ALLTEST Ultra Sensitive 10miu Pregnancy test strips 25 test vial FHC-U111

  • £3.25

ALLTEST ultra 10mIU HCG sensitivity ultra-early detection pregnancy test strips

  • Can detect pregnancy earlier than a standard 25miu sensitivity pregnancy test
  • Instructions in English.
  • 99.9% accurate dipstick early pregnancy tests.
  • CE marked & FDA certified quality pregnancy tests.
  • 1 vial containing 25 ultra pregnancy test strips.
  • Long date.
  • Easy to use.
  • Environmentally less packaging.

The history of the ultra sensitive pregnancy test

When Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd introduced "ultra" pregnancy test to the UK, many years ago now, little did we know just how they were going to affect the home and professional pregnancy testing market, not just in the UK but worldwide. Setting the cut off at 10miu has proved the right choice, allowing the earliest possible indication of pregnancy, while not picking up to many false positives from background hCG and failing implantation's.

The ALLTEST pack of 25 ultra 10miu hCG test strips offer all the accuracy expected in an eco-friendly compact pack. Compact also means less air-freight costs so we can offer all that testing accuracy at a great low unit cost.

These packs are sold to NHS clinics and GP surgeries and contain the same quality test strips packed in the FHC-U101 packs. so you are getting exactly the same quality test results.

This pack is also bundled with the ALLTEST ovulation strips in our fertility bundle section, saving even more, and all with the option of FREE UK delivery. 

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