Fertility friendly lubricants for fun baby making

Fertility friendly lubricants for fun baby making

What is a fertility lubricant

Fertility lubricant what is it and how to use

Fertility lubricants have been available in the UK for about 18 years and in fact Access Diagnostics was the first company to stock Pre-Seed In the UK.

We have a selection of the best fertility lubricants that have stood the test of time and have been used by lots of couples successfully to conceive.

These fertility lubricants have been designed to be sperm friendly and have been made especially for couples trying to conceive. 

Pre-Seed lubricant, and Conceive Plus lubricant have research data proving effectiveness. 

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How to use a fertility lubricant

Using a fertility lubricant can make sex more enjoyable and enhance the baby making process without harming your chances of conceiving. If vaginal dryness is a problem using a fertility lubricant can make a huge difference. The lubricants with pre-fiiled applicators are for internal vaginal application. The lubricants in tubes are ideal for external application to either partner & foreplay

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