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How soon can I do a pregnancy test with a pregnancy test strip?

The very earliest that a pregnancy test should be done is 8-10 days after ovulation or assisted conception. In early pregnancy testing an ultra 10miu pregnancy test strip should be selected, as these are the most sensitive pregnancy test strips available, and able to detect the very low levels of hcg, which are being produced at this time.

Does a negative pregnancy test result on a strip pregnancy test mean I'm definitely not pregnant?

A negative pregnancy test result on a pregnancy test strip does not mean that conception has not occurred. Pregnancy may be progressing, but just not at the stage of implantation and placental growth to produce sufficient hcg (pregnancy hormone) in your urine yet.

What should I do if my pregnancy test strip result is negative?

Wait 24-48 hrs and then repeat your pregnancy test with a new pregnancy test strip on your first morning void ( the urine you produce on rising after you have been in bed all night , or if you are a night shift worker all day). This is the first urine you pass in the morning, after you have been asleep.

What does a positive pregnancy test strip look like?

what does a positive pregnancy test strip look like

A positive pregnancy test result on a pregnancy test strip you will see two definite lines. One is the control C line, and one is the test T line. They should both appear within the test time as specified in the pregnancy test strip instructions supplied with the pregnancy test strips. This may vary slightly from brand to brand.

Should I confirm my early pregnancy test strip result with a more expensive pregnancy test such as Clearblue?

Yes it is always a good idea to check that the pregnancy has continued to implant, and remains viable, by repeating the pregnancy test at around the time your next period is due. You can do this using another of the pregnancy test strips or if you prefer by using a different more expensive brand of pregnancy test such as Clearblue or First Response. Although the pregnancy test strips are very cheap, when compared to more expensive brands of early home pregnancy test, the accuracy is very similar. It is the extra packaging and technology (digital pregnancy tests) you are paying for.

There is a faint line on my pregnancy test strip, am I pregnant?

If the test line on your pregnancy test strip is only just visible, or really faint, the pregnancy test result may not be positive. Most modern pregnancy test strips are so sensitive that they will give a really clear strong colour Test line as soon as there is hcg at 10miu and above.

What is a BFP on a pregnancy test strip?

A positive pregnancy test result is often known as a BFP (short for Big Fat Positive) This means that the pregnancy test result will be very obvious with a strong dark T line under the control line. BFP stands for big fat positive and this is what we are looking for on a pregnancy test strips

What does a faint line appearing after the test time mean on a pregnancy test strip?

A line appearing after the test time on a strip pregnancy test should always be ignored. Do not be tempted to come back to read a pregnancy test later, as any test line forming after the correct read time, is not an accurate result. If a pregnancy test strip is read after the test time, faint lines can appear and this can just cause distress and should be ignored. These lines on pregnancy test strips are known as evaporation lines, and can cause a lot of distress. Best thing to do is once you have read the pregnancy test strip result at the correct time, put the pregnancy test in the bin and do not look at it again.

How soon can I repeat my strip pregnancy test?

Wait at least 24 hours and ideally 48 hours before you repeat the pregnancy test, making sure to use a first-morning urine sample, as the it is usually more concentrated after you have been asleep. 

My pregnancy test strip result is negative, but my period is late-could I still be pregnant?

The simple answer is yes you could still be pregnant. Wait at least 24 hours, ideally 48 hours and repeat the pregnancy test on your first morning urine sample.

What is the best time of day to perform an early pregnancy test?

It is always best to perform a pregnancy test on a first morning void (the urine you produce on first rising from bed in the morning). If you work nights then it will be a different time of day, but still your first void after waking.

What should I do if my pregnancy test result is negative and my period is late?

You will need to repeat your pregnancy test. Consider trying a different brand of pregnancy test, and make sure you follow the instructions exactly. If your period is very late, and the pregnancy test is still negative contact your doctor or healthcare provider for advice.

How accurate are cheap pregnancy test strips compared to more expensive pregnancy test brands?

Our cheap pregnancy test strips are 99.98% accurate. The reason that they are cheaper is that there is minimal packaging with pregnancy test strips, so they cost a lot less to manufacture.

Is it a positive if my pregnancy test strip shows a slight pink colour but no line?

This is not a positive pregnancy test. There are lots of possible explanations for this. The pregnancy test may be picking up very low levels of hcg or it could be the dye from the pregnancy test strip. If you get this result wait at least 24 hours and repeat the pregnancy test on your first urine sample on waking. For the pregnancy test strip result to be positive you are looking for a definite easily visible T line.

How common are false negative pregnancy tests with pregnancy test strips?

False negative pregnancy tests are more common if you are testing before the missed period, than if you are testing after the date your period is due. This is because in early pregnancy the hcg levels in the urine increase, as the pregnancy continues, and are more easily detected by a pregnancy test after the missed period.

Do I have to do a pregnancy test first thing in the morning

If you are testing early then you should always do the pregnancy test first thing in the morning. If you are testing once your period is overdue you can do the pregnancy test at any time of day, as the pregnancy hormone hcg levels should be higher in your urine.

How common are false positive pregnancy tests?

True false positive pregnancy test results are rare, as long as you have followed the instructions correctly. However early detection pregnancy test strips can detect very early pregnancies that may not continue, so you may have the situation where you get a positive pregnancy test and then a few days later you get your period, or you repeat the pregnancy test and it is negative. Sadly this is one of the downfalls of using ultra early detection pregnancy tests. If you had not tested early, you would never have known that you were pregnant, or that the pregnancy had failed to proceed normally. 

What is a chemical pregnancy?

A chemical pregnancy is caused by an early pregnancy loss. This means that a pregnancy started but failed to implant and proceed normally. If you are testing early with an early detection pregnancy test you may detect this.  

Written by Dr Kate Garside. Last reviewed 21/11/23 Thanks for visiting our page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I had a faint positive pregnancy test and one negative what do I do?

If you've experienced a faint positive on a pregnancy test followed by a negative test, it can be confusing and emotionally challenging. Here are some steps you can consider:

  1. Wait and retest:
  2. Test with first morning urine as this is usually more concentrated:
  3. Check expiry dates: expired pregnancy tests may give inaccurate results
  4. Always follow the instructions very carefully
  5. Consider a digital pregnancy test.
  6. Consult with a healthcare professional.
  7. Monitor your symptoms.
  8. Consider possible explanations-did you read the pregnancy test result after the test time