Why is FertilityScore male fertility test kit unique

Why is FertilityScore male fertility test kit unique

FertilityScore is Europes most advanced home male fertility test kit 

Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit

  • The FertilityScore home sperm test is an easy to use, screening test to measure the concentration of motile sperm in a semen sample.
  • The Fertilityscore fertility test kit tells you whether the sperm concentration in the semen sample is below 20 million/mL motile sperm (negative test) or above 20 million/mL motile sperm (positive test).
  • The World Health Organisation standard for a fertile male is above 20 million/mL motile sperm
  • Clinical studies using FertilityScore ™ have indicated a 93% positive predictive power for semen samples containing 20 million or more motile sperm per ml.
  • A 90% negative predictive power was found for samples containing 10 million motile sperm or less per ml.
  • Thus FertilityScore ™ is a highly effective screening test for male fertility potential.
  • The FertilityScore™ Home Screening Test is also unique in that is uses the whole sample to determine male fertility.
  • Other home male fertility tests use only a small portion of the ejaculate which can lead to inaccurate results due to clumping and cellular debris in the sample.
  • The FertilityScore™ home male fertility screening test kit contains everything you need to collect and test two separate semen samples.

What is unique about FertilityScore

  • You may have 60 million/ml sperm, but if the motility is 0% then the FertilityScore results will read negative.
  • A key element to male fertility is the number of motile (live) sperm.
  • FertilityScore's ability to differentiate motile from non-motile sperm is a unique feature of these home male fertility test kits.
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