Money Saving Fertility Tips

Money Saving Fertility Tips

Here are our five top money saving fertility tips for when you are trying to conceive

Money saving fertility tips

  1. Ovulation test strips are just as accurate as more expensive midstream and digital ovulation tests and much much cheaper to buy as there is less packaging.
  2. As soon as you detect a positive LH surge with your ovulation prediction test , stop testing. It does not matter how long the LH surge remains detectable, its the start of the surge which is important and which triggers the ovary to release an egg. Once you detect your LH surge then save the rest of the ovulation tests for your next months cycle.
  3. If you are using a fertility lubricant while you are trying to conceive then only use it on the run up to and after your fertile time as they are quite expensive compared to standard water based lubricants. At the non fertile time of the month use a water based lubricant like Lubido which is half the price of Pre-seed or Conceive Plus. We have a Pre-Seed combined with Lubido bundle here 
  4. As with ovulation tests, pregnancy test strips are much cheaper than midstream and digital pregnancy tests because they have a lot less packaging and branding and yet are just as accurate as the technology is the same. They are looking for the detection of hcg hormone represented by a line in the pregnancy test. A digital pregnancy test reads the result for you but this is unnecessary as the result is easy to read with your eyes. 
  5. When you get a positive pregnancy test don't keep re-testing every day. Leave at least 48 hours between early pregnancy tests if you are going to retest to allow the level of the pregnancy hormone hcg to increase. If you are going to retest then do your initial tests with cheap pregnancy test strips. 
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