Fertilsafe Plus fertility lubricant

How Fertilsafe Plus fertility lubricant can help you to conceive

Why use Fertilsafe Plus fertility lubricant when you are TTC

Fertilsafe Plus fertility lubricant UK

  • FertilSafe Plus has been expertly formulated to mimic natural lubrication fluids through which sperm travel to fertilise an egg, helping to increase comfort during intercourse when trying to conceive.
  • FertilSafe PLUS has been clinically tested by a leading UK Andrology clinic within the NHS, to show it does not harm or form a barrier to sperm as some standard lubricants do and meets stringent pH and consistency tests to protect natural sperm safety, motility and viability.
  • Fertilsafe Plus was launched in mid 2018 by Babystart, one of the worlds leaders in fertility products and diagnostics (the previous distributors of Preseed in the UK)
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Why You should use FertilSafe PLUS fertility lubricant

  • Fertilsafe Plus is a sperm friendly lubricant
  • Some standard lubricants negatively affect the fertilisation process (damaging sperm and/or hindering sperm movement) so should be avoided when trying to conceive.
  • By ensuring the ideal pH and consistency for natural conception, FertilSafe PLUS friendly lubricant protects sperm safety, motility and viability and therefore makes it safer to use than normal lubricants when trying to conceive.

How to use: FertilSafe PLUS when TTC

  • Fertilsafe fertility lubricant be applied prior to, or during, intercourse and is suitable for daily use.
  • Fertilsafe can be used with the vaginal applicators provided (when purchasing the multi-pack) or applied externally directly to either partner from the tube.
  • Please read the full usage instructions enclosed before use
  • Important: Do not store the Fertilsafe plus lubrication gel in the reusable applicator for more than 30 minutes prior to use.
  • Store at room temperature (4-30ºC).

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