Fertility tracking apps

Fertility tracking apps are big news at the moment

The tech revolution has now reached the area of female fertility as companies are realizing the potential growth for this area and tech companies are investing money in them. There are lots of them out there so you should be able to find one that you like.

They not only help you keep track of your periods but also help you predict your most fertile time.

Here are a few suggestions of the best fertility apps to help you keep track of your periods and help you to conceive

Groove period and fertility tracker: A great little app that lets you record periods, cervical mucus, temperature, cervical position, when you last had sex. It looks at the patterns to help you predict your most fertile time.

Clue is one of the best fertility tracking apps currently as it can be loaded onto most smartphones and is easy to use. It has been around for about 5 years now

My cycles period and ovulation tracker: A lovely easy to use fertility app to help you conceive, that also has fertility tips

The latest Fitbit watch Versa also has a period tracking app and it is likely that Fitbit will develop this further in the future.

Flo is a period tracking app that can also be used as an ovulation calendar and help you to predict your fertile time.

Some of the fertility apps such as Natural Cycles now incorporate temperature monitoring with a digital thermometer and this would seem an obvious thing for future Fitbits to have.

Measuring basal temperature every day using a digital thermometer, can increase the accuracy of the prediction of the fertile time.

If you have a favourite fertility app let us know in comments what you like about it and why it is your favourite.

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