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SP10 Male Fertility Rapid Test Kit 1 test pack

SP10 Male Fertility Rapid Test Kit 1 test pack

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ALLTEST SP-10 male fertility rapid home test kit home sperm count testing kit

  • Very accurate home fertility test for men
  • Highly specific to viable human sperm
  • A complete test to check sperm count is above 15 million / ml
  • A positive result is shown if the sperm count is above 15 million / ml
  • A negative result indicates the sperm count is below 15 million / ml
  • Pack contains one complete home male fertility test kit
  • 98.20% overall accuracy
  • Supplied with full easy to follow instructions and information
  • CE quality certified.
  • If your home sperm count test gives a negative result you should seek medical advice
  • Note: the SP10 male fertility test kit cannot be used to check sperm post vasectomy, as the 15M/ml cut off level is too high.

SP10 male fertility rapid test kit pack contents

  • Test cassette
  • Collection cup
  • Workstation
  • Semen transfer device
  • Sample dilution buffer
  • Package insert/instruction

Additional equipment required

  • Timer 


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