How soon can I do a pregnancy test ?

How soon can I do a pregnancy test ?

How soon can I do a pregnancy test ?

pregnancy test strips-how soon can I do a pregnancy test

We are here to help if you need us. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about using early detection home pregnancy tests.

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''How soon can I test for pregnancy test after ovulation, IVF, embryo transfer or implantation ?''

This is a very common question particularly after assisted conception. The very earliest that a pregnancy test should be done is 8-10 days after ovulation or assisted conception. 

In early pregnancy testing an ultra 10miu pregnancy test kit should be selected as these are the most sensitive and able to detect the very low levels of hcg which are being produced at this time.

I did a pregnancy test early and it was negative

Negative pregnancy tests do not mean that conception has not occurred, and may be progressing, but just not to the state on implantation and placental growth to produce sufficient hcg yet. For this reason you should re-test every 48 hrs and must do so even up to 12 days from the expected menstrual period date if this does not occur. (this allows for the small percentage of late implanting embryos)

What do I do after I have had an early positive pregnancy test

If you get a positive pregnancy test with an ultra pregnancy test, you should also confirm that the pregnancy has continued to implant and remains viable by re-testing at around the time of the expected next period using a standard 25miu pregnancy test membrane if possible. If you are re testing using an early detection pregnancy test strip then you would expect the T line to be darker than when you tested before the period. 

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