25 Ultra 10miu pregnancy test & 25 Ovulation test strip ALLTEST vial bundle

  • £9.90

Our best selling professional ultra early 10miu pregnancy test strips and professional ovulation prediction test strips bundle

  • 50 tests in total (25 of each) 
  • Quick and easy to use pregnancy and ovulation test dipsticks
  • Great value
  • Handy cannisters easily carried in a handbag
  • Highly accurate tests
  • 99.9% accurate batch tested
  • Certified to ISO9001, TUV, FDA and CE international quality standards
  • Environmentally friendly as less packaging 

Contents per pack

  • 1 vial of 25 ultra sensitive 10miu pregnancy test strips
  • 1 vial of 25 ultra sensitive 25miu LH ovulation test strips

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