how does preseed work

Preseed Lubricant

preseed how does it work

Preseed fertility lubricant 

Great news after a long period of supply problems the best selling sperm friendly fertility lubricant Preseed, is back in stock. 

How does Pre-Seed work ?

For anyone who has not come across it before Pre-seed is a sperm friendly lubricant that was developed by doctors especially to help couples who are trying to conceive. Most popular lubricants can reduce your chances of conceiving but Preseed works by providing a friendly environment for sperm, while also enhancing your love making. 

Preseed can be applied either externally to both partners or internally using the vaginal applicators provided. Many couples find they may only need to use a small amount of Pre-seed applied externally to both partners. If vaginal dryness is a problem, then you may also need to apply Pre-Seed intra-vaginally with an applicator prior to intercourse.

Preseed works in the following ways:

  1. Clinically shown to be sperm friendly, and not to harm sperm
  2. Mimics fertile cervical mucus, and so helps sperm to move freely
  3. Enhances love making, by provide fertility friendly lubrication making sex more enjoyable and comfortable.

What we love about Preseed:

  1. Preseed lube has a long proven track record of helping lots of couples conceive 
  2. Developed by a sperm physiologist in USA
  3. Doctor recommended and used by fertility clinics
  4. Has been used by millions of couples worldwide including in the UK and Europe.
  5. Preseed comes in a tube with vaginal applicators so can be used intra-vaginally as well as externally
  6. You chose how much PreSeed to use
  7. Glycerin-free

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