Thrush Candida Albicans Vaginal Swab Test Kit x 10

  • £29.95

ALLTEST Thrush Candida Albicans rapid test cassette swab test kits

  • Professional Candida test kit suitable for vaginal rectal and skin swabs taken from clinical suspected fungal infection sites.
  • 96.7% accuracy in clinical trials
  • Enables prompt clinical diagnosis and treatment, also enables eradication testing post treatment.
  • The candida test is a rapid visual immunoassay for the detection of Candida Albicans antigens.
  • For us by NHS clinics, labs, GP’s etc or for self testing.
  • Candida test kits manufactured by ALLTEST

ALLTEST Candida test kit pack contents

  • 10 Candidia test cassettes
  • 10 swabs
  • 1 x buffer solution (sufficient for 10 tests)
  • 10 extraction tubes and tips
  • Work station
  • Data sheet instruction. 


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