is this a positive pregnancy test strip

Is this considered a positive pregnancy test

Is this a positive pregnancy test

Is this a positive pregnancy test?

We received this question and photo by e-mail last week.

"I wanted to ask if this is considered a positive? Picture was taken within the test time frame. Hope to hear back soon."

Here is our answer to whether this is a positive pregnancy test or not

The photo shows a negative result
i.e. you have a very clear C control line but no T line is visible
For it to be a positive result you need a very obvious definite line in the T zone and that is not the case in this photo
There is a lot of confusion and misinformation on the internet.
You may find this information useful
Our advice is to wait a couple of days and repeat your pregnancy test on a first morning urine sample . We are always happy to look at photos if you are unsure of the result
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to assist


So why is there so much confusion over interpreting these ultra early detection pregnancy test strip results

The problem is there are lots of pictures on the internet showing progression pictures of there ultra sensitive pregnancy tests like this one being the beginning of there BFP progression of hcg and websites where you can add your pregnancy test strip result, and enhance it so it makes the colour more prominent. In fact you can easily do this on your phone, but the question you have to ask yourself is why would you do this? It is likely that the line you are enhancing is just an evap line on the pregnancy test strip, and you will be just setting yourself up for disappointment.


While some of these slight colour changes will later progress to a positive BFP, many will not and so should not be interpreted as a bfp. A bfp is just what it says "A Big Fat Positive " not a slight pinkish discolouration or SPD which should just be regarded as an evaporation line.


bfp positive pregnancy test strip what does it look like

So what causes this slight pinkish discolouration on my pregnancy test strip?

There are many possible causes for this and sadly most of them are not pregnancy, but the good news is some of them will be:

Possible causes for a slight pink discolouration around the test zone on a pregnancy test strip:

  • Low background levels of hcg caused by a recent miscarriage
  • Colour leakage from the C line (control line)
  • Seeing the test substrate that is embedded into the test strip (this may happen if the photo is digitally enhanced)
  • A chemical pregnancy-ie a pregnancy started but then failed to progress
  • You may be pregnant but the hcg levels are still too low to give you a bfp ie below 10miu hcg
  • You may have tested at the wrong time of day or on too dilute a urine sample. To have the best chance of getting a reliable result the ultra sensitive pregnancy test should always be performed on a first morning void ie the urine you produce on first waking in the morning before you have had a drink as this is usually the most concentrated urine sample you will produce.
  • You tested too early and the hcg levels are too low to give a BFP. The more sensitive the pregnancy test strip the earlier it will detect hcg

What should I do if my pregnancy test strips shows slight pink but no line

  • Check the sensitivity of the pregnancy test strip you are using and check the expiry date to make sure that they are in date.
  • Check when you LMP last menstrual period was. If you do your pregnancy test too early you are very unlikely to get a BFP even if you are pregnant.
  • Accept that it is probably just an evap line on your pregnancy test strip.
  • Repeat your pregnancy test the next day on a your first morning urine after you get out of bed. 


Still confused about your pregnancy test strip result, then we would love to help you 

Send us your pregnancy test strips results, and we will be happy to advise you

If you have a series of progression photos showing progression from slight discolouration to a BFP we would love to see them.

You may also find this post on how to interpret a faint line on a pregnancy test helpful

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Hiya I would just like a bit of advice. I did two tests yesterday morning one was positive other was negative the positive one the background stayed pink the negative background cleared and went white. Did another and again negative. Now im just thinking the positive was a dodgy one

Bethany Weller

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