Tips To Boost Male Fertility Naturally

Top Ten Tips To Boost Male Fertility Naturally

Male fertility tips increase sperm count 

Ten simple lifestyle changes to improve male fertility

  1. Manage your weight-being overweight or underweight impacts male fertility negatively and can reduce both sperm count and motility
  2. Stop smoking-clinical studies on men who smoke have shown that smoking damages both sperm concentration and motility and that the number of abnormal or damaged sperm is increased in smokers.
  3. Don't over exercise-moderate exercise is good but be careful not to over do it. Some sports like cycling can cause over heating of the groin area
  4. Prescription medicines-talk to your doctor. If you are on any prescription medications check with your doctor if they can affect your fertility
  5. Avoid taking anabolic steroids as these can reduce fertility
  6. Avoid any recreational drugs including alcohol or illegal drug use
  7. Say no to hot baths and saunas as they overheat the sperm
  8. Get enough sleep and rest-make time to relax as stress and poor sleep can impact your fertility negatively
  9. No laptops on your lap as they cause overheating of the testicles which damages the sperm
  10. Have sex regularly to keep your sperm fresh and active. 

How to check your sperm count

We have a range of home male fertility test kits available to buy online through this site that either check sperm count alone or sperm count and motility.

Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit checks sperm count and motility 

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