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ALLTEST Foil wrapped ULTRA Sensitive 25mIU Ovulation Test Strips

  • £2.99

ALLTEST ultra sensitive high accuracy 25miu ovulation test strips

  • Sensitive 25miu LH test strips suitable for most women from Alltest.
  • Each test strip is individually foil wrapped
  • Over 99% accuracy making this a cheap yet accurate home ovulation test strip.
  • Full, easy to follow instructions and indicative start dates.
  • Long expiry dates.

What are ovulation tests and how do they work

  • Ovulation test strips are urine dip tests that you use at home to detect a surge in a hormone which triggers ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary and the start of the fertile period during which conception can occur. 
  • Ovulation tests work by detecting the hormone luteinising hormone, often abbreviated to LH. Sometimes they are called OPKs, ovulation predictor kits, or simply ovulation tests.

How to use the ovulation test strips

  • ALLTEST ovulation test kit strips come foil wrapped, each foil contains a test strips and a pouch of moisture absorbing desiccant to keep the strip dry until used.
  • You pee in a cup and then carefully dip the test strip into your urine. The best time of day to do an ovulation test is early evening
  • The results can tell you if you might be ovulating soon. (usually over the 24 hours after the test first shows a positive result
  • Using ovulation strips can help you plan the timing of sex to maximise the chances of conception. When you get a positive result on the test, you should plan sex on the night of the first positive result and for the next two or three days.
  • ALLTEST packs come with guidance on when to start testing, based on the average duration of the previous menstrual cycles. After the strips start to give positive results, stop testing for that cycle. LH tests will normally remain positive for between 5 and 8 days as part of the normal LH cycle.

How sensitive are the ALLTEST ovulation tests

  • ALLTEST ovulation test strips have a sensitivity of 25miu/mL LH for positive LH results.
  • This level has been carefully selected to work for the majority of women in Western Europe, and should give ample advanced warning of ovulation with once a day testing.

Why do you recommend testing for ovulation in the early evening?

  • The LH cycle does not work to GMT, light on the back of the retina is elemental in the cycle, so testing too early in the morning, especially in winter, may miss the LH surge about to start that day.
  • We recommend 6-7 pm as an ideal time as it fits with most peoples working life, while allowing you to plan your evening!

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