Feedback 2018

Here is a small selection of our Access Diagnostics fertility site most recent customer feedback, comments & testimonials from that customer left when they place their orders through this website and that we received by e-mail and via our review collection service

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us all the feedback & reviews about how you find our website, what you think of the site, the products and the service when you are placing your orders, and for e-mailing us with comments & testimonials.

Excellent quality.
CC 19/4/18

All went very well and I thank you for your prompt service.
MW 18/4/18

Thanks so much for that.
PC 18/4/18

Found your site through word of mouth.
MH 17/4/18

All went very well and I thank you for your prompt service.
MW 18/4/18

Thanks so much for that.
PC 18/4/18

Found your site through word of mouth.
MH 17/4/18

Good product fantastic delivery.
RM 16/4/18

Prompt delivery. Good quality
NH 16/4/18

Excellent service
JS 16/4/18

Arrived on time, product works fine. Thank you
JG 16/4/18

SA 15/4/18

Kate, that’s great news 🙂 thanks so much
CR 13/4/18

Excellent service, recommend.
FL 11/4/18

Quick delivery.
PA 11/4/18

Excellent service.
PF 10/4/18

Arrived quickly, great price thanks
JM 10/4/158

Arrived on time, well packed
FT 9/4/18

Quick delivery thanks.
DD 8/4/18

Very easy to navigate.
JC 7/4/18

Excellent item and service
MHC 6/4/18

Very quick delivery.
D 5/4/18

That’s great, thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
LM 4/4/18

Excellent product and recommended.
MO 3/4/18

Item as described. Quick delivery. Would use again.
WH 2/4/18

Good quality product arrived fast. Trusted Seller”.
TS 29/3/18

Excellent seller.and products.
MD 29/3/18

Great item, fast delivery. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
SL 28/3/18

Good price and delivered well packaged and on time.
BK 28/3/18

Arrived the next day which was wonderful, effective kit, that has given me peace of mind.
CB 27/3/18

Great communication
EC 26/3/18

Thank you, Linda.
RJ 26/3/18

Thank you so much.
MM 26/3/18

Thank you for your prompt response and I look forward to receiving the goods.
AG 22/3/18

Thank you for getting back to me. Thank you very much for your help.
FC 22/3/18

Yes that is perfect.
TK 21/3/18

Repeat order.
MS 21/3/18

Good quality product and efficient delivery.
FW 21/3/18

Fantastic service.
GM 20/3/18

Swift delivery, good product for the price.
PR 18/3/18

Very quick delivery
RE 18/3/18

Found this 100% positive’ ‘ confirmed with hospital test ”’
SM 17/3/18

Fast delivery, good product
EP 14/3/18

Excellent all round service
DP 13/3/18

I appreciate the great customer service. Many thanks.
PD 13/3/18

Found you via a recommendation.
AK 10/3/18

Excellent service. Even though the weather was extremely bad, the delivery was very quick. It was well packaged and just as described. Very happy and would be happy to recommend.
TW 9/3/18

Arrived safely, well packaged-no problems, thanks.
GS 7/3/18

Looking for help to conceive, you were recommended by a friend.
AC 6/3/18

Used before, come back for the price.
LP 5/3/18

Very pleased. Swift delivery.
DB 2/3/18

Thank you, excellent service.
TM 2/3/18

It was prompt on time and exactly what I wanted.
MJ 28/2/18

Recommended by friend good value.
JD 28/2/18

Great service, fast dispatch & delivery
SM 27/2/18

Product as expected. Very prompt delivery
LF 24/2/18

Thank you so much.
PL 23/2/18

An excellent company. I buy my ovulation tests from here as I have found them to be the most accurate & the best value. I have bought numerous other items over the past 5 years, all of which have been good quality and cheaper than high street chemists & supermarkets. The service is fast, efficient & great value. The product range is fantastic & the website both informative & helpful. I will use again & would recommend to anyone on their fertility journey
HP 22/2/18

They were very good when I had to return goods and were quick and efficient.
LB 22/2/18

Very good product and service.
KR 21/2/18

Happy returning customer.
KR 21/2/18

Found you through a discussion on We’re trying to get pregnant.
JF 20/2/18

Doing home pregnancy and ovulation tests
SF 19/2/18

Trying to conceive & wanted cheaper OTK
ZM 18/2/18

Excellent site. Got free shipping and 5% off code. Love the suggested items being so easy to see
KH 17/2/18

Hi, I just wanted to say I got my parcel and thank you so much for your help and your fast delivery! I will definitely use your company again in future!
HG 16/2/18

Cheapest product
KC 16/2/18

Recommended. Previous purchase
CA 16/2/18

Found this site through Mumsnet. TTC
CC 16/2/18

LD 16/2/18

Highly recommended pleasant transaction
GH 15/2/18

Fast delivery super item thank you
VA 15/2/18

Great help last time. Trying to conceive again.
MS 13/2/18

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Thank you so much for your help
HG 13/2/18

Clear and simple website. Self-treatment information. Good information and good value.
JD 12/2/18

Bought ovulation tests from here before and more accurate then clear blue!
SW 11/2/18

User-friendly website.
ML 9/2/18

I was recommended by a Forum to use a test to check my Husbands fertility.
LM 8/2/18

Excellent fast service. Fast delivery.
A 9/2/18

I have used this company several times whilst trying to conceive and the ultra early pregnancy tests are brilliant. I always get a faint positive around 8-9dpo and the pre-seed lubricant is such a great price and works wonders when ttc
AN 9/2/18

A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended
CW 8/2/18

Excellent value for money
DM 8/2/18

Cheaper than others.
PA 7/2/18

I’ve bought 25 ovulation tests and 25 pregnancy tests. So far, I’ve tried the ovulation ones. They worked really well. You have to follow the instructions and read carefully so you don’t misunderstand the results. Recommended.
MM 6/2/18

Trusted seller
CW 6/2/18

Good reviews of products and cheaper than competitors.
LH 5/2/18

Trying to conceive. Easy to use website. Easy checkout experience.
GJ 5/2/18

Hi Linda
Thanks very much for the quick reply and also for getting that sorted today.
Thanks & Regards
DS 1/2/18

Most convenient product
JT 31/1/18

That’s great – many thanks.
MD 31/1/18

Very reliable, very happy.
HQ 28/1/18

Trying for baby no2
MQ 28/1/18

A precision service
AN 26/1/18

Recommended by a friend as I am trying to conceive. Brilliant website. Great prices, easy to use, and quick delivery.
SP 25/1/18

Fast free delivery. Test strips have a very long expire date 2019. Will use again.
AN 24/1/18

Good website, I have bought this item regularly and it is cheap.
AH 24/1/18

Great service thanks.
TM 23/1/18

Found you through a forum, trying to conceive.
SG 22/1/18

Thank you so much.
No worries at all. Thank you for replying so quickly and dealing with this matter
Have a good day.
JW 19/1/18

I was recommended to use you by my Doctor.
DG 19/1/18

Quick, easy and efficient ordering process, and speedy delivery! Brilliant.
AN 18/1/18

Been buying from you for years.
NS 17/1/18

Quick delivery
SS 17/1/18

Cheapest price.
HB 17/1/18

Quick and efficient in dealing with my order even though it was a small purchase.
AM 16/1/18

Quick delivery
SS 16/1/18

Cheapest price
HM 15/1/18

Reviews look really good
EK 15/1/18

Trying for a baby
DD 15/1/18

Cheapest place to buy.
SW 14/1/18

Thank you for good purchase.
NS 11/1/18

Excellent service, very quick and organised delivery. All products are very good quality.
SI 10/1/18

Ordered it with no problem and received quickly- thank you!
AN 10/1/18

Easy to order, fast delivery.
AN 10/1/18

Purchased because having fertility treatment
FK 9/1/18

Good Price
JT 9/1/18

Trying to conceive. Found site through Netmums
JE 8/1/18

Cheaper Preseed than amazon
PB 8/1/18

Chose this site as good review
AS 6/1/18

Great item.Many thanks
LM 5/1/17

Good price
IL 4/1/2018

Good price
JL 3/1/18

Recommended by a friend who has used Preseed. Excellent free second class shipping too xx
SR 3/1/18

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as TTC
CE 2/1/18

Good Price
NH 2/1/18

Best price Pre-Seed
KB 2/1/18

Found site via a mum group. Looking for low hcg tests
MG 1/1/18

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