can pre-seed lubricant help you to get pregnant

Can Pre-Seed Lubricant Help You To Get Pregnant

Pre-Seed Lubricant: A Vital Tool for Couples Trying to Conceive

When couples are trying to conceive, there are many things they can do to improve their chances of success. One of the most important is using the right type of lubricant during intercourse. Regular lubricants can negatively impact sperm motility and viability, reducing the chances of conception. However, pre-seed lubricant is a specially formulated alternative that provides the necessary moisture to make intercourse more comfortable, while also preserving sperm quality and helping to boost fertility.

What is Pre-Seed Lubricant?

Pre-seed lubricant is a fertility-friendly personal lubricant that has been specifically designed for couples trying to conceive. It mimics the natural lubrication produced by a woman's body, providing a safe environment for sperm to travel through. This type of lubricant is free from harmful chemicals and additives that can harm sperm and reduce fertility.

How Does Pre-Seed Lubricant Work?

Pre-seed lubricant is designed to closely resemble a woman's natural cervical mucus, which provides a moist environment for sperm to travel through to reach the egg. The lubricant helps to reduce friction during intercourse and create a hospitable environment for sperm. This increases the chances of sperm reaching the egg, which is crucial for conception.

Benefits of Pre-Seed Lubricant

There are several benefits of using pre-seed lubricant during intercourse when trying to conceive:

  1. Improves Fertility: By providing a safe environment for sperm to travel through, pre-seed lubricant increases the chances of conception.

  2. Supports Sperm Quality: Pre-seed lubricant does not harm sperm, unlike regular lubricants that can damage sperm quality and reduce fertility.

  3. Reduces Friction: The lubricant reduces friction during intercourse, making it more comfortable for couples trying to conceive.

  4. Easy to Use: Pre-seed lubricant is easy to use and is applied directly to the vaginal area before intercourse.

  5. Increases Pleasure: Pre-Seed lubricant can increase the pleasure from love making for both the woman and the man making orgasm more likely.

Where to Buy Pre-Seed

Pre-seed lubricant is widely available for purchase, both in-store and online. One reliable source for purchasing Pre-Seed is this website, Access Diagnostics ( Our website offers a wide range of fertility products, including Pre-Seed lubricant, and is a trusted source for couples trying to conceive.

Pre Seed lubricant can also be purchased online at Valuemed medical Supplies  and on Amazon and at Boots.


When trying to conceive, it is essential to use a lubricant that is safe and supportive of fertility. Pre-seed lubricant is a fertility-friendly option that provides the necessary moisture for comfortable intercourse, while also boosting fertility. Whether you are just starting your fertility journey or have been trying for a while, pre-seed lubricant is a valuable tool for couples who want to increase their chances of conception.

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