EU Sales

Information for EU buyers 

As the UK has now left the European single market and customs union, buyers in Europe need to aware that all fertility products exported by us to them as retail purchases, will be subject to a customs entry check in the European destination country. 

Access Diagnostic Tests UK will ensure that all the necessary customs documentations are made on export which will include the customs tariff or HTS code for the goods and the country of origin (manufacture)

If a destination country decides to apply either duty or country specific VAT to the order value our terms of service specify that the buyer is responsible for all these fees and taxes.

The trade deal that the UK has made with the EU includes general terms allowing tariff free trade with the EU, but territorial local legislation to apply import duty or sales tax is levied at a country wide level and not a pan-European level.

We are having to modify and update these terms, as the facts become clear, and apologise for the lack of clarity currently available.

Our intention is to maintain the supply of fertility products, pregnancy tests and ovulation tests to our European buyers with the minimum disruption possible.

EU sales information post Brexit page last updated 10/2/22