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Pre-Seed Lubricant 40g 9 applicator-Crushed Box SPECIAL OFFER

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Special Offer on Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant 

  • This is a special offer on Preseed lubricant where the outer box has been damaged but the contents are undamaged
  • Limited availability at this price
  • Preseed multi-use 40 gm 9 applicator packs. .
  • Preseed lubricant 40 gm tube packed with 9 applicators, means that you choose the amount of Pre-Seed you want to apply internally.
  • You can also apply Pre-Seed externally to either partner.
  • Cheapest Pre Seed lubricant in UK.
  • Pre-Seed fertility-friendly intimate lubricant is recommended by Tony Weschler in her international bestseller book 'Taking charge of your fertility'

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