Pre-Seed + 25 Ovulation test strips (vial)

£15.45 Inc VAT


Because getting pregnant is all about understanding the key time to have sex we have combined Pre-Seed 40gm 9 applicator fertility lubricant for use during your fertile times with 25 ovulation prediction test strips to help identify the key fertile periods in each cycle.

  • Save money by just using fertility lubricant during the fertile period
  • Ovulation prediction test strips identify the LH surge which triggers egg release from the ovaries. Timing sex around the LH surge increases conception chances.


  • 40g, 9 applicator Babystart Pre-seed pack
  • 25 Ovulation prediction test strips in a resealable cannister

Professional tip: as soon as you get a positive surge with the LH strips, stop testing. (it does not matter how long the surge remains detectable, its the start of the surge which is important, save the rest of the strips in case needed next cycle.)


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