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Are cheap pregnancy test strips accurate?

All our cheap pregnancy tests strips available on this fertility website have proved greater than 99% accurate in both laboratory and consumer studies.

If I see 2 lines on the pregnancy test strip but one is fainter than the other is this a positive result?

Ignore really faint lines or any T lines occurring after the read time, as these are not a positive. Do not mistake faint lines, evaporation lines or ghost lines for positive pregnancy test results, as at over 10miu these strips give really strong Test lines at 3 minutes if you are pregnant.  The T line does not have to be as strong as the C line, but the T line result will be really clear and strong ie a BFP.

When should I use an ultra early pregnancy test strip?

You can use an ultra early detection 10miu pregnancy test strip as early as 4 days before your first day of missed period and onwards. Strip pregnancy tests can be taken at any time of the day, but 1st morning urine is the most concentrated, and so most likely to give you an early BFP if you are pregnant.

How long will it take before I can read the pregnancy test strip result?

You can read the results after just 5 minutes. Always use a reliable timer ( the one on your phone is suitable) when you are using a strip pregnancy test, As with any lateral flow test, any pregnancy test results that appear after the specified test time should be ignored.

What should I do with my strip pregnancy test results?

If your strip pregnancy test results are positive ie a strong positive line not a very faint line, you should consult your doctor to discuss your pregnancy, and what steps should be taken next. If your pregnancy test strip result is negative or a very faint line, and you still think you may be pregnant, re-test a couple of days later.

if you have any questions about using cheap pregnancy test strip pop them in comments and we will be happy to answer them

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