ALLTEST Ultra Sensitive Ovulation Test Strips 25 test vial FLH-U111

  • £4.95

Ovulation test strips-ALLTEST 25mIU LH sensitivity ovulation strips

  • Alltest ovulation test
  • 99.9% accurate ovulation prediction dip stick tests
  • 25 test strip pack of ALLTEST ultra sensitive 25 miu ovulation strips
  • Simple dip and read ovulation test strips
  • Excellent value for money ovulation tests
  • More environmentally friendly as less packaging than conventional ovulation test kits
  • Alltest ovulation test strips in a handy resealable canister with pop on lid
  • Easy to pop in handbag
  • Ovulation test instructions in English.
  • CE marked ovulation test strips
  • Best used within 3 months of opening canister 
  • Ideal ovulation test strips for frequent testing, fertility clinics, hospitals etc

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