how do ovulation test strips work

How Do Ovulation Test Strips Work?

Ovulation test strips measure a hormone in your urine LH

ovulation test strips  

Ovulation test strips are used to test your urine for a hormone called Luteinising hormone, LH for short. 

Why is LH significant?

Levels of LH increase in your blood on the run up to ovulation, making it a good predictor of when you will ovulate. This is known as the LH surge. 

How do you detect the LH surge?

The LH is then excreted in the urine, and the level of LH can be easily and quickly measured in your urine using the LH test strips each day, so that you then know when ovulation is imminent.

This is how all urine ovulation predictor kits work including the digital ovulation tests. They all work by measuring the LH level and looking for the LH surge. The only difference is with an LH test strip you read the result, and with a digital ovulation test the digital reader reads the result.

What does a positive ovulation test strip result look like?

The image below shows ovulation test strips results on the run up tom ovulation. For a positive ovulation test strip result the T line must be as dark as the control line as shown in the bottom strip. 

 ovulation test strip results

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