alcohol test strips breastfeeding

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Alcohol and breastfeeding

We do not know the effect that alcohol in breast milk has on babies and so with a newborn baby when you are just establishing feeding it is advisable for the mum to abstain from alcohol completely if breastfeeding.

Alcohol test strips for breastfeeding

alcohol test strips breastfeeding

These quick and easy to use alcohol test strips allow breastfeeding mothers to test their breast milk for alcohol before feeding their baby or infant after they have consumed alcohol.

The rate at which alcohol is metabolised varies from person to person and also depends on many other factors including how much food was in the stomach at the time that alcohol was consumed. These simple tests allow new mums to make sure they are not giving their infants breast milk containing alcohol.

It is important to remember that when you consume alcohol there may be a delay before the alcohol tests positive in the breast milk, and it may stay positive in the milk even after you feel the effects of the alcohol on you have subsided.

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