FAQ-Basal Body Temperature

Frequently asked questions about basal body temperature monitoring for fertility

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about basal body temperature monitoring and fertility

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What is my basal temperature?

It is you’re resting temperature. Changes in your basal body temperature (BBT) can help you predict your fertile time.

What time of day to I take my basal temperature?

First thing in the morning before rising out of bed is the best time to take the basal temperature before you even go to the toilet. Make sure you do not have a drink before you do it as this may alter the temperature in the mouth. Try to take the temperature at the same time each day.

Where is the best place to take my basal temperature?

We have found that the best & easiest place to take the temperature with a digital thermometer is in the mouth under the tongue. The thermometer needs to be kept very still under the tongue with a good contact between the tongue, bottom of the mouth and the thermometer. You need to be consistent in where you place the thermometer in your mouth.

My digital thermometer takes ages to come to temperature. Is it faulty?

Usually, it is not the thermometer that is at fault but the technique being used to take the temperature that is poor. The thermometer will only beep if the contact is maintained and the temperature is constant. This can sometimes take several minutes if the contact is poor or the temperature fluctuates. It is very important to keep the thermometer still in the mouth.

How does my BBT tell me when I am fertile?

The basal body temperature rises significantly after ovulation has occurred and this can be seen when you chart the temperatures. Before ovulation, the BBT is usually between 97.2 to 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit. After ovulation, this goes up by between 0.4 to 1.0 degree and usually stays elevated until menstruation.
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