Were celebrating 20 years

Were celebrating 20 years

We've been helping couple conceive for 20 years

Fertility tests and fertility products Access Diagnostics UK

We love helping couples to conceive, and to take charge of their fertility and have been doing so now for over 20 years. This year our fertility site celebrated its twentieth birthday, and to celebrate we have some great free delivery offers for you.

During that time we have seen huge changes in the home fertility world with the explosion of the internet and the enormous amount of information that is now available to help couples trying to conceive.

Fertility information

Before the internet you would need to get information either from your family doctor, a hospital clinic or if you were lucky a knowledgeable friend might point you in the right direction.

In those days fertility books were few and far between and fertility and infertility were almost taboo subjects. I remember having my copy of 'Taking charge of your fertility' by Tony Weschler, sat up on my desk at work as it was such an amazing resource for fertility information. I still have my copy.

The last 20 years has also seen an ever increasing array of home fertility products and home fertility test kits coming to the UK and international markets as well as vitamin and mineral supplements to boost fertility.

Early detection pregnancy tests

When we started out the only home pregnancy tests on the market in the UK were the midstream pregnancy tests from Clearblue and First Response, and they were not nearly as sensitive as todays ultra early detection pregnancy tests. 

How can we help you to conceive

We want to help you by taking some of the stress, guess work and expense out of trying to conceive 

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