Ovulation Test Strips

Bulk packs pf ovulation strips to buy online

Professional high accuracy, 99.9% accurate, fully accredited ovulation test strips in bulk packs, ideal for home ovulation testing, fertility clinics and medical research.

Brands of ovulation test strips available to buy online:

What are ovulation test strips?

Ovulation test strips also know as ovulation sticks or ovulation strips, are quick and easy to use, and read, and can save you a fortune, as they use less packaging than many other ovulation tests. This means that they are also more eco-friendly than most other ovulation test kits. They are used to predict when ovulation will occur.

How do ovulation strips work?

Ovulation strips work by measuring the level of a female hormone in urine called luteinising hormone, known for short as LH. This hormone LH increases just prior to ovulation, and is the signal to the ovaries to release the egg. Because LH is excreted through the kidneys, it can be detected and measured in the urine. By measuring the levels of LH in your urine you are able to predict your most fertile time of the month. This peak in the LH level in the urine is know as the LH surge.