preseed prices uk

Whats happeneing to Pre-seed prices in the UK

A shortage of Pre-Seed lubricant in the UK leads to increased prices 

preseed price UK

Pre-Seed prices in the UK have increased over the last few months because of a shortage of Pre-seed lubricant. So far we have managed to maintain our low Preseed price, because we bought a large quantity of Preseed in bulk, a couple of months ago from First Response.

This current stock we have is selling very fast, and is likely to sell out this month so if you are going to need some Preseed lubricant over the next couple of months, now is the time to buy it. 

We are hopeful that the stock of Pre-Seed lubricant in the UK will improve, but it looks likely that we will have a period of a couple of months, where it will be sold out in the UK, due to shortages and delays in manufacturing.

Our Pre-seed price is currently the lowest in the UK at £15.99 and UK delivery is free when you buy directly though our website. Buy two boxes and get free 1st class UK delivery.

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