What is a fertility lubricant and how can it help you get pregnant?

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what is a fertility lubricant and how can it help conception

Did you know your choice of lubricant can affect your chances of conceiving?

Promoting successful conception is an important part of fertility support and advice, and fertility lubricants can provide a valuable aid to couples during this process.

Many traditional personal lubricants are simply not very friendly to sperm, sperm motility and cervical mucus. In the worst cases these lubricants can block the passage of sperm and even damage or degrade the sperm DNA. Their use can be a real barrier to successful conception. 

preseed fertility lubricant

Preseed led the scientific development of a sperm friendly lubricant which would not cause these problems. By selecting the contents carefully and modifying the pH, they created the first lubricant specifically for use while trying to conceive.

More brands including Conceive Plus and Fertilsafe have since entered the fertility lubricant market over the next decade, and slight tweeks to the the formulation followed, but the principle is still the same, avoid parabens, get the viscosity and pH of the lubricant close to natural healthy cervical mucus, and use the lubricant on the run up to and around the time of ovulation (the fertile time)

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