Should I be using a fertility lubricant if I'm trying to conceive?

Should I be using a fertility lubricant if I'm trying to conceive?

Should you use a fertility lubricant? 

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the question of whether or not to use a fertility lubricant when you are trying to conceive, so we thought it was worth covering this subject

What is a fertility friendly lubricant?

A fertility friendly lubricant is sperm friendly. Fertility lubricants where designed as a sperm safe alternative to intimate lubricants, for couples who are trying to conceive, and who usually use a lubricant for their lovemaking.

If you do not normally need to use a lubricant when making love, and you find that you have plenty of natural moisture (cervical mucus ), then you probably do not need to use a fertility lube.

How do fertility lubricants work?

Fertility lubricants mimic fertile cervical mucus. When you are at your most fertile time the consistency of cervical mucus changes so that it is more slippery. This is your bodies physiological response to the change in your hormones around ovulation. This fertile cervical mucus enhances lovemaking and makes it easier for the sperm to move freely through it.

Fertility lubricants are water-based and are mimicking this fertile mucus. They have been developed to be similar in consistency and ph and to be sperm friendly.

How do I know if I should be using a fertility lube?

If you usually need to use a lubricant for foreplay and/or sexual intercourse then you should consider using a fertility lubricant when you are trying to conceive and avoid using normal lubricants which can harm or impede sperm. Not only will it enhance your lovemaking but it will also make it easier for the sperm to move freely if dryness is a problem.

Which fertility lubricant is the best?

best fertility lubricant UK

  • If you only need the lubricant for the external application to yourself or your partner then buy Conceive plus or Pre-Seed.
  • If vaginal dryness is a problem during intercourse then go for Pre-Seed or Zestica as they both have vaginal applicators. In the case of the Zestica they are pre-filled. With Preseed you fill the applicators yourself from the tube.
  • Pre-seed lubricant is the most versatile as it can be applied externally or using the vaginal applicators and it has been around the longest, but it is also the one of the most expensive of the three lubes.
  • Conceive plus is available in two sizes which is very useful. The smaller 30g Conceive Plus is very handy & discreet if you are going away for the weekend or on holiday. The larger 75g tube of Conceive Plus is better value than the smaller one, but unlike Pre-seed it does not come with vaginal applicators.
  • Babystart Fertilsafe is the best value for money fertility lubricant currently at just £12.04
  • PreSeed lubricant has been around the longest of any of the fertility lubes. It is also the most expensive at around £14.95. It was developed by a sperm physiologist and it has the most positive reviews of any of the lubricants. It has recently been acquired by First Response and is now available in Boots.
  • If you are still unsure which one to go for then we suggest try all three and see which one suits you best. They are all safe to use when trying to conceive. We have put together a discounted pack containing all three fertility lubricants for you to try.

We have a choice of three fertility lubricants available to buy online in UK Pre-Seed, Conceive plus and Babystart Fertilsafe

If you have any questions about using fertility lubes or which one to choose please leave them in comments or e-mail our customer services team.

You may also find our fertility lubricant FAQ section useful

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