Did you know your GP can refer you for 12 weeks FREE at slimming world

If you overweight and it is affecting your health your GP can refer you for a 12 week course at slimming world. This would normally cost you a joining fee of about £10 and a weekly meeting fee of £4.95, so a saving of around £70

Being overweight can reduce a woman's chances of conceiving and increase the chances of complications during pregnancy, labour or after childbirth.

Obesity can reduce fertility in both men and women in the following ways

  • Hormonal changes
  • Insulin resistance

Losing weight by following a healthy balanced diet such as slimming world can reverse both these changes as well as having lots of other health benefits including reduced risk of diabetes and gestational diabetes (pregnancy diabetes) 

Many patients in the UK have already been referred to Slimming World by their GP's and have lost weight successfully following the plan and attending the group support. Most then continue to attend slimming world after the free 12 week course has finished and continue to lose weight. Most referrals are made by the GP, nurse, or midwife. Not all GP's currently offer this service but it is worth asking your GP if they offer it if you are overweight and it is affecting your general health and you are trying to conceive. 

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