Feedback 2016

Here is a small selection of our customer feedback, comments & testimonials from 2016 that customers left when they placed their orders through this website and that we received by e-mail

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us all the feedback & reviews about how you find our website, what you think of the site, the products and the service when you are placing your orders, and for e-mailing us with comments & testimonials.

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Easy site to use. Bought from you before
AH 31/12/16

Recommended by a friend. Cheaper alternative
AB 30/12/16

Good feedback
PD 29/12/16

Excellent website. For personal use. Fantastic.
LH 28/12/16

Chosen for the price
NS 28/12/16

Great price. Found everything I wanted for ttc at great prices.
SC 27/12/16

Great item. Fast delivery and securely packaged. Many thanks
PB 23/12/16

Fantastic service. Recommended A++
AP 23/12/16

Good website, chose for the price
AC 22/12/16

Uk based
LC 22/12/16

Used before
SJ 22/12/16

Used before
LC 21/12/16

Net mums reviews. Helping me (48) and my husband (46) to have our first child (we are recently married first timers. Thanks for a speedy despatch, it’s my ovulation day tomorrow!
NH 20/12/16

Excellent condition, quick delivery, would buy from this seller again

Trying for a baby
VJ 19/12/16

Easy to use website. You came up as the cheapest for what I was looking for
LD 19/12/16

Competitive price
LE 19/12/16

Thanks for the quick response not a problem.
Thanks again.
DM 19/12/16

Very promt serivce just as described.
CB 18/12/16

Recommendation from friend. Trying to conceive
SW 16/12/16

Good prices
BK 16/12/16

Great. Thank you!
JS 15/12/16

Searching name preseed. Really good price
DM 14/12/16

Received good’s in plenty of time. No problems.
NG 14/12/16

Seemed a good price (I’m avoiding amazon)
TH 13/12/16

Ordered before
KR 13/12/16

Advised by Clinician
JS 12/12/16

Quick delivery and well packed.
KS 12/12/16

Quick delivery and super price.
PN 11/12/16

Chose this site for the price
CW 9/12/16

Competitive pricing
CB 9/12/16

Cheapest. Thank you.
EC 8/12/16

Good offers, and easy to use.
RW 8/12/16

Good site. Preseed for Clomid dryness
JD 8/12/16

Good price for products wanted
ED 7/12/16

Found you through Ebay. Good feedback
JA 6/12/16

Hi Linda!
What excellent service! Thank you for your apology and prompt response.
I hope to return the faulty item today……and would really appreciate an email if you should get the original item back in stock please!
With best wishes,
AC 6/12/16

Good site to help with my situation.
ME 5/12/16

Bought a few years back. Happy returning customer.
HC 4/12/16

Found Access Diagnostics via Netmums. Chose this site to get a reliable pregnancy test
MS 3/12/16

Good price and looked a reliable site
SJ 3/12/16

Chose Access Diagnostics as price for Pre-Seed cheaper than amazon
DC 3/12/16

Like the price and appearance
ME 2/12/16

I have used this site before
HN 1/12/16

Chosen for the Price
HB 1/12/16

Good site. Problems with fertility.
LJ 1/12/16

Used Access Diagnostics before on friends recommendation
SC 29/11/16

Used before for TTC. Great prices
CA 28/11/16

Good site. Trying for second child
BG 28/11/16

Reasonable price
AN 27/11/16

Found you through a Forum. Cheap.
JT 27/11/16

Found you from online ttc forums
CE 26/11/16

Trying for baby for long time
EK 26/11/16

AH 25/11/16

Recommended by a friend. TTC
GT 25/11/16

Cheap prices
AM 23/11/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics because of speed of delivery
NL 23/11/16

Like price
AJ 22/11/16

Ordered from this site as TTC
SP 22/11/16

Thank you so much I really do appreciate that !
KW 22/11/16

Very helpful, trying for a baby
HF 22/11/16

Internet search had very good reviews
WH 22/11/16

Chose Access Diagnostics for price
RF 20/11/16

We wanted the thing. OK site
MR 20/11/16

Great price, quick delivery
LB 20/11/16

Useful site
FJ 20/11/16

Good Site
SM 19/11/16

Recommendation for the product and you were the first on google
AS 17/11/16

Found you form a Google search. Trying to conceive
CC 17/11/16

Good site. Good price
BP 16/11/16

Chose for the Price
VA 15/11/16

HG 15/11/16

Good value and the right product
JC 15/11/16

Great value for money excellent delivery time. Will definately use them again
S 15/11/16

Excellent service. Good price. Arrived earlier than expected.
CC 15/11/16

Cheapest Pre-Seed online
FB 14/11/16

Found site via Facebook. Good prices
JP 13/11/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics to try to conceive. Great choice of products at good prices.
SC 13/11/16

Best price for ‘preseed’
RB 12/11/16

Used Access Diagnostics before and found via Google search. Best price and I have an account
RM 12/11/16

Very good, reasonable prices. Recommended to me, it says packaging is discreet which is important and prices are reasonable
FD 12/11/16

Good site. Trying to conceive
HB 11/11/16

Thank you for your assistance Linda. Many thanks.
Kind regards,
MG 11/11/16

Many thanks for the item & quick delivery. All good!
MW 10/11/16

Great product – thanks!
K 10/11/16

Like Price
EG 8/11/16

Found site on google good trying to conceive products
AG 07/11/16

Recommended by friends
PT 07/11/16

Buying for fertility
ZB 5/11/16

Excellent delivery & item. I will definitely use again
KE 4/11/16

Thank you for your speedy reply I very much appreciate it.
NM 4/11/16

Found this site through Amazon. Good reviews.
AM 3/11/16

Good reviews
VB 2/11/16

Prompt service. Recommended
KC 2/11/16

Chose the poducts on this site to improve my chances of a baby
JL 1/11/16

Great product, Thank u very much.
S 1/11/16

Very pleased. A quality item
FT 1/11/16

Used before
RN 1/11/16

LM 31/10/16

Recommended by a friend, looking for TTC.
AS 30/10/16

Trying to conceive
LG 30/10/16

Googled pre-seed UK. Trying to conceive. Good site, quick.and easy to use
JE 29/10/16

Found you through the Conceive plus website
MN 28/10/16

Found site through the Conceive plus website
MN 28/10/16

Heard about Access Diagnostics on Mums Net. Considerably cheaper than local chemist for better product.
HE 27/10/16

Very good service thankyou
CC 27/10/16

Highly recommended, thank you for pleasant transaction
FO 27/10/16

Thank you for being so understanding!
Kind Regards
RB 27/10/16

Recommended by friend
AG 26/10/16

Cheapest and good reviews
CM 26/10/16

Found your site from the Glow app
LG 26/10/16

Good quality, would use again. Thanks!
BB 25/10/16

Excellent thank you Linda
OC 24/10/16

Thank you very much
RL 24/10/16

Thank you for getting back to me and your kind message to get better.
SL 24/10/16

Trying to conceive
LW 23/10/16

Many thanks for fast postage, pleased with product, A1
RM 21/10/16

thank you good service
MW 20/10/16

Item as described would definitely use again
RF 19/10/16

5 star transaction,very fast delivery.bargain price, fantastic quality.
MH 19/10/16

Used before
PD 18/10/16

Was pleased with how quickly I received this item.
DS 17/10/16

Very happy with the service
UP 15/10/16

It was the cheapest price I could find online
KN 15/10/16

Looking for help with Fertility
KF 13/10/16

Trying to get pregent for a few years
JC 13/10/16

Excellent,thank you !
MS 13/10/16

Returning customer
GS 12/10/16

Fast delivery 🙂
GL 12/10/16

Brilliant great just what I was hoping for
EB 11/10/16

Quick delivery. Good communication.
S 11/10/16

Good site. Found of Google – good delivery options, good price
SC 10/10/16

As described and was a quick & prompt delivery
CL 10/10/16

Found Access Diagnostics via another website. Saw a recommendation
LD 7/101/16

That’s great thank u.
NB 7/10/16

Purchased for a friend – Delighted with it!
M 6/10/16

Great delivery. Pleasure doing business
K 6/10/16

Good price for the product I want
RS 5/10/16

Good service
BW 5/10/16

Chose this site as it had the product I wanted
RB 4/10/16

Good site. Competitive
LO 4/10/16

Good service
CR 4/10/16

Found you on Google. Trying to conceive
KW 4/10/16

Have used before. Price is competitive
MS 3/10/16

Prompt service and item exceptional value for money, very pleased!!
DB 3/10/16

Very quick and efficient service
CW 2/10/16

Fab seller fab communication fab postage
IM 30/9/16

Recommended by a friend. Been trying to conceive for nearly two years iv had misscaridges and been on different tablets from the hospital. I would perfer not go through IVF. Really want to conceive naturally had tests etc and come back all normal so has my hubby, But no luck.
GM 29/9/16

Very pleased thanks ++++++++++very quick delivery
SW 29/9/16

Range of products and quick delivery
SS 28/9/16

High quality products! Thanks!
ZS 28/9/16

Excellent service Many thanks a++++++
CG 28/9/16

Very quick delivery . Thank you
JT 27/9/16

Googled for pre-seed. It was the cheapest place I could find it.
CM 27/9/16

Very good first class product prompt delivery
V 27/9/16

Good value for money. Very good service.
GT 26/9/16

Found your site after reading an article about cheap pregnancy tests. Looked reliable and cheap
IB 25/9/16

Fertility check
MM 24/9/16

Chose to order as they are cheaper here online
KR 22/9/16

A+ Seller, fast delivery. Thanks a lot
C 22/9/16

Thank you! Item as described, great value, fast delivery. Recommended.
EK 21/9/16

FL 21/9/16

Very speedy service
ME 21/9/16

Hi Linda
Forgive me for coming through to the wrong department. Things have been sorted by a delightful colleague of yours, and I am going to receive what I wanted, as opposed to what I requested! A senior moment perhaps?
With kind regards
Your sincerely
Dr SB 20/9/16

Very Pleased. Thank you very much.
IT 19/9/16

Found your site through a forum. Trying to concieve
RP 18/9/16

Good quality
LB 16/9/16

Super fast delivery. Pleased with purchase. Good value for money.
SF 15/9/16

Repeat customer
LS 15/9/16

Great site for medical use.
RT 14/9/16

Value price
YP 14/9/16

Amazing product, and first class service, thank you so much to all concerned
SQ 14/9/16

Covered what I wanted at a good price.
DC 14/9/16

Cheaper than supermarkets
AR 13/9/16

Chose this site after reading the reviews
LC 12/9/16

Found you through online chat Bulk buying and value
SG 11/9/16

Looking for TTC and you are the cheapest for the products I wanted
KK 9/9/16

Fast dispatch & delivery. Great value. Very pleased
JH 8/9/16

That’s great. Thank you for your help.
AM 7/9/16

Internees search for pressed. Chosen for the price.
PG 6/9/16

Found site via Money saver supermarket
LM 5/9/16

Very good site. Trying for a baby.
JG 5/9/16

Perfect transaction
MJ 5/9/16

Fast delivery. All okay. Many thanks
FB 5/9/16

Fab product, have tried others, this is superb, highly recommended
DL 4/9/16

Googling pre-seed. Best price.
MB 4/9/16

Found on an online forum. Trying to conceive.
LJ 3/9/16

The order received on time. The product was exactly the same as advertised
WA 2/9/16

Google searched Pre Seed. Trying to conceive, good reviews.
SD 1/9/16

Previous customer. Predicting conception window. Used products before with success.
CM 1/9/16

Found you through Mumsnet and liked the price.
RE 1/9/16

Found you through TTC forum. Great prices for bulk buying reliable tests.
AM 31/8/16

Good product, good communication
ML 31/8/16

Found you through Mumsnet recommending TTC.
NG 30/8/16

Great website. The suggestions were good too. Bulk availability for OPK
CW 29/8/16

Works great
CC 27/8/16

Fast delivery, thank you.
CT 26/8/16

Great seller thanks!!! Pleasure to deal with & gave me additional products too
JV 26/8/16

Bought from you before. I forgot my username so was unable to reset my password so I set up a new account
RS 25/8/16

Thank you, that is exactly the kind of form that the pharmacist needed.
Many thanks for your kind help.
SO 25/8/16

Good variety of offers/packages available for each products
ED 23/8/16

Found you through the moneysaving expert forum.
SS 23/81/6

My cousin recommend this to me. We are trying for a baby.
IK 23/8/16

Very easy to use. Bought before.
EK 21/81/6

Found through Facebook and chose for the price
ST 21/81/6

good products
IW 21/8/16

Trying to get pregnant
CW 20/8/16

repeat customer
LS 20/8/16

Found on google initially, now a repeat customer. Great service, great products.Thank you for the service you provide, recommended to friends! 🙂
MB 20/8/16

cheap price
HR 19/8/16

Using Access Diagnostics on and off for years. Cost, good delivery times, unbranded packaging
SC 18/8/16

Thankyou for your help
AH 15/8/16

Best price on google search
JM 14/8/16

Used Access Diagnostics before
JA 12/8/16

Very very good service thank you.
BB 12/8/16

Brilliant,THANK YOU
AG 11/8/16

Will be buying again
HS 11/8/16

Excellent service and quick delivery thanks
L 11/8/16

Trying to get pregnant
TC 10/8/16

An excellent transaction. Recommended seller
B 10/8/16

Very pleased, perfect product. More than pleased with seller, very polite
O 9/8/16

Excellent service ! Incredibly fast delivery! Many thanks
MB 9/8/16

I recieved the item today, just what we wanted thank you
MM 9/8/16

Works well
LB 9/8/16

Chose this site for the price
LP 8/8/16

Great site.
TW 8/8/16

Previously used this site
PH 7/8/16

Excellent service. Very happy with product
MB 5/8/16

Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
T 5/8/16

Ok thank you for your help x
BB 4/8/16

Ordered ovulation tests, they arrived promptly as I had requested 1st class post. Website and checkout easy to use. Will use them again
FW 4/8/16

Thanks for your help.I really appreciate your help.
CW 4/8/16

Found site via mumsnet. Cheap. Very handy – wish i’d seen it sooner
NH 4/8/16

Great thanks
PA 3/8/16

Great item, fast delivery, excellent, A++++++++++++++++++
JT 3/8/16

So helpful thanks
MC 3/8/16

It was very good and fast delivery
MA 2/8/16

Quick postage
LF 2/8/16

Product arrived quickly & helped me get pregnant the 1st month of using it 🙂
FM 1/8/16

Very good
FG 1/8/16

Value for money
RS 31/7/16

Ordered ovulation microscope for bitch breeding. A breeder.
VT 31/7/16

Lowest price
NB 30/7/16

As described, quick delivery, well packaged, thankyou
DD 29/7/16

Recommendation. Price and quality.
LC 28/7/16

My reason for using your website is conception.
AH 28/7/16

Super fast delivery couldn’t of asked for any better
SI 27/7/16

Found your site from another website. Struggling to conceive
FL 27/7/16

Great seller, fast delivery thank you
SK 25/71/6

Very pleased! Super fast shipping! ThankYou!
JA 24/7/16

Found you through a google search and via a forum on Money Saving Expert. Cheapest by far!
JK 23/7/16

Good product, fast delivery, everything ok.
GB 22/7/16

Excellent item, well packed & fast delivery.
CF 22/7/16

Good reviews and price
KC 21/7/16

Used before. Happy with previous service and product. Good prices and previous good expiry dates.
AS 20/7/16

CM 20/7/16

All good, many thanks.
CM 20/7/16

Found site through Glow. Trying to conceive
SM 18/7/16

Good price
LS 17/7/16

Quicker than nhs
CS 18/7/16

Very good
EW 15/7/16

Delivered very quickly
TH 15/7/16

Fab service
SW 14/7/16

Found Access Diagnostics fertility site from – Good Review of your products
UK 13/7/16

Found Access Diagnostics via a recommendation. Good price for Pre-Seed
KH 13/7/16

Sick of eBay, wanted a better brand. Really straight forward quick and cheap!
HK 13/7/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying for a baby
SC 13/7/16

Very quick delivery and great price. Very pleased
EA 12/7/16

Found Access Diagnostics site via Babycentre. Vasectomy reversal
AC 12/7/16

Value for money
TJ 11/7/16

Great site. TTC for 7 years
ED 9/7/16

Chose Access Diagnostics as Pre-Seed was cheaper
LG 8/7/16

Easy website. Competitive prices, and bought before from you.
SA 8/7/16

I bought, I peed, I confirmed. All brilliant. Excellent service. Thank You.
GG 8/7/16

Good service and delivery
BH 8/7/16

Trying for a baby
CW 8/7/16

Arrived quickly and all seems well with the product
AW 8/7/16

Excellent all round. Many thanks
D 7/7/16

Recommendation. Ovulation kit.
PW 6/7/16

Amazing,the best lube I ever used, and very cheap, fantastic!!
MM 6/7/16

That’s great, I need a low sensitivity as the 20mlu were too sensitive and nearly positive all month! Thank you
CB 6/7/16

Very good
SH 6/7/16

Conception support
AH 5/7/16

User-friendly website. I have used your company before
NA 5/7/16

Great product, great service.
PM 4/7/16

Quick and efficient
MM 3/7/16

Chose Access Diagnostics site because had good reviews
NS 3/7/16

Very happy thank you
DF 3/7/16

Simple kit does the job and seeing as it is impossible to get this info from the Dr it was really useful, came next day too
BW 2/7/16

Great product and came quick. Thanks guys
AB 1/7/16

Excellent service
CH 30/6/16

Struggling to get pregnant. Excellent Website. Very helpful.
KW 29/6/16

Good item and good service thanks
HT 29/6/16

Perfect in every way, thank you A+++++
KD 29/6/16

The double pack is a great idea. Many thanks for swift delivery
KS 28/6/16

Found your site through Countdown to Pregnancy website. Quality and price.
CS 28/6/16

Easy to use site. Value for money
SM 27/6/16

Good site.
RT 27/6/16

Good product
BJ 27/6/16

Swift efficient service, thank you
MJ 27/6/16

As described, quick delivery, recommended, thanks, A+++
J 24/6/16

Many thanks
SE 24/6/16

Excellent item, arrived quickly. Thanks!
TB 24/6/16

Arrived safely packaged. Good service
BN 23/6/16

Thank you for my order which I received yesterday.
ED 23/6/16

Found Access Diagnostics fertility site via a friend recommendation. Good choice of products and excellent value.
AM 23/6/16

Thank you Kathy. That’s very kind of you.
Kind Regards
CE 22/6/16

Recieved today many thanks, recommended.
D 22/6/16

Item perfect for what I need definitely great value for money & v quick Dispatch
C 21/61/6

Chose for the price and clear delivery costs.
DK 20/6/16

Thank you so much .
BD 20/6/16

Ordered from you before. Would definitely recommend your company, the pregnancy tests are extremely accurate even before your missed period even more accurate than a doctor’s test. Ovulation tests helped me conceive after trying for years.
BF 20/6/16

Chose this site to help to concieve
HC 19/6/16

Easy site to use. Chose for the price and had the test I wanted
SS 17/6/16

Excellent service and well pleased with my purchase
KJ 16/6/16

Top quality
WK 15/6/16

Wanted to check sperm count
AS 15/6/16

As described & great service many thanks
MC 15/6/16

Fantastic service, thank you!!! Will shop again x
JJ 15/6/16

Very good and would recommend
DH 14/6/16

Easy to use site.
CT 14/6/16

Perfect smooth transaction, recommended without qualification.
WB 14/6/16

Very quick and professional
CR 14/6/16

Recommended. Trying for a baby.
FM 13/6/16

Good product. Good service.
SM 12/6/16

Chose Access Diagnostics for ease of access and availability of products
MH 12/6/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying to conceive. Easy to use site.
LS 10/6/16

I bought from this site before
LK 10/6/16

Fast delivery thanks
JM 10/6/16

Excellent service. thank you.
R 9/6/16

Excellent value for money
PH 8/6/16

The product arrived on time and is exactly as described , I am more that satisfied with this item and would buy again from this company
WK 8/6/16

I purchased supplies for work in the past
MN 7/6/16

LT 7/6/16

Thank you so much X
SH 7/6/16

Given details of this website at a course. Providing clients with fertility assistance packages.
RW 6/6/16

best tests, cheap
BB 6/6/16

RG 5/6/16

Doctor told me about your site. Worries about not being pregnant yet
HR 4/6/16

I have received today! I thought to let you know. Thanks again for your help!
YG 3/6/16

Found your site through fertility sites. Purchased Pre seed as KY jelly acts as spermicide.
JJ 2/6/16

AM 2/6/16

Cheap and reliable
DM 2/6/16

Fast delivery, very well packaged, great seller
RB 2/6/16

Clear and easy to use.
JA 1/6/16

Thank you ! I really appreciate the help !
YG 31/5/16

JS 31/5/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics because of price/name
RM 30/5/16

FOund site originally through Babycentre. Good service / communication
KS 30/5/16

Good price (Pre-Seed)
LS 28/5/16

Very friendly and polite
SC 27/5/16

Glow blog mentioned the products
SB 26/5/16

Brilliant quality well impressed
WS 26/5/16

Recommended by my girlfriend
LB 25/5/16

A-mazing!!! Thank-you so very much. This product is fantastic! Very swift delivery & arrived discreetly & well packaged. The pump bottle works great, no faults. I will certainly be ordering more from this seller. Highly recommend. Thank-you very much.
TW 24/51/6

Pricing and delivery seemed good value
NT 24/5/16

Found your site through the Baby Centre Forum. Cheapest product.
DT 23/5/16

Best price for product
DB 23/51/6

Have bought before and found service satisfactory
NF 21/5/16

Thanks for fast service and great price on Lubido gel X 3. Great price and fast delivery just a shame Royal Mail managed to burst all but one of the samples
The actual goods ordered were fine and we are very pleased. I have just disposed of the burst samples so don’t worry about it. I have left you 5* feedback across the board for a great service thank you. Will certainly use you again.
IC 20/5/16

Thank you very much
TB 19/5/16

Ok, thank you, that’s really helpful.
DH 19/5/16

Convenient and accepts international credit card
SS 18/5/16

Highly recommended.
HC 18/5/16

Product arrived in good time and was as described.
SS 18/5/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as wanting to have a baby
AC 17/5/16

Out of stock, payment refunded no problem
PC 17/5/16

It was a very lovely service. Easy to use the website,fast delivery and very good price on product!
EI 16/5/16

Trying you out
AP 16/5/16

Cheapest online
YK 16/5/16

Sperm friendly lubricant. Used it before. Your prices are good.
LV 15/5/16

Trying to get pregnant
AC 14/5/16

Recommended by a friend. Trying to conceive
KM 13/5/16

Product not seemed to be available elsewhere.
SK 12/5/16

Cheapest place
KL 12/5/16

Googled preseed and found your site.
JW 12/5/16

Excellent product, excellent service
SL 12/5/16

Found you through Fertility sites andused you because KY jelly acts as spermicide.
JY 11/5/16

Found your site through Facebook
SW 11/5/16

Trying to conceive
SI 11/5/16

Used it before, cost-effective.
MM 10/5/16

Works well and isn’t expensive
FV 9/5/16

Previously purchased from you
SC 8/5/16

Google search for ovulation test strips
SP 8/5/16

VS 7/5/16

Quick delivery….excellent product, thanks loads
BH 6/5/16

Recommended by a friend. Cheap
AD 5/5/16

I have used it before. Good prices
AL 5/5/16

Brilliant. Thank you.
TN 3/5/16

Chose Access Diagnostics because of positive customer satisfaction
AM 3/5/16

Chose this site as we have been trying for a baby for 11 months.
KM 2/5/16

Cool site. Impressed. Great prices.
DH 1/5/16

MP 30/4/16

Easy and welcoming to use. Chose the site for TTC.
JT 29/4/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Very efficient delivery times.
ED 29/4/16

Good value
GM 29/4/16

Good price
BF 29/4/16

What I need at good prices
GD 29/4/16

Very sensitive and very easy to use.
PL 29/4/16

Recommended TTC on mumsnet.
TG 28/4/16

Recommended by a friend. Value.
CB 27/4/16

A pleasure to buy from
TC 27/4/16

Chose this site for the price and previous experiences
IN 26/4/16

Used before
ES 26/4/16

Good price and good service follow up
KB 25/4/16

AR 25/4/16

Good sirte, prices and products
LM 24/4/16

Chose your site for the price and look of website
SH 24/5/16

Good price
SS 24/4/16

Found your site on a Forum. Cheapest price
GW 24/4/16

Easy to navigate. Value.
JS 24/4/16

Site simple and very easy to use. Reasonable price.
BD 24/4/16

Site very quick to use
HH 24/4/16

Site was easily found. Seems easy straightforward
RS 22/4/16

JL 21/4/16

Initially I was sent the wrong product, which was annoying. However, once told, this company immediately apologised and replaced the item by express delivery without waiting for receipt of the returned goods. (Which were later returned at no cost.) I would recommend them on the basis of their customer service.
AD 21/4/16

A TV show recommended
LM 20/4/16

Easy to use. Very pleased with this useful product.
EB 20/4/16

Been trying for a while.
KB 20/4/16

Recommended by a friend. Site easy to use.
KB 20/4/16

Good product arrived quickly.
PL 20/4/16

Check FSH levels before deciding on hormone treatment
AM 19/4/16

Hi, We have received the corrected order this morning, thank you.
AD 19/4/16

Thank you for your quick reply.
CC 18/4/16

Bought from Access Diagnostics as have fertility issues
LW 18/4/16

Used Access Diagnostics fertility before
DW 18/4/16

Fertility test required.
JM 18/4/16

Best price
JM 15/4/16

Site easy to use
RS 14/4/16

Very straightforward to use
MG 13/4/16

Via a friend. Trying for a baby.
BJ 13/4/16

Good review on product
LB 13/4/16

Fast delivery, excellent purchase, would buy again.
SJ 13/4/16

Excellent service, arrived on time and well packed, no damage to product
YR 12/4/16

Very good value for money. High quality product, sealed and instruction leaflets included. Will use this site again.
CL 12/4/16

MS 11/4/16

Brilliant fast service, thanks so much!
MM 10/4/16

Recommended product
SH 9/4/16

A pleasure to do business with.
UF 8/4/16

Arrived by estimated date. Well packaged.
TD 8/4/16

Recommended by a friend
DH 7/4/16

Trying for baby
DB 7/4/16

1st time – trying my luck. What I read here seems professional.
JM 6/4/16

Good basic bbt. Had to replace battery but I was not that bothered as so far its accurate and reliable. I found to keep temp on screen longer (memory function) keep button pressed. So far, better than other bbt ive tried.
JR 6/4/16

Professional quality goods
NB 6/4/16

Excellent product
IK 6/4/16

Bought Lubido to help getting in & out of DrySuit for scuba diving, and does the job. Good service, fast delivery. Very happy
MH 6/4/16

Recommended by a friend. Value for money.
VM 5/4/16

Very prompt service arrived quickly on the Saturday of Easter weekend although estimated delivery was not till Tues or wed after. Good quality product as expected. Would order again.
CC 5/4/16

Great buy and very fast delivery and well pleased thanks
MN 4/4/16

Great, many thanks!
JW 3/4/16

Good product
GT 3/4/16

Recommended on forums such as netmums. Trying to conceive.
LC 2/4/16

Found this site by chance online. Trying to conceive
TK 1/4/16

Bought test for a fertility check after a reversal
MA 1/4/16

Good value high quality
CL 31/3/16

Chose Access Diagnostics because of price and recommendations. Good site
SB 31/3/16

One of the first sites on the search
SA 31/3/16

Trying to conceive
NR 31/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics via a Friend. Trying to conceive for a year
KH 31/3/16

Wanting to conceive & it’s reasonably priced. Very good site
FF 30/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics site via mumsnet. Trying to conceive
NG 29/3/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Very efficient delivery times
ED 28/3/16

I first heard of access diagnostics on a “trying to conceive” chat forum. Ordered as am trying to conceive. I have used Access Diagnostics several times now. The products are very reasonably priced, always well packaged and delivered quickly.
LD 27/3/16

Good value
GB 25/3/16

Good site
SP 25/3/16

OK site. Try for a baby
RH 24/3/16

Exceptional; service as usual.
JB 24/3/16

Quick del. luv my item. Exactly as described. Wud recommend ty x
BA 23/3/16

Great service – as usual. Thanks very much
MD 23/3/16

Good product – delivered promptly Seller sent upgrade for no extra. Recommended
D 23/3/16

Item as described
KH 22/3/16

Buying for conception
KF 21/3/16

Very helpful team
PR 21/3/16

Great quick delivery
CG 21/3/16

Trying to get pregnant
AS 19/3/16

Recommended. Trying to conceive.
FH 19/3/16

Curiosity. Great site.
YW 18/3/16

Ordered before. Good products.
NV 17/3/16

I can’t believe it!!!! After trying for just over 8 months to conceive our 2nd baby, I came across this website on a forum and decided to try the ovulation tests and pre-seed lubrication. I thought why not, lets give it a go! Well I’m absolutely delighted to say that the first month of using both the tests and the lubrication, I’ve just had a positive pregnancy test. Whether it would have happened anyway, there’s no denying that the items I purchased through this website (at a very reasonable cost and very speedy delivery!) have helped! I’d absolutely recommend this website and its products and would use them again (if we decide to have more children!) Thank you x
LH 16/3/16

Thank you so much
SW 16/3/16

Cheap & trustworthy site. Found Access Diagnostivs via forums
JH 16/3/16

I have bought some products before that worked for me.
OJ 16/3/16

That’s great thanks for a quick response
J 16/3/16

Great service
DK 15/3/16

Easy to use and feels good
RS 14/3/16

Quick delivery and as ordered. Thanks
MS 14/3/16

Great service thanks
BR 13/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics site through a recommendation
VR 11/3/16

Chose site for the price
IN 11/3/16

Would buy from this seller again
LK 11/3/16

Reliable service, would use again.
EG 11/3/16

Great service
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Recommended. Looking for pregnacare
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Very smooth & sensitive,excellent!
DR 9/3/16

Recommended by someone on Glow
KC 9/3/16

Used before
DS 9/3/16

Prompt delivery excellent service, definitely recommend
C 8/3/16

Really good stuff, lasts for ages.
DB 8/3/16

Thank you, Linda for following up my comment. I am now able to use the account again.
Kind regards,
OG 7/3/16

1st one on website
NW 7/3/16

Found site though feedback. Helping me and my husband to become a family
DW 7/3/16

Cheap for Pre-Seed
AL 6/3/16

Cheap prices
PF 6/3/16

Good prices
SP 6/3/16

Found Access Diagnostics via a firend. Wanting to conceive
SG 4/3/16

Trying for a baby for 7 months so thought we would try preseed as it has amazing reviews. Found Access Diagnostics site via a friend.
KM 4/3/16

Very fast delivery, item as described.
TP 4/3/16

Your ‘log in’ system does not seem to work. I tried several times to log in as i am an existing customer. Sadly it did not recognise me. I hope you rectify the problem soon. Regards. O.G.
OG 4/3/16

Cheaper than supermarkets
HB 3/3/16

Chose the site for the price
JM 3/3/16

I am trying for a child. Your site is very easy to navigate
SM 3/3/16

Best value. Thank you
HB 1/3/16

Used Access Diagnostics as TTC
OD 1/3/16

Chose this site to purchase Preseed
NE 1/3/16

I’ve bought products from Access Diagnostics many times. Their product info is always useful and complete and their delivery service very speedy and good value. Lovely to do business with !
SJ 29/2/16

Trying for baby for 8+ years. I use ovulation tests regularly and need a cheaper option than supermarkets
KH 29/2/16

LW 28/2/16

Was told about it by a reflexolgist. Was cheaper than the supermarkets
SS 27/2/16

Clear and easy to use
JE 26/2/16

Good price
AM 25/2/16

Quick delivery, good item, no complaints at all
JK 25/2/16

Arrived on time well packaged, better than expected not sticky at all. Thank you very much.
PK 25/2/16

MH 24/2/16

Its cheaper
GN 23/2/16

You had product in stock
BH 23/2/16

Cheaper than Amazon. Good site.
JT 23/2/16

Preseed available. Cool Site
GP 22/2/16

Easy to order
LE 22/2/16

Used Access Diagnostics before
SJ 21/2/16

Found Access Diagnostics site through Netmums discussion forum. Trying to conceive.
LH 20/2/16

Found this site on a pregnancy blog. Recommended, great prices, used by NHS
LB 20/2/16

Quick and as stated
OW 18/2/16

Really helpful. Trying for a baby for 7 months so thought we would try preseed as it has amazing reviews
SC 18/2/16

Good price and fast reliable delivery – exactly what I expected and I’ll shop here again without hesitation
JP 17/2/16

Easy to use website,good price and received quickly !
HJ 17/2/16

Fine site, planning for pregancy
AT 16/2/16

Previous order.
SM 15/2/16

Chose this site for the price and it seemed trustworthy
VH 13/2/16

Found this site through a Google search: to buy preseed uk
LM 13/2/16

Offers and good prices
ES 13/2/16

Great site, very easy to use
SC 12/2/16

Thank you so much for your prompt response 🙂
MZ 12/2/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as you sold Pre Seed
AJ 12/2/16

Simple to do.
CC 11/2/16

MA 11/2/16

These are very handy as they are easy to read. Reasonably priced too.
GS 10/2/16

Great thank you
AJ 10/2/16

They kindly sent a larger size as the size I ordered wasn’t currently available.
RY 10/21/6

Using fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy
SP 8/2/16

Very good service.
Would recommend.
LB 8/2/16

Good price
TK 7/2/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying to get pregnant
JA 6/2/16

Like price
GR 6/2/16

Have purchased from you before for home testing
bb 6/2/16

Informative site. Trying to conceive, hope it works.
KC 5/2/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Very efficient delivery times
ED 3/2/16

Thank you for your speedy response. I’ve placed a order and hope they are as good as your last line of opks
EH 3/2/16

Very easy to place order item arrived very quickly
CA 2/2/16

Used you for pregnancy products before. Reliable discreet service
KD 2/2/16

Cheaper than amazon
SP 2/2/16

Found Access Diagnostics through a TTC forum
KM 2/2/16

Best value for money. Simple and easy to order from
CA 2/2/16

Helpful site. Able to buy in bulk
LJ 2/2/16

Reliable products
RP 1/2/16

OM 30/1/16

Ordered as TTC
EA 29/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics site through a friend. Trying for a baby
SH 29/1/16

Chose Access Diagnostics site as it was cheaper
HC 27/1/16

Found site fine. Brought in past
HW 27/1/16

Cheapest price Pre-Seed
HM 26/1/16

Found this site through Sasmar. Reasonable prices
MC 26/1/16

Brilliant, thank you!
AR 26/1/16

BBT thermometer for conception
LS 26/1/16

Fast delivery. Thanks
LD 24/1/16

That would be lovely thank you, would it be possible to have a saliva ovulation reuse able microscope please? Thanks
AH 24/1/16

Quick delivery.
KD 23/1/16

Chose Access Diagnostics as trying to get pregnant
PF 22/1/16

Best value
CA 22/1/16

Chose this site for the price
GH 21/1/16

Excellent value
HL 21/1/16

Excellent products, delivered quickly and efficiently, always well packaged my only problem is that each time I make an order I always have a problem with WorldPay and so have to use my husbands card, called about this a few times and have been told it must be my card, even though I’d already spoken to my bank & used my card elsewhere on the same day, when I called again staff were not really interested to be honest, although they did remain pleasant throughout
AH 21/1/16

Purchased a box of Ovulation tests, quick delivery, great product!
MF 21/1/16

I’ve used Access Diagnostics on several occasions and have always been extremely pleased with the service they provide. Their web site clearly lists items with detailed information such that you can choose the right product(s) for you. Delivery is fast and the items are packaged discretely, which is appreciated when purchasing certain products. They often inform you of discount vouchers by email, which is an added bonus when purchasing items that are already listed at good value prices. I would have no hesitation in recommending this web site and will continue to use it in the future.
AS 20/1/16

Value for money
HW 20/1/16

Found on Google and low prices
RR 20/1/16

Used before, always OK
PK 20/1/16

I have used the Isis Ovulation tester for some years and have found it excellent
EC 20/1/16

Arrived quickly, good prices
ER 19/1/16

SC 18/1/16

Found this site through forums. Am TTC
CM 18/1/16

Good site
PM 16/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics through a friend. Want to get pregnant.
KB 15/1/16

Bought Pre-Seed as TTC
CB 15/1/16

Thank you for your speedy response, it is greatly appreciated.
EM 12/1/16

Already receive emails. TTC
SG 12/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics via GP. Trying for baby
TO 12/1/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying for a child
FD 11/1/16

Recommended by a friend as we are trying to conceive
HC 11/1/16

Trying for a baby
BM 10/1/16

Trying to conceive, googled preseed”. Simple and easy site to use.
SL 10/1/16

Sucessful pregnancy
CM 10/1/16

Recommended by a friend
AC 9/1/16

Ordered from Access Diagnostics as trying for baby
US 9/1/16

Found this site via infertility threads on other websites
KM 8/1/16

RM 8/1/16

Cheapest and best offer with ovulation strips. Glad there is a choice of delivery options.
ED 7/1/16

Great service, very prompt
BS 6/1/16

Trying to conceive
JT 4/1/16

Found Access Diagnostics word of mouth. Trying for a baby for 6 months
KIC 4/1/16

Looking on Google for fertility products.
JN 03/01/16

Recommended by a Forum to track ovulation.
AC 03/01/16

Trying fertility products as been trying for a baby for 15 months already.
VL 02/01/16

Recommended by a friend for fertility products.
KH 02/01/16