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ALLTEST Foil wrapped ULTRA Sensitive 25mIU Ovulation Test Strips Box of 50

ALLTEST Foil wrapped ULTRA Sensitive 25mIU Ovulation Test Strips Box of 50

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ALLTEST ovulation test strips 

  • Bulk pack of 50 ovulation test strips 
  • Ultra Sensitive 25miu LH ovulation test strips suitable for most women from ALLTEST.
  • Each ovulation strip is individually foil wrapped for longer shelf life
  • Over 99% accuracy making this a cheap yet very accurate ovulation test strip.
  • Full, easy to follow instructions and indicative start dates supplied in each carton.
  • We also have wholesale packs of ALL TEST ovulation test strips available

How do the ovulation test strips work?

Ovulation test strips are used to test your urine for a hormone called Luteinising hormone, LH for short. Levels of LH increase in your blood on the run up to ovulation, making it a good predictor of when you will ovulate. This is known as the LH surge. The LH is then excreted in the urine, and the level of LH can be easily and quickly measured in your urine using the LH test strips each day, so that you then know when ovulation is imminent. This is how all urine ovulation predictor kits work including the digital ovulation tests. They all work by measuring the LH level. The only difference is with an LH test strip you read the result, and with a digital ovulation test the digital reader reads the result.

What time of day is best to use the ovulation test strips?

Studies have shown that the very best time of day to measure your LH surge is mid afternoon between 2-2.30pm if possible. Unlike a an early detection pregnancy test pregnancy test, which is always best done on your first morning void, an ovulation test is more likely to detect the LH surge if done on the urine that you produce later in the day.

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