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FertilityScore Male Fertility Test Kit Special Offer Expiry End May 24

FertilityScore Male Fertility Test Kit Special Offer Expiry End May 24

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This is a special offer on FertilityScore home male fertility test kit as the expiry date on packs is end of May 24

FertilityScore male fertility test kit checks sperm count and motility at home

  • Fertilityscore is Europes most advanced home sperm test kit and is the best home fertility test for men
  • Fertilityscore is a unique male fertility test kit in that it checks both the sperm count & motility on the whole sperm sample with proven accuracy and reliability.
  • Fertilityscore is a simple DIY sperm count test that can be performed in the privacy of your own home.
  • Fertilityscore contains everything required to test 2 sperm samples over a 7-10 day period.
  • With Fertilityscore results are available in minutes
  • Fertilityscore male fertility test kit -as seen on the BBC “One Show” & recommended in the Mirror newspaper and in the Times newspaper.
  • Made by Fertipro

What does the Fertilityscore male fertility test measure?

  • The FertilityScore home sperm test is an easy to use fertility test for men to use at home.
  • The Fertilityscore male fertility test kit measure the concentration of motile sperm in a semen sample.
  • The fertilityscore fertility test for men is unique in that it only counts motile sperm
  • For peace of mind each Fertiltyscore pack comes with two home fertility tests, so you can repeat the test a week later to confirm the results.

Whats included in the Fertilityscore pack

Pack contains enough reagent to perform two home male fertility tests

Fertilityscore contents

  • Instructions for carrying out the test and reading results
  • Fertilityscore colour card
  • One test tube with blue lid
  • Two funnels
  • Reagent dye
  • Sample cup with lid and a temperature test strip

What do the Fertilityscore results mean

The Fertiltyscore home male fertility test kit tells you whether the sperm concentration in the test sample is:

  • Below 20 million/mL motile sperm (negative test) 
  • Above 20 million/mL motile sperm (positive test)

What to do if the Fertilityscore result is low

If the result of the male fertility test kit is negative ie shows that the sperm count is below 20 million / ml motile sperm the first thing to say is don't panic. This is just one result, and there are lots of lifestyle changes, you can make that can improve your sperm count and quality. Our information pages have lots of tips for improving your sperm count.

Make sure that you followed the instructions for performing the male fertility test exactly, and that you abstained from sex or ejaculation for at least 3 full days but not more than 10 days prior to taking the test. 

The NHS consider anything above 15 million/ml of motile sperm as normal, so if your result is just below 20 million on the Fertilityscore colour card then try not to worry too much.

When should I repeat the Fertilityscore test

Wait at least a week before repeating the test. Read and follow the instructions carefully so that you get a reliable result

Wholesale fertility products

Access Diagnostics is the official wholesale UK appointed distributor for Fertilityscore. If you would like to order the Fertilityscore male fertility test kit wholesale please contact our trade team

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Accurate for us

      We bought this to test whilst waiting for our referral to a fertility doctor. We tested twice, thinking the first was a dud as it showed little to no pink, the second test showed the same and it has now been confirmed by doctors that count and motility is low, unfortunately. Not the result we wanted but the test worked accurately!

      It worked

      Used this while we were waiting to go to hospital for tests and it said all ok which was confirmed by a test with doctor. Would recommend for peace of mind.