Male Fertility Tips

Studies show that men's sperm counts generally are decreasing

In many cases this may be due to lifestyle choices and means that there are simple things that you can do to improve your sperm.

So what should you do to improve your sperm ?

  • First thing to say is that when it comes to sperm 'fresh is best' so don't save it up thinking this will be better.
  • Have sex regularly throughout the month not just at the fertile time
  • Avoid anything that overheats the testicles. So tight skinny jeans, prolonged cycling, overly tight underwear, saunas, long soaks in hot tubs or very hot baths are out, while you are trying to conceive.
  • Keep you laptop off your lap. Not only does a laptop heat up and overheat your testicles but who know what damage the radiation from the laptop may do to your sperm. You can buy a protective mat that sits on your lap to reduce the effects, but to be honest we think it is best to put your laptop on a table.
  • Avoid keeping your mobile phone in your trouser pocket. Again phones can heat up and also radiation from the phone may not be good for the sperm
  • Cut you alcohol consumption down.
  • Stop or reduce smoking
  • If you are overweight start to cut down and eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Being overweight can in itself cause overheating in the groin area. Consider joining a slimming class. Men who attend slimming world or weight watchers are usually very successful and often find the weight comes off quickly for them. An added bonus is you will feel much better and will have more energy for running around when the baby arrives.
  • If you are very underweight, this too may reduce your fertility.
  • Exercise but don't over do it. Over exercising can reduce your sperm count. Again it may be an overheating effect.
  • Consider taking a vitamin supplement that is aimed at men

If you wish to check your sperm count at home we have several home test kits that you can buy online here

Important : If you and your partner have been trying for over 12 months without success it is advisable to make an appointment with your GP or doctor so that they can talk to you and run some tests. They may also refer you for further investigations.

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