A complete test to check sperm count is above 15 million / ml
  • A positive result is shown if the sperm count is above 15 million / ml
  • A negative result indicates the sperm count is below 15 million / ml
  • Pack contains one complete home male fertility test kit
  • 98.20% overall accuracy
  • 98.30% relative specificity
  • 98.10% ralative sensitivity
  • supplied with full instructions and Q&A information
  • CE quality certified.
  • Contents per pack: 1 test device, 1 semen transfer device, 1 specimen cup, 2 solutions, instructions.
  • If your home sperm count test gives a negative result you should seek medical advice

What is SP-10 Acrosomal Protein?

This male fertility kit tests a fresh semen sample by quantitatively detection Acrosomal protein SP-10 found on the surface membranes of human sperm. It is the first rapid chromatographic immunoassy to utilise this protein as an accuarte indicator of viable sperm concentrations.

Sperm concentrations are one of the primary factors used by Doctors to diagnose male infertility. Abnormally low production of viable sperm cells accounts for close to 40% of total infertility which in turn affects 15% of couples at any one time while trying to conceive.

SP-10 is a protein specific to male germ cells and cannot be found in other cells, making it a very specific marker for measuring sperm. the test immunoassay is set to give a positive result when sperm concentrations exceed 15 million sperm per ml of ejaculate.

Why 15 million per ml?

15 million / ml sperm concentration is the level currently agreed by the World Health Organisation as the minimum level or concentration of sperm required for normal fertility in a man.

Sperm counts are dropping globally for a variety of factors. Male fertility is a rising contributor to overall infertility, especially in Europe. Most clinics will not investigate sub-fertility or infertility concerns before couples have tried to conceive for at least 12 months.

The semen sample should be collected between 3 and 7 days from the last ejaculation. The sample must be left for 60 minutes to liquefy before commencing the test, so the entire test procedure takes around one and a half hours to complete. the test is intended to be used as a preliminary test and abnormal results should be discussed with your Doctor. The test cannot be used as a screen for infertility post vasectomy, as the 15M/ml cut off level is too high.

Pack contents

  • Test Cassette
  • Collection cup
  • Workstation
  • Semen transfer device
  • Sample dilution buffer
  • Package insert/instruction

Additional equipment required

  • Timer


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