BBT Thermometers

These two decimal place high accuracy digital thermometers are ideal for fertility basal body temperature monitoring (BBT) or general medical use. 

Chart your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to help predict when you ovulate each month. Knowing your most fertile time of the month increases your chances of conceiving. 

These digital thermometers are very accurate digital basal thermometers for measuring body temperature to 2 decimal places and are ideal for BBT

How does BBT work ?

When ovulation occurs a rise in body temperature takes place. By monitoring when this rise in temp occurs, you may determine when ovulation takes place in your cycle.

Access Diagnostics basal body temperature kits allow the monitoring of your basal temperature using high accuracy digital thermomters in either centigrade of fahrenheit, and are supplied with a bbt chart to help you record your temperatures and instructions for monitoring your basal temperature.

The digital thermometers are fast reading & supplied boxed with batteries & instructions included.

BBT Thermometers here

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