Coupon Codes

Access Diagnostics summer 2019 5% discount coupon code is ADT

  • Active until the end of August 2019
  • Only one coupon applied per order
  • You may use it every time you order
  • Needs to be applied at time order is placed
  • Please feel free to share the coupon with friends
  • Can be used to purchase any fertility products or tests to help you conceive including Pre-Seed lubricant and Conceive plus when you buy online through this website.
  • No minimum spend

Discount coupons for TTC chat groups & forums

If you belong to a fertility chat group or trying to conceive online forum, please e-mail us with the name of the group, and we will create a 10% discount code specifically for your group that lasts 12 months and can be used as many times as you wish.