Pregnancy test strips accuracy

Pregnancy test strips accuracy

Cheap pregnancy test strips accuracy

How accurate are cheap pregnancy test strips?

Because the cost of pregnancy tests strips is so low compared with branded mid-stream and digital pregnancy tests such as Clearblue and First Response people assume that they must be less accurate. Contrary to popular belief this is in fact not the case. Many cheap pregnancy test strips are just as accurate, as their more expensive branded counterparts and in some cases may detect pregnancy earlier than a branded over the counter midstream pregnancy test that you buy in a supermarket or chemist.

So why are pregnancy test strips so much cheaper

  • less packaging
  • less advertising costs
  • simpler test format-ie simple dip and read pregnancy test as opposed to a midstream or digital test

Are there any disadvantages to using cheap pregnancy test strips?

  • you have to collect a urine sample in a container in order to perform the test
  • you will need to interpret the result yourself
  • if you get a faint line you will need to retest

Advantages of using pregnancy test strips

  • They are so much cheaper to buy
  • You can buy them in bulk packs
  • Because they are so much cheaper you can test frequently
  • The cost per test is much, much lower
  • Compact, portable and discreet-will fit easily in your handbag or luggage
  • They are available as early detection 10miu pregnancy tests

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