IVF success tips-increase chances of success with IVF

IVF Success Tips-5 things you can do to increase your chance of success with IVF

Five tips to increase IVF success rate

tips to increase ivf success rate

  1. Do your research-IVF success rates vary from clinic to clinic so if you have a choice pick one with a good success rate
  2. Don't leave it too late to seek help. IVF success rates reduce with increasing maternal age quite significantly. Once you have made the decision go for it.
  3. Optimise male fertility if you are using your partners sperm. There are lots of things he can do to make sure his sperm are in peak condition including stopping smoking, giving up or reducing alcohol intake, avoiding over heating the groin area ie hot baths, saunas and laptops on the lap are out. A healthy balanced diet is essential and a male fertility supplement may help to. Read our male fertility tips here
  4. Make sure that you are in the best physical condition that you can be. Stop smoking , eat a healthy balanced diet and reduce or give up alcohol. Being overweight or underweight can affect ovulation adversely and reduce your chances , so try and maintain a healthy BMI. Avoid extreme over exercising as this can sometimes stop you ovulating. Get plenty of sleep.
  5. Consider alternative therapies such as acupuncture which have been shown in several studies to increase IVF success rates. Talk to your IVF clinic as they may have an attached or recommended acupuncture clinic that specialises in fertility, and they will be able to advise you the best time to have the treatments.
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