Conceive Plus lubricant 75ml back in stock

Conceive Plus 75ml

We are pleased to let you know that the popular fertility lubricant Conceive Plus is back in stock in the 75ml tube. The smaller 30ml tube is also in stock.

What is Conceive Plus fertility lubricant?

  • Conceive Plus is a intimate lubricant that has been designed especially for couples who are trying to conceive
  • Many popular personal lubricants can impair conception
  • Conceive Plus fertility friendly lubricant helps to maximise your chances of conception

How does Conceive Plus work?

  • Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is pH and electrolyte balanced, to mimic the body’s own natural fertile cervical mucus.
  • Conceive Plus has been clinically tested and shown to not harm sperm and to be safe to use when you are trying to conceive.
  • Conceive Plus is designed to help you conceive by providing a sperm friendly environment for conception.

When to use conceive plus? 

  • Conceive Plus should be used at the fertile time in your cycle
  • Conceive Plus should be used in place of your usual lubricant ,if additional lubrication is usually required for foreplay and intercourse
  • If you are using the vaginal applicators Conceive Plus can be inserted up to 15 minutes before intercourse
  • If you are using the Conceive Plus multi-use tube ( as shown in photo above) simple apply conceive plus to either or both partners using your fingers, as you would any other intimate lubricant, and reapply as required. 

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FREE UK delivery on Conceive Plus lubricant

  • To get FREE UK delivery select 2nd class delivery service.

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