Male Fertility Tips

Male Fertility Tips

Around 1 in 6 couples experience fertility problems during their lifetime, and in these cases the problem is with the male partner in between 30-50% of cases

male fertility tips improve sperm count

The good news is that many causes of reduced male fertility are reversible, and simple lifestyle changes can produce great improvements within just a couple of months in both sperm count & motility. In some cases such as varicoele surgery may be required to restore the fertility, but it is still worth making the lifestyle changes as not all men with a varicoele experience infertility.

Factors that may affect male fertility:

  • Varicocele :quite common & actually a varicose vein in the scrotum may reduce male fertility by causing overheating (treatable by surgery)
  • Infections: some infections can reduce male fertility-eg mumps as a child or adult can damage the testicles
  • Heat: anything that causes overheating of the testicles may reduce male fertility eg, working in a very hot environment, using a laptop on your lap, cycling, over exercising, Very hot baths, Saunas
  • Chemicals : in some occupations contact with certain chemicals can reduce fertility. if you work with any hazardous chemicals check if they can affect your fertility & make sure you take adequate health & safety precautions
  • Drugs : some prescribed drugs can reduce fertility in men. If you are on a prescription drug check with your GP whether it could affect your fertility.
  • Drugs of abuse: many illegal recreational drugs have been shown to reduce male fertility eg anabolic steroids, Cannabis
  • Smoking :has been shown to reduce fertility
  • Alcohol: excessive alcohol consumption can reduce male fertility
  • Being overweight: has been shown to reduce fertility in men (may be due to an over heating effect)
  • Poor diet-nutritional deficiencies may reduce male fertility
  • Stress: can be a factor. Look at ways of reducing your stress
  • Congenital: ie absent or damaged testicles
  • Accidental: injury to testicles

Tips to improve male fertility

Male Fertility Tips-here are some simple lifestyle changes that may reap rewards

  1. Give up or reduce cigarette consumption
  2. Avoid overexercising-moderate exercise is good but avoid compulsive over exercising. Prolonged cycling or horse riding may cause overheating.
  3. Avoid very hot baths, saunas etc. Shower instead or take a cooler bath.
  4. Keep your laptop off your lap-put it on the table instead or use a laptop screen that prevents overheating
  5. Wear loose fitting undergarments & trousers
  6. Take a multivitamin & mineral supplement designed to support male fertility
  7. Eat a healthy balanced diet-make sure you get your five a day
  8. If you are overweight the take measures to reduce your weight gradually. Weight watchers and slimming world are great resources to help you achieve this steadily. You can either attend a class locally or do it online. Men who join weight watchers tend to be very successful at losing weight
  9. Keep your alcohol consumption well below 14 units per week
  10. Avoid any illicit drug use ie use of anabolic steroids, Cannabis etc
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