digital clinical thermometers for BBT fertility thermometer

Digital Thermometers For Fertility BBT

  • £4.99

Digital fertility thermometers suitable for BBT basal body temperature recordings

  • 3 current options on our fertility BBT thermometer all with an accuracy to one-tenth of a degree.
  • 2 fahrenheit options ~ one-tenth of a degree and one-hundreth of a degree
  • 1 centigrade option ~ one tenth of a degree
  • All our fertility thermometers come with batteries fitted
  • All thermometers beep when the temperature is settled
  • All have last reading memory display function.
  • Thermometers will display Lo if the measurement is below the expected human normal. (it is critical to keep good and persistant contact with the membrane during readings.)
  • Blank BBT basal body temperature charts for fertility are widely available to download online or use an app or online service to record your readings.

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