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Frequently asked questions about using Pre-Seed 

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about Pre-seed lubricant: including:

  • Where to buy Pre-Seed
  • What is Pre-Seed?
  • Is Pre-Seed safe to use when trying to conceive?
  • How Pre-Seed lubricant works
  • How does Pre-Seed lubricant aid conception and help you get pregnant
  • Pre-Seed ingredients
  • Why to use Pre-Seed
  • How much Pre-seed lube to use
  • When to use Preseed
  • How to use Pre-Seed lubricant effectively
  • Pre-Seed packaging changes and First Response -pink or blue packaging?
  • Do you have a Pre-seed coupon

Where can I buy Pre-Seed? 

Pre-seed is widely available to buy online, and you can also buy Preseed lubricant in some pharmacies. If you are in the UK you can buy Pre-seed online here or by clicking on the Pre-seed image below. If you are ordering Pre-seed from us make sure to use our online discount coupon code preseed to save 5%.

PreSeed lubricant UK

What is Pre-Seed lubricant?

Pre-seed lubricant is a fertility-friendly intimate lubricate for couples trying to conceive. It has been formulated to mimic naturally occurring fertile cervical mucus. It is sperm friendly and will not harm or impede sperm and so is safe to use when you are TTC. 

What are the ingredients in Pre-Seed?

Pre-Seed lubricant Ingredients:
  • Purified water
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Pluronic
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Carbomer
  • Methylparaben
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Potassium Phosphate
  • Propylparaben

Is PreSeed lube safe to use when TTC?

Preseed was the first ever fertility lubricant which was allowed by the FDA to claim that is is ‘safe for use when trying to conceive ‘ following the FDA reviewing the Preseed safety studies. Preseed lube does not harm sperm or embryos and is safe to use when you are tryng to get pregnant.

How do you use Pre-Seed lubricant?

  • Pre-seed can either be applied externally to either partner as a sexual lubricant
  • Or Pre-Seed can be used intra-vaginally using the applicators that are supplied if dryness is a problem.

How does Pre-seed lubricant work

Preseed lubricant can help you to conceive by relieving vaginal dryness safely and without harming sperm. Most popular sex lubricants including saliva are not sperm friendly and may reduce your chances of conceiving.

Pre-seed was developed by an American sperm physiologist Dr Joanna Ellington, and has undergone clinical studies, that show that it is safe to use while trying to conceive.

How does Preseed lube help you get pregnant?

The pH, osmolality and consistency of Preseed lubricant has been made to mimic fertile cervical mucus. This helps the sperm to move freely through the vagina and cervix.

There are published studies that show Pre-Seed is beneficial when trying to conceive.

Where can I buy Pre-Seed lubricant in the UK?

Preseed lubricant is available online in the UK from fertility sites such as this one, medical supply stores such as Valuemed, from large online retailers such as It is also available to buy from Amazon and eBay.

It may also be available to buy in some larger boots stores and pharmacies in the UK. Preseed is now owned by First Response and so is widely available in the UK and Europe. In the USA it is available to buy over the counter in many stores. You can buy Pre-Seed lubricant online in the UK from lots of stores including Access Diagnostics.

Can you re-use the Pre-Seed vaginal applicators?

The Pre-seed applicators are single use and should be discarded after use. Do not reuse the applicator. If you require additional lubrication use another applicator or apply the PreSeed by hand.

How do you apply Pre-Seed lubricant without an applicator?

  • The Pre-Seed 40g tube comes with 9 single-use applicators.
  • The Pre-seed applicators should not be reused.
  • If you have some Pre-Seed lubricant left in the tube after you have used all the applicators, it can be applied as an external lubricant using your fingers to either partner.

Can you use too much Pre-Seed lube?

Pre-seed lubricant will not interfere with sperm or conception however you should just use enough that it provides good lubrication without overdoing it.

How much is Pre-Seed to buy?

Pre-seed price in the UK varies from £15.99 right up to £25.49 currently on some websites. You can buy Pre-Seed online from us in the UK for £15.99 through this website, which is currently the cheapest Pre-Seed price in the UK. We do sometimes have special offers if the Pre-seed box or outer packaging has been damaged and we sell these packs for around £13.99.

Because we buy in Pre-seed lubricant bulk and we sell huge volumes of Pre-seed, we have managed to keep our Pre-seed price low, and 2nd class Royal Mail UK delivery is currently free when you spend over £50. So if you spend over £50 by buying Pre-seed from us with additional fertility products, or you buy 3 packs of Pressed you will get free UK delivery. 

Is there a shortage of Pre-Seed in UK?

There has been a disruption in the supply of Preseed fertility friendly lubricant to the UK fertility market, which has resulted in shortages and price increases on some websites, however this is now resolved and the supply of Pre-Seed lubricant to the UK has been restored.

How long does Pre-seed last inside you?

This will vary from person to person depending on how active you are and whether you have a bath, swim etc .

For it to be most effective it is best to not apply the Pre-Seed more than 15 minutes before intercourse and to stay in laid down in bed afterward to give the sperm the best chance possible.

Pre-seed lube dark blue or pink packaging?

PreSeed pink packaging

Pre-Seed fertility friendly lubricant was acquired by First Response  in the UK and the packaging has changed from pink as shown above to dark blue. When we first stocked Pre-Seed over 15 years ago the packages where initially pale blue, then went to pink and are now dark blue.

The blue First Response Pre-Seed packaging has now replaced the pale pink Babystart packaging (shown above) in the UK, so any that is still in the pale pink package was manufactured prior to First Response taking over the packaging. The product inside the packaging is the same Pre-Seed you have come to know and trust, but it may now be out of date, so check the expiry date on any Pre-Seed you have in the old packaging before using it.

    Do you wholesale Pre-Seed fertility lubricant

    Yes you can buy First Response Pre-Seed lubricant online from us in wholesale and bulk shippers of 90 packs. UK Courier delivery is free.

    Will Pre-Seed work if I'm menopausal and not had a period for over a year?

    I'm a 50 year old female who still ovulating but has not had a menstrual in over a year. Would Preseed lubricant work for me? Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated thanks.

    We were asked this question recently regarding Pre-Seed fertility lubricant , here is our answer.

    If you are not having periods, it suggests that you are not ovulating regularly and if you have not had a period for over a year you may have in fact gone through menopause. It is unlikely that Preseed would make any difference if this is the case. If you wish to conceive at age 50, you would need to see your doctor, as from what you have told us, it seems unlikely that you would conceive naturally. 

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